Skyline Engine Bay Reveal & Finishing Nicole’s S13 Bodykit

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Randy from Serrot performance laid down the color before I could even wake up. He's a mad man and it came out AMAZING.
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What's up guys good morning we are. currently headed over to sera . performance like i said in the last . video i dropped the car off to get the . engine bay painting literally like three . hours later . randy's sending me pictures of paint and . clear already laid down on the car so . literally less than 24 hours and the . cars ready to go pick up which is absurd . not pumped to go see it now i realize . after the fact that i never told you . guys what color i was painting the bay . will surprise we did it white i guess i . didn't tell you guys this but look at . how rad this looks as cool as it would . have been to go with some sort of crazy . flashy color i have that on my s13 and . it's cool but it chips easily and then . you can see the color through where . respring at the same color a looks super . clean and kind of om but at the same . time you could tell with the extra gloss . that it's not om paint and it just kind . of gives it a cool bit of a different . look i guess you could also say that i . was mildly inspired by tommy fu as s15 . build because they're all white with . like just a motor that pops looks so . good now the rest of the paint on the . car looks bad. does the bay is so clean hey i forgot to . tell you guys we got some gana doors for . the r32 as well the ones that i got for . a nicole's car actually are 32 ya know . doors so i'm just stealing him for the . time being i'm gonna get another pair . for her car they're actually the same . exact mirrors . but they were pretty dust-up so i want . to know how did you get this thing done . so fast we worked all night . we are nocturnal over here you're crazy . well i went really smooth it was pretty . we thought it was gonna thunderstorm so . we ended up spot primer in a few spots. and then i had like maybe like a 20 to . 30 minute ak time and we ran our hands . over or like really it's dry already so . we were like uh whatever might as well . just keep going and we wet sanded it. last night ended up sealing it the . sealer did fine and the base coat clear . coat if you guys are someone new to the . channel me and randy have had terrible . luck whenever it comes to painting stuff . with weather literally every single time . we have like a week of bad weather and . it just makes everything take forever so . like oh yeah i was blown away when . you're sending me photos of this it was . good it was good timing i mean it was . pretty much i mean it went smoothly so . we got looks awesome so for the pain . people out there you want to say what . you used a lot of sherman william . products the base coat the sealer was . all pretty much their baseline stuff but . their clear coat is their ultra premier . it's kind of like saying like ppg 20 21 . clear it's it is a high solid so that's . why you get a that high gloss aside from . that pretty much everything else is from . their type wearing a long sleeve shirt . which is abnormal but it's mainly . because we are gonna be working with a . lot of fiberglass as we're finishing up . nicole's car and i hate getting it all . over my arms and stuff so the first task . don't know if you guys will be able to . tell from the camera but the gap in the . back on this door is much larger than. the gap in the front and it isn't . because the door is in a line that's . actually lined pretty well the main. issue is someone jacked this car up . before by the side skirt rather than at . the pinch weld as you can see this whole . thing is like super dented in so move . this area up so as advised by randy . before i continue to shave down the . fiberglass like where it's paper-thin to . get the side skirt to fit there cuz the . problem is the door when you open it . will rub on the side skirt and then. scratch the paint. he said to take a 2x4 and just bash with . the hammer and you should be able to . open up that gap just a little bit which . will help us tremendously i've gotten a . lot of grinding done where i can i'm . actually fitting pretty nice the only . problem like i said is this area where . it's super tight so what i've been doing . this one will fit nicer once i get it . like. squared away in here but um what i've . been doing is just kind of opening the . door and shutting it over and over again . then that'll put marks in the fiberglass . so i can see where it's actually rubbing . and then i can grind that area down . normally i would just use zip ties but . to get this line to be smooth with the . car i'm going to have to actually put . like a fixed mounting point here rather . than a zip tie and then put like like . you self toppers uses a zip ties because . i need to essentially twist this to get . this gap to be clean so yeah i know this . cracked a little bit but um . unfortunately there's no way around that . i'm just gonna have to have you know . leave it to the pros to repair