Taking Delivery of My 2018 Ford GT

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After years of waiting, it's finally here. Hope you like the color as much as I do. Also Mianite Purge Highlights pulling out all the stops on the edits.
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[music]. it almost doesn't feel real it's been . such a long wait that i don't even know . what to say right now . it's it's delivery day it's like . delivery hour of the ford gt after all . these years over three years since they . unveiled it it's been almost two years . maybe more than two years since i . applied almost two years and so i was . given an allocation and well here we are . i'm gonna get to see my car fully . assembled for the first time and this is . wild unfortunately i don't get to drive . the car today because i'm leaving it . here to get rapped to protect the paint . i feel like protecting the paint job is . a good call so i'm gonna resist for a . few more days and then i'll drive and . we'll do a video on that lots of videos . to come let's get on with it . okay so i'm getting on the thing we're . gonna raise up it's gonna be a big deal . you've waited for this about as long as . i have all right up we go . don't try to apply for for duty or it is . supposedly gonna start accepting . applications for the new ford gt this . month. maybe if they've been around for a while . you've heard me mention a car called the . ford gt there's no way i'm gonna get it . but i still wanted to try and the first . word is congratulations and it might be . delivered in the next six months or so . which still seems far away but over the . whole scheme of things been almost three . years now since the car was unveiled six . months is not that much longer to wait . [music]. the color looks so good if we gotta . think of the color i like it really . pretty green good doors anything what do . you think i am so happy with how it . turned out such a good color choice with. the miami plan paint we got the glass . apartment fiber wheels with the black . lug nuts lots of carbon fiber all over . on the trim on the outside our unity . standard interior of course we have the . black racing stripes which the only . other sort of similar color gt fc and it . was anna riviera blue and it didn't have. strike and i really really like having . the stripes on there it sort of breaks . up the brightness we're gonna take it in . then i'm gonna get like a walk through . and learn how to actually use the thing . i better than i could have envisioned it . it's so good . making important for the street that. works oh in the museum of course . it looks nice under the lights in here . today we need dippers here the wind goes . in and creates a cluster of electricity. shooting light back out and adams speed . we've got sourdough wheels actually i've . taken from the model of the tron . vehicles in the movie tron they're . beautiful lights they light up you might. as well be dead. am i right groceries way if the wing is . deployed totally yeah there's you know . fruit for like a credit card and then . maybe two - it's a beautiful and treat . for lots of luggage a pair of underwear . for the next day maybe a t-shirt maybe . even some pants you might be able to fit . those in or you can just make sure you . do everything alone and then fill up the . passenger seat and those are your . options all right battery charging wonky . wheel okay license plate bracket yeah a . nice little - so you want to keep that . inside and it occupies half the space . absolutely alright so here's a little . fantasy for the special father cameras . he kills may be running out of fuel left . hand red shawna's money off . multi-purpose to tie your inflation kit . right here the only time i would ever . suggest using this is if you're in death . valley and you have to get home although . i stopped call concierge call that ace . okay somebody will say if they don't . even call your insurance how are you . guys first yes only ones that are gonna . have the ability to transport . so minute here we've got the washer . fluid. you got hydraulic tank that runs a whole . car how would you stab you should break. fluid front anti-roll bar he'll stay . around and then may involve block it's . really jammed in there yeah get an . infant first time okay congratulations . jordan thank you congratulations he's . finally here yeah i'm never ever gonna . let valet touch this it's pretty stable . i'm as far forward as it gets . [music]. on this we drop it . and i get a close-up when we live . yeah. your uppers here there you go that's . actually not the worst idea what tier . uber didn't have to make a new tier well . that that's pretty much it i've gotten . the tutorial i'm sure i'm gonna forget a . lot of things there there are some . complex things i need to remember if the . battery ever dies on me so i'm just . gonna hope that the battery never dies . on me otherwise i have to like go and . put the key in and unlock the back and . then go in the back and pull the door . open go in the door pull a latch to . unlock the front then jump it in the . front and then i have to like i guess . i'll be able to put it in neutral . normally from there but if it's ever . just not going at all i feel like turn a . crank to put it into neutral . hold it there as the car is being pushed . by other people or winched onto the tow. truck and so i i just don't want that to . happen anyway and i just say again cuz i . haven't said it enough how happy i am . with the color and look i know they're . gonna be some people who are like oh you . should hang on with the liquid red i am . i have no regrets whatsoever this was . 100% the right choice i will say it . probably sounds like something anyone . would say when talking about a car it . doesn't show its true colors on camera. don't you think nick no no in person it . looks just far better it really does but . you know i don't think it looks too bad . on camera i just want to stand around . and look at it for a few days now the . bummer is i'm leaving it here i'm not . trafficking it i'm getting it wrapped so . in about three days or so it should be . good to drive this weekend should be the . first time actually going for it all . right . i will admit i couldn't resist . i took it for a spin around the block i . didn't do anything too crazy because . again the break-in period and all that. it was fun though i'm really impressed . actually without you know nice and . smooth it is at low speeds which is not. what you want to hear about but for you . know everyday use it's great . dude the seats are so comfortable it's . amazing actually it's like way more . comfortable in the mercedes and that's . just like a daily driver kind of car. so like super impressed with that v6 no . issues with the noise there whatsoever . sounds exciting you hear like the turbo . whistles and stuff and it's just it's . incredible and i haven't even given it . the beans yet so man so stoked look at . that serial number 43 for the 2018 year . that's what the j stands for right there . yeah the infotainment all that right now . it's in race mode that's why it's all . low and the wings are deployed outside . look at the rear view mirror is like . just this teeny little piece of glass no . electronics no nothing like that it . doesn't have to flip up for like dimming . and all that you can kind of get a look . there's some visibility back there i'm . not sure if the mike lets it get high . enough i love the alcantara though i. think the interior was definitely the . right choice even though it doesn't have . the exposed carbon-fiber sills over here . i like it like i'd be worried about . scratching it by sitting down on pants . that have like a a rivet on them or. something like that this way you don't . have to worry about that and it's just . it's way more racy with the alcantara . all over the place than it is with the . the leather so super stoked of the . interior choice and cheaper so . uh you know why not yeah so that's it . for the interior tour . so i can't wait to actually drive it . it's gonna be amazing . still taking it a little easy i was told . don't bring it over about 5,000 rpm . during the break-in period and just . don't thrash it and then after 600 miles . we'll take it in for an oil change and . then i can really gun it but we'll do. like a first drive first impressions . when i actually do go out for a drive . and leave it off there a truly . incredible surreal experience thank you . ford for the opportunity and thank you . guys because obviously without the whole . youtube thing i don't think they would . have been as interested in giving me an . allocation so thank you for watching . thanks again ford pretty incredible and . we'll sign off there for this video . catch you later . [music]. [applause]. [music]. .
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