Testing Our Beefy Off-Road Tyres For The First Time

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This week, Alex makes a few more changes to the Mud-Type before taking the gentlemanly off-roader for a dry run on the road.
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[music]. hello and welcome back to episode 4 of . project mathtype you joined me at this . is your garage and as you can see behind . me we've got some cool stuff we're going . to be finishing off the snorkel we're . going to be doing some cutting we've got . some decking boards here some spotlights . so everything is gonna look absolutely . amazing. i'm joined i'm actually by myself today . which is quite a scary thought so i . might not get everything finished in . this episode so what esa we get started. with the basics with time against us and . a lot to do the plan is to hack more of . the arches for clearance bolt them . marmite roof rack to floyd's head and . finish off our equally marmite snorkel . so first things first. last week we installed the tires we did . do some cutting to the car but we didn't . do enough so the car is pretty much on . drivable so i've got a handy angle. grinder i'm gonna cut away i'm gonna . hack away some of the bumper some of the . wing here to make sure that we've got . enough clearance then we're gonna take . the car out for a drive and make sure . that everything's all right . [music]. [music]. so all the cutting has been done and the . final thing now is to move this washer. bottle now i have the patience of a . hungry child so it quickly becomes . apparent that i'm not going to have the . time to remove the bottle carefully so i . do what i do best and remove it with. force ah a hacked it away if you want to . see how to do this properly i suggest. that you watch chris fix this channel . because i don't think this is it and i . am now joined by kyle oh what did they . call you spat star-lord . yes i'm joined by the fat star-lord . who's gonna be helping out going to be . doing the snorkel finishing that off . meanwhile i'm gonna be on the roof . attaching the roof rack so doing lots of . drilling and bolting it through and then. the decking is gonna go on and then . hopefully we'll be in a pretty good . position . i was thinking cut off there yeah join . inside ok it's gonna be easier to stay . at home ok i mean you can have a rigid . pipe running along here yep go to a . right hand going up. so kyle sets about cutting off the old. tubing to make way for guttering i then . put some rubber under the roof racks. feet and climb aboard time to delicately . mount the vehicle and because the rack . won't be used for road driving one bolt . in each foot and through the roof will . do us nicely some of you may also be . wondering about the adjustable feet that . the roof rack now has adam from pumps . technics has made these lovely. adjustable feet which means that it goes. to every single contour of this . beautiful jaguar body for everyone who . said i don't like the roof rack because . it's too big i don't care cuz there's . gonna be lots of cool stuff going on . here and soon it will have some decking . boards and then it's going to look . awesome and i hope the you guys will . change your mind alright so nice and . easy all i've got to do is drill through . the wood and then drill through the bop . section and then we're just going to . ball everything up . simple as that. [music]. roof-rack and decking done it was time . to focus our attention on the snorkel . right so the snorkel is in and now it's . time to test everything out make sure . that the engine ecu are happy with . what's going on because it's changed a . little bit ready. i'm thinking considering the last thing . that was fitted before it started . running like that was the snorkel it's . probably something to do with an alley . at the throttle body . [music]. put simply the mass airflow sensor was . having a hissy fit with the angle length. and possibly even disturbed air of the. tubing so with plan a now thrown in the . bin everything is removed and plastic . guttering brought in sand make the mud . tie breathe properly oh it's quite . clearly telling us that it wants a big . hole drilled in its pond it then isn't . it yes let's be perfectly honest there . we go so there you have it we've got a . drill a hole in the bottom. [music]. with the bonnet being made out of . reinforced pig iron progress was slow so . the only option was to call on my best . mate mr. angle grinder to finish the job . in no time at all. oh careful . coroner yes like a glove perfect . how long matt take five minutes as kyle . finishes off our pond it exit snorkel i . crack on with adding some lovely light . piles to my decked out roof rack why am . i trying to clean the bonnet on their . ids realistically it's not gonna be . going above that level is it alex please . [music]. me like with the light bars in place and . the snorkel now sitting tight and happy. we were done for the day . [music]. with a work to the arches also complete . i wanted to take the mud type for a . drive around the estate to hopefully . ensure that the rubbing issues we were . having earlier had been eradicated all . right here we go maiden voyage on the . massive tires and i can already tell on . full lock that the tires are riding on . the struts a little bit so we're going . to need another ten millimeters of . spacer on the front i think this is . going well i mean that's probably maybe . fine yeah we've got a bit of chub rub . going off a bit but it's fine . oh let's make use of the stalk or a . bottle . didn't ya without the snorkel we . wouldn't have made that that's . definitely the back isn't it oh well to . be fair whatever was rubbing it is gone . now. are you sure i think it came back for a . minute i think i think we're gonna need . to do a little bit more cutting on the . rear yeah maiden voyage do it all right . right it is the end of another day at . this is your garage as you can see we've . cut the arches front and back but still . there is more to be cut because it is . rubbing somewhere i don't know where but . it's still rubbing the roof rack is on i . hope that you guys are liking it more . we've got some decking on it's all in . place i think it looks great and the . snorkel that kyle was building is on and . yeah you guys wanted a bonnet exit. exhaust we've given you a bonnet exit . snorkel so compromise with me here. anyway as you can tell we haven't done . the sump guard which means that we're. going to be giving you one more episode . before we go out and test the beast so . until next time have a great week and . admire as car builds go this one is. running fairly smoothly but there are a . few small changes that still need to be . made to the process the winch i had . hoped to mount to the front is one of . them because it weighs around . kilograms or 100 pounds that's not only . going to make the front end more . susceptible to bogging down it'll also . be a pain in the ass to mount if that's . even possible the front bumper will be . coming off though and the plan is now to . weld the rear diff among a few other. things so join us next week where we'll . be giving the mod type more laughs to . ensure that it has the best possible . chance of surprising a few people off . road i hope you guys enjoyed this . episode make sure to click here to see . the rest of the series and here to . subscribe to car throttle i'll see you . guys next week and . relax ah i told you not to get on my set . now shoo shoo unbelievable some people. wear my puppies . .

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