The $100,000 Jeep Trackhawk Is the Most Powerful SUV Ever

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the most powerful SUV ever made. The Trackhawk is also ridiculously fast and very cool. Today I’m reviewing a Grand Cherokee Trackhawk to show you all the ins and outs of one of the coolest SUVs around.
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This is a 2018 jeep grand cherokee track . hawk and it is the single most powerful . suv ever manufactured let me put that in . context i recently made a video with the . mercedes g 65 amg and that thing has a . v12 in fact a twin-turbocharged v-12 . this has more power and not just a . little more power this mid-sized suv . built in detroit has 90 more horsepower . than a twin-turbocharged v-12 mercedes . today i'm going to show you around it . first a little background the numbers . the jeep grand cherokee track hawk has a . supercharged v8 with 707 horsepower in. 645 pound-feet of torque and a jeep . grand cherokee it starts around eighty . seven eighty eight thousand dollars . it'll do 0 to 60 in 3. 4 seconds it'll do . the quarter mile in 11. 6 seconds and . it'll top out at a hundred and eighty . miles an hour in a jeep grand cherokee . which begs the question how did this . happen there have been high-performance . grand cherokee models for years starting . with the 5. 9 limited in 1998 then in . 2005 there was the original grand . cherokee srt8 which had 420 horsepower . which seemed like a crazy amount at the . time the current grand cherokee srt has . 470 horsepower which really is crazy . it'll do 0 to 60 and 4. 4 seconds this is . for people who think that is a little . mundane but of course it isn't quite . that simple chrysler developed this 700 . horsepower engine for the challenger . hellcat and then they figured why limit . it to the challenger so they stuck it in . the charger and then they figured why . limit it to cars and so now i'm standing . next to a 700 horsepower jeep grand . cherokee which by the way i've borrowed. from a viewer near annapolis maryland . who has his own youtube channel called . dhr street speed you can check it out if . you click the link in the description . below and you should check it out . because in addition to this he also has . a viper acr a . a demon coming and a camaro zl1 coming . and a corvette zr1 coming so today i'm . gonna show you around the grand cherokee . track hawk and i'm gonna show you all of . its cool features and its interesting . quirks and then i'm gonna get it out on . the road and see what it's like to drive . a midsize suv with 411 more horsepower . than a toyota highlander with 437 more . horsepower than a honda pilot and then . of course i'm going to give it a dug . score and four more of my thoughts on . the track hawk experience click the link . below to visit autotrader. com slash . oversteer. i'm gonna start by climbing inside the . track hawk well you'll notice a few . changes over the standard grand cherokee . and even the srt to let you know you're . in something special for example the . steering wheel says track hawk on the . bottom the floor mats say track hawk on . them the sill plate says supercharge you . don't get that in a regular jeep these . seats say track hawk on them which was a . nice little touch and of course they're . more thickly bolster and of course . there's also a nice smattering of carbon. fiber and one of the other things you'll . notice when you climb in this car is . that it's just a pretty nice place to be . the interior is pretty well put together . carbon fiber aluminum leather stitching. then again this car better be pretty . well equipped inside because well you . know i told you these things cost around . eighty eight thousand dollars well . that's the base price take a look at the . window sticker of this one this one is . just a hair under a hundred thousand . dollars for a jeep grand cherokee so . it's nice that this interior is pretty . well equipped and pretty nicely . appointed with nice leather and . materials everywhere if you're gonna be . spending a hundred grand on an suv . another way you can tell the track apart . on the inside that would be the 200 mile . an hour speedometer you don't get one of . those if you buy a grand cherokee . limited to haul your kids to soccer . practice the next interesting interior . detail you will notice the gear lever in. this vehicle now if you've been in any . grand cherokee from this generation all . the way since 2011 you'll notice it . looks a little different that's because . the old gear lever well there were some . issues i'll allow you to google that and . find out for yourself the new gear lever . is just a regular old gear lever it . works like a normal gear lever you move. it down put it in drive put it in park . next up even though this thing has 700 . horsepower it still retains all the . practicality you'd expect from the grand . cherokee for example there are power . outlets basically everywhere there are. two usb outlets under this little cover . in the center console there's also a. cigarette lighter outlet there you want . a different cigarette lighter outlet. there's one in the