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[music]. we've got some vision for you here post. and race to this bug wanna with the wps . race sudan . watch this they're gonna have words and . it gets heated okay i didn't like being . tapped not once not twice but three . times and then the bright tech boys get . involved some members of the wps crew . and they were a little hot but i don't . know this is russell engel of mark skype . we said that it was a very very fiery . situation brewing i tell you what looks . to me like russell's got a bit of a case . to answer there yg well scaife ii would . be absolutely livid he's well up the . inside he hasn't gained him a lot of . room but . well that was that a result of him . coming off the edge of the bitch minh or . i'm only being the devil's advocate here . but i can tell you this that marks cape . reacted this way. now what's this look at the scape . attitude and look what eagle does in . response now we've seen drivers we've . seen bob jane and allan moffat where at . least bob jane in that instance come to . blows we've seen longhurst do it now i. have never seen anything quite like that . because that is leading issues over this . this is going to be a real stink . whatever reason in the early phase of. these restarts the hrt player is not . quite comfortable in the rotors had a . massive shunt and rose has had a massive . tion so great murphy's involved . now watch this look at these guys it's . on its own and ambrose these two do not . like each other and they are going to . have some serious words . [music]. look at this. to mean it man they are to hate . competitors. can you believe this super cheap mode i . 1000 has ended like this well it's not . over yet . [music]. here we go here's a bit more of it so . for some reason murphy got held up a . little bit they made side-to-side . contact and then they argue about it on . the run here side by side holy smoke . that is a big big shot that is not nice . one twenty point nine three three . he's the time to be and it belongs to . this man . tanda coop out entertainer at the final . turn and fight ian you could just tell . that guy absolutely . look yeah you're not gonna get another . left there he's got a super-fast car he . had no like yesterday that again he's . run out of luck today . 500 . [music]. let's go to cop stay with us . the temperature's rising first of all . let's recap what happened when he . marched up to have a word to james after . the race . and then one irrationally . and you will you begin countdown oh boy . i can't wait to be behind you next time . i seriously you got that on camera . [music]. college aroma yeah . apologize to me on the one girl . backwards. [music]. at the back and i'll talk . [music]. fight . sorry it happened to me too. deeks giant between shine and diamond . site mr. breeze knows he's tried to . close down on him . around the nose. [music]. [applause]. [music]. so he's ended up being stun on the heart . gear don't think mate i don't know like . he was drilling me the corner a few . corners before and he drilled me at . siberia and he must have got like the . tiniest little overlap and i don't know. i was just turning around at high speed . i don't know it's just uh . really stupid the good drivers in the . field they can pass you without crashing . here so you know so i just put must have . got a bad one beside me expecting . anything from shane on that one . what do you mean as far as an apology is . dead to me bro . dead to me dead fuckin . [music]. so david reynolds has come and had a . tried of a chat with a shame because . bigger who's in the truck shane said . turn one turn one you got me at turn one . so dave is sort of not sort of really . aware of what happened there we . obviously saw it on tv that shane went . into the grass off the side of the exit . of turn one but so shane's obviously . feeling that there was something in that . will be it's what happened in return i . don't know if it was an equal and fair . response. oh you vision obtained from the. mandatory tiga on board camera in . kelly's car watched the rapid . deceleration shortly after they crossed . the finish line has no contact . but even gregg murphy is caught by. surprise the attempt by ambrose to break . test kelly was brought to the attention . of officials escalating tension between . the stone brothers and kmart camps so . you didn't jump on the brakes . after start/finish line and know why . you'd flying past you vegas this is my . question. yeah i'm just asking you like i'm asking . you a question . you didn't jump on the right answer your . question maybe you don't answer then i'm . i'm just asking and if you don't answer . that's your problem why do you want to . talk well because i knew i flew past you . as well and i was i was off the throttle . so he's tried to slow down for some . reason. have you got an answer for that any . further comment at this stage marcus . mate great . your latest ad in a potential race ocean . rocks yeah . like these guys we're fighting for a . championship it's getting pretty messy . it's very disappointing that that . wouldn't play that way . what's that want to play what way. as tall as written or led to follow you . is there not the idea of car racing . i had words to rick after the race . because i was upset about his . sportsmanship during the race . or fu declines of what i said and it's . simple as that simple . i've got nothing else to say ambrose . copped a . driving his first defensive this type in . v8 despite the severity of the . punishment which was inconsistent with . other incidents of this kind across the. weekend. ambrose maintains he's innocent he won't . appeal preferring to settle the title on. track not in the stewards room recovered. from a disappointing run at sandown and . bath is to claim the gold coast round . but a close shave in pit lane. overshadowed the win and some heated . words for exchange post race that he . stopped. student a trance the guy dude be careful . lydia darwin pretty how to be the other . way around. do you have undertook to do it just . remember that it's great it's ripping me . it's great you studies two years the guy . that's a three you'll team drinking out. from be sorry . to say see the dough . - just say the right one . enjoy. now if you wonder where these guys are . puffing and panting it's not as they. drove that on a lot of different bars . out there now you've coming off as a . shaking head what went on well it's . yours. i actually thought it was tanda racing . hard all day and contacts gonna happen . but i was a mouse yeah might like one . more on a good work just kept going . what a weird way to finish this rice go . come back to queensland rice buy a wrap . it all up for you . [music]. .

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