Street Outlaws Monza goes Turbo!

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Monza gets the HPP Racing Twin Turbo treatment! Dyno video! Interviews with Monza, Mr. Wendell, HPP Racing and more!
All right we're over here at hpp racing . with the owner of in-depth customs tell . us a little about what you just did to . this car behind you at the car dropped . off sunday afternoon . by monday afternoon we had it blocked . down just about prep ready for pain had . to adjust some door gaps to the fenders . make a couple custom funnels for the . hood. that the centers . the hood form as well by tuesday . afternoon we had the body in the booth . i messed up ready to go we got about . five coats of jet black paint on it . about nine coats are clear on it by . about wednesday afternoon we finished . the bodywork on the hood and the . fiberglass front end and doors got all . that stuff shot in gloss black paint . went ahead and finished the hood with . our aluminum brushed aluminum stripes . very middle . of thursday afternoon we had it sanded. him buffed in by friday afternoon that . came and picked up our oh . wow you guys got it done pretty quick . it's hard to kind of see in the video . here but these stripes see i mean the . video really doesn't do it justice when . you get it out in the sunlight i think . pops. so how long have you guys been in . business over there we've been in our . current debt location for about two . years we've been in business for about . seven we just got our new . state-of-the-art paint booth about two . years ago when we moved into the denton . location so i've been expanding our. business more towards the car stuff as . well once we got the booth up and going. we've primarily do harley-davidson . maintenance work custom builds do . performance work as well we have a dyno. jet that i know we do special motor . builds and tunes as well so that's cool . so this but this is probably one of your . higher profile clients that you've had. absolutely absolutely that's awesome . yeah you guys did a knockout job on this . like i said on video really it really . doesn't do it justice but this thing is . gonna look awesome. and you guys did a knockout job on it . all right today we're out here at hpp . racing with mr. wendell for mr. wendell's motorsports he is also the pr . spokesman for monza you got monza over. here on the right and i got there's just . a couple questions for you today um why . did you switch from nitrous to turbo i . mean if you look at all the note preps . and what's going on on street outlaws' . it seems the turbo cars are kind of . starting to dominate the grain there's a . big nitrous shortage and nitrous is . stupid expensive now it's just like . seven dollars a pound . and one of my best friends money smith . was my nitrous guru died and i just . think it's time for a change and i got . you i don't have him in my back pocket . anymore every time i look at a not just . bottle with illinois' or remind me of . him i think it was just time to move on . and try something else all right . okay and how did the change go from the . 762 to the 481 x how did that happen . me and wendell walked into the pri show . on thursday morning and he said if there . was anything you could get out of here . while we're here what would you like to . do and i said i would like to have a . badass twin-turbo setup in my car and he . said all right let me work from that and . then within an hour. we met with manny station charlo turbo . smaller funding everything just kind of . kind of fell right into place and it's . like it was meant to be that's awesome . all right so you switched from nitrous . to turbo and obviously your goal is to. be number one on the list . what's your drive to be number one on. the list this is kind of a long story so . bear with me for a minute but back . during season 10 one night i was at my. parents house visiting my parents i left . to get in the truck to leave and my dad. walked up to the window of my truck my . dad's 77 years old so he's not in as . good a health as he used to be and he . said son you know i'm getting kind of . old he said i sure would like to see you . get back to that number1 spot or . something happens to me and i said dad . i'm i'm giving a hell you know this is . not an easy task it was at that point i . figured out i needed to do something . drastic . give me a faster car and go to hell and . see if i can't get my ass back to number . one like my pops proud or something . happy story all right so what does the . new build consist of mmm yeah a lot of . parts a lot of money a lot of sponsors . the car guys right now has a proline 481 . x in stage 2 41 x . pair of precision pro mod 98 turbos. field tag we put a brand new mark . williams full floater rear end in it . mr. windle's three-speed turbo 400 . torque converter . carr has the best of everything from . front to back you know if anything we . could have done any better . all right on this new build would there . be anything that you wanted to change . like i said earlier i mean we put the . best of