center console if you. can't find it jeep has included a . helpful little guide so that you can . figure out where it is in the back there . are two more usbs and then there's even . a household style regular power ella you . could plug in your microwave or your . toaster and drive . around your grand cherokee use those . things there's not a lot of 700 . horsepower cars with a household power . outlet for your toaster another . interesting item in the center console . you see that little dimple in there well . that's actually a light so when you're . rooting around in your center console . you can see what you're looking for . leighton center consoles are not common . that's a little bit odd feature but i. like it another interesting thing in . this car that you won't find in a . standard grand cherokee is the launch. control button now launch control itself . is interesting i'll get to that in just . a second but the button is especially . cool take a look at it it looks like the . old-time drag strip christmas tree they . used to call it with the lights it's . really really cool looking it even says . launch going downwards like the lights . going from red to green on a drag strip . now speaking of launch control this car. has launch control like so many other. modern performance cars and like all. those cars it works about the same it . lets you rev it up automatically and . then it lets you floor it so you can get . going at a higher rpm than just flooring . it from a stop the interesting thing. about the launch control in this car . i can't demonstrate it for you because . jeep has disabled the launch control at . all the track hawks for the first 500 . miles this car is still on mile 200 or . so so we can't use it yet once you hit . 500 miles it becomes enabled and you can . start doing all the crazy launches you . want in your grand cherokee next up next . to the launch control button you will . find a little dial that lets you choose . between your drive modes their sport and . track for performance auto for the let . the car decide and then there's snow and . tow mode for when you want to use your . grand cherokee trailhawk to tow or when . you want to use it in the snow which. some people probably will now the thing . i like most about the little dial in the . center is that when you change from mode . to mode the gauge cluster changes and . shows the grand cherokee in various. different settings take a look at track . mode it's on the move and then there's. sport mode auto snow and tow now next to . the dial for the drive modes there's a . little button that says custom that's . because this car allows you to create . your own custom drive mode if for . example you want soft suspension because. you're just commuting but you want the . engine in the accelerator to be in track . mode in case you have to floor it you . can create a custom drive mode that. tailors to those specifications but back . to the gauge cluster there are a few . things i can . like in the gauge cluster now on the . left and right you have the normal gauge . cluster items the speedometer on the . left of vehicle information on the right . the middle one however is a screen and . it's configurable the thing i like about . the screen is that it gives cool little . icons for various different vehicle . functions and information for example . the screen that gives the most vehicle . information isn't just a picture of a . car instead it's the front end from this . car it's a little jeep logo which is . kind of cool . meanwhile you can find all the little . performance stuff if you go to the. little icon that's a hawk that would be . of course the track hawk and then . finally if you want to see the car's . diagnostic codes of it as a check engine . light on you go to a little doctor . stethoscope like you're checking up on. your grand cherokee which is kind of . cool. now that screen in the gauge cluster . shows a bunch of really cool performance . features and functions but you can also . access them in the infotainment screen . in the middle and so with that in mind . let's move on to the infotainment screen . now before i get into the performance . features i want to cover a couple of . other interesting items in the . infotainment system including one of my . favorites this car has a feature that . lets you drag icons that you use . frequently down to the main menu bar . that is always in place this is . brilliant i always complain that cars . don't have a heated seat thing and you . got to go into the menu whatever in this . car if you want the heated seat button . on the main screen just drag it there . and then it's always visible if you want . something else just drag it there in its . place you want something different just . drag it it's a great idea borrowed from . cellphones i don't know why no one else . has done this but this is brilliant and . you connect engineers good going a . couple of other interesting things in . the infotainment system before i move on . to the performance stuff number one is . the owner's manual this car comes with a . regular paper owner's ma
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