this . since i don't really know how to work . with fiberglass so we're gonna try to . twist this as much as you can and get it . in your clean suppose i could hammer . this edge in and then that would kind of . give us less resistance this although no . we couldn't because it's still it's . catching here so i can sand that down a . little bit and that'll help . [music]. we'll use a self topper in here i get a. little wash around it just to make sure . it gets a maximum surface area if . possible we'll put it too close to the . edge otherwise then we're going to crack. the fiberglass. [music]. now that i got that one in i can come . twist it and put that bottom on it looks . like i'm willing to be able to twist it . this much before start to crack it more . so i can't push my luck too much so . that's about the best we can do for a . gap here not perfect but definitely not . too bad might be able to stand on this . edge and get a little bit closer but i'm . pretty happy with that this little crack . just sucks donuts out too much like a . broken record but i did choose to use . zip ties in the front the main purpose. we're using zip ties on drift cars isn't . always laziness what it does when you're. working with fiberglass it kind of is a . breakaway so if you hit something rather . than having a self tapper or screw or . bolt where it'll actually break the . fiberglass the zip tie breaks and then . you can either put a new zip tie on or . go and get your bumper or side skirt off . track if it got left there so i use zip . ties to attach the front it fit very . tight so there wasn't really any reason . to use self tappers it just kind of . naturally fit nice on the origin fenders . and then i used three self tappers just . along the edge of the side skirt it does . still kind of fit tight here and i think . that either the door needs to be . adjusted the side skirt needs to be . shaved down but i don't have any nice . sanders and using a dremel or a flapper . wheel grinder just isn't really the way . to you know take care of fiberglass so . i'd rather leave that to the pros . overall it's hard to tell because it's a . different color but i'm pretty happy . with how i got the side skirt to fit . [music]. as you can see i got a little . sidetracked . now that i have my shifter i wanted to. see how it felt on the c32 trans cuz . it's the trans i don't really have much . experience with and i know the cdo 9 . shifts like butter and i'm kind of . spoiled with it so i went and popped it . on it was a little confusing at first . but then i figured it out i'm actually . using the bracket that came on the trans . from tommy the one that i bought from . maverick . hit it has like a little like adapter i . forget what this thing's called but this . little piece right here it was hitting . that because it i think this is designed . for the stock one where this one has . meant to work with this plate which . hopefully should line up for an r32 but . the linkage feels pretty good it's not . too short of a shift it doesn't seem . like i'll be missing any gears hopefully. it lines up pretty well but feels very . nice and nachi i did they have an . upgraded shifter bushing with a tube but . i'm pretty happy with it feels nice too . nice and solid i wished it like om type . x skirts hung a little bit lower because . with as much of a perfectionist as i am . doing the fiberglass just sucks because . it's never perfect on this side i didn't . have the crack but i'm not too happy. with like this kind of i don't know just . like line here i don't have the door . shutting issue which is nice cuz this . side skirt isn't messed up and up here i . seem to get it to fit pretty nice to . move to the fun part that is the front . bumper you guys may recall that green . might have been a car modify i wonder as . 13 hats i filmed at super-dee the auto . collect storm car well i've been in. touch with those guys since super-dee . they make a lot of cool stuff that is . gonna make our life much easier with . nicole's car fender brackets are always . dope they'll keep the fender so i'm kind. of like folding in they make a lot of. like rad and it'll like i don't know . just neat things like shirts no i'm just . kidding the main thing that i'm gonna be . focusing on right now is what is a very . very neat little trick and their bumper . guys it'll make more sense when i show . you just for clarification though these . would have actually been for her old . bumper the ones that we're gonna be . using are these bumper guides that . basically hold it up by the fender. to prevent the bumper from sagging there . i don't you guys remember some of the . bumpers on my f13 used to do that but . what all of you guys have been tagging . in is this right here i was actually . talking to them about this before they . released it to the public but when they . did you guys were tagging me and i'm . like i know i know i'm getting them i'm . putting them on so these are headlight . relocation rods i know i was telling you . guys that we were gonna do like a custom . setup so
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