everything in this car from. front to back it just made crazy stupid . numbers on the dyno. i mean hpp done a flawless job of . everything we did on the car i don't . know that there's anything on the car i . would change i mean it's basically my . deleted bar sitting there right now it's. it's a piece of art you know there's i . don't think there's anything that could . be any better from the paint to the pypy . to the engine combo fuel management . loose controllers i mean it's all the . best of everything i don't there's i . don't think there's anything we could . get any better do you have a lot of . faith in this build right now after just . watching the dyno and the smiles on. manny's face and what we've done in the . last four weeks to put it on the dyno . like that and everything worked . flawlessly i'm not concerned about . nothing that thing's ready to go race . we're gonna have it to the tractor in a . couple of days and yep and we're gonna . be ready to kick some ass . yeah faith is a good word that's a . that's a great word cuz faith is what . you got to have to make this work and . i'm telling you man . this is going to be off the charts all . right so is this a real steel car still . or is this all fiberglass and carbon . fiber and everything like that this is a . real steel roof and quarters rode off . the gm assembly line car number eight . pillars rockers vin number everything . still - is still on the car yes this is . it this is a real deal gm assembly body . all right um so obviously you have some . new parts do you have any new sponsors . on board with you guys new sponsors i . mean probably probably more than we can . mention with the amount of video footage . you can get right . probably just mentioned some of them . some of the main guys that helped us the . most . first of all hpb racing running young . guys they're top-notch they've been over . backwards a lot of lay bad knee i mean . spent the last 28 days. day and night working on this car and . some really good guys i also made some . really good friend that was do precision . turbo big sponsor yeah rogers really . stepped up for you at pri rogers the man . of precision if turbo smart was really . good to us. vibrant stainless work good people yeah . really easy to work with in-depth . customs they painted the car in five. days we took him a car he did all the . bodywork painted it and had it honey . nicest paint job the cars ever had and . he did it in five days . two dozen that yeah baddest a fuel tech . for sure that fuel tech some badass . stuff am soul oils and stuff i mean they . they really took good care of this kyary . racing engines taylor lassiter he's . building line it i have a brand new . stage for 481 x being built this motor . that is in the cars actually gonna be . the spare but we're gonna run it because . there was six weeks out on blocks and. this and after we bought that one taron . children . they don't have a spare sitting on floor . and just got here . none of this would have happened without . this big chump he pretty much put this . whole thing together and this kept me . calm and kept me from killing anybody . why all this was going on so but a count . zero between him and ace i hope most all . this to hamlin hbp i mean this whole . deal with these guys you know be friends . alright so you do a lot of street racing . you're gonna do some of the no-prep . kings obviously do you have any idea if . you're gonna do a little bit radio . racing right now. i've got a really full plate for 2018 . but i there's two races a year i would . like to do the rear you'll deal with . duct races i'd like to be a part of that. so if this combos as fast as i think . it's going to be and we get a grip on it . real fast and you know i would . definitely like to at least do two to . death races every year i mean that's . that's that's the baddest guys around so . if i can go compete with them guys you . know gonna be the best you got to beat . the best . stevie fast the bad mofo dwayne mills if . i can go round with them guys on a 315 . drag ready or something yeah it'd be . badass alright so you have your . twin-turbo setup now you got a lot of . horsepower on tap who are you most . excited to go race right now . well at the end of last season i lost . three spots on the list because of some . little chicken shits taking my spot and . my car was broke so rim three got a big . bullseye on her back i'm coming with a . vengeance and i already say no names . they know who they are but it's come on . boys bet on that. all right we're out of hpp racing with . ozzy from hvp and manny from hp p and . today we're going to talk a little about . a new bill that came in their shop and . it happens to be monza from street . outlaws . all right tell us a little bit about the . ecu setup power management etc on that . car so i'm gonna be doing all the tuning . and uh my choice for computer system on . that was fuel tech reason we chose the . fuel tech is uh it can control . everything in one system it does all . y
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