The $180,000 BMW M760i Is the Most Expensive BMW Ever

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The new 2018 BMW M760i is the most expensive BMW ever made, with a sticker price of around $180,000. Today, I'm reviewing the 2018 M760i and I'm taking you on a tour of the ultimate BMW 7 Series.
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This is a 2018 bmw m 760i which is the . new name for the flagship model in the . bmw 7-series luxury sedan range the . sticker price on this car is a little . bit over 180 thousand dollars which . makes this the most expensive bmw of all . time naturally it's full of a lot of . cool features and interesting quirks and . today i'm gonna show them to you first a . little overview now bmw has never made . an m7 with the full m treatment from . their high performance division like the . m3 and the m5 . i guess they figure it's a little too . large and luxurious to become an m car . but in recent years they have lent the m . badge to some other models the m240 in . the m5 50 for example to create sort of . half m cars and that's exactly what . they've done here with the m 760 i've . borrowed this m7 60 from bmw of devon . here in the philadelphia suburbs the . number one bmw dealership in . pennsylvania they have a large inventory . of new bmws which includes well this car . and yes it has a $180,000 sticker price . or one hundred and eighty one thousand . and seventy five dollars to be exact . like old top-end 7-series models this . car still has a v12 it's a 6. 6 liter . twin-turbo v12 with 601 horsepower and . 590 pound-feet of torque and also like . top-end 7 series models in the past it . has a lot more than that so today i'm . going to show you around the m 760 and . i'm going to show you all of its cool . features and interesting quirks there . are a lot of them then i'm going to get . behind the wheel and see how it drives . and then i'm gonna give it a dug score. and for more of my thoughts click the . link below to visit autotrader. com slash . oversteer. now this car has a lot of really cool . features and quirks but by far the . coolest has to do with the key now first . off take a look at the size of the key . it's only a little bit smaller than a . cell phone and the reason for that is . the key for this car has a screen on it . i'm serious and if you go through the . little items on the screen you can see a . couple of different things for example . you can see whether the car is locked . and you can see whether you've left the . lights on it'll also tell you if you're . due for an oil change and to tell you . how much range is left in your gas tank . which is a really great idea because . maybe you don't want to turn on the car . and see if you have to get gas you just . check your key and it tells you the ring . the key also allows you to set a time to . precondition the interior basically you . choose a time using the key to your car . and it will start ventilating air . throughout the interior before you get . in maybe to go to work in the morning . but none of that stuff is the craziest . thing about the key the craziest thing . comes next now look at the key and . you'll see the familiar buttons unlock . the doors the bmw logo is the lock . button open the trunk and then there's a . button marked p so what exactly does p . do well this is pretty much the craziest . feature in the car industry right now if . you hold down p it gives you the option . to start the engine so then you press . engine start and now the car has started . you can hear it okay so you can start . the engine with the key that's nothing a . lot of cars can do that but not a lot of . cars can do this you then press the . little arrows that come up and watch . this the car moves itself up no one's in . the car it moves itself forward out of . the parking spot that it was just in now . check this out you want to stop it you . want to go the other direction . the car moves itself right back again . that has got to be one of the coolest . things now you're thinking this is . stupid why would anyone want to do this . well the theory is if you live in some . tight building your new york city or . hong kong or singapore and you don't . want to go to the trouble of trying to . squeeze into the side of your car every . morning when you're getting in you just . start it up with the . key and then you use the key to . basically walk your car like you're. walking your pet now using that parking . key system you're not able to actually . turn the wheels you can only move it out . of a tight parking spot to get in you . can't have everything although you can . have a lot another interesting item in . this car when you get inside is called . gesture control you're tired of using . buttons aren't you tired of press and . stuff well in this car you don't have to . press everything you're driving down the . road you want to turn up the volume just . do this . and the volume goes up you can watch it . happen you drive down the road you get a . call you don't want to answer it just do . this and the coal goes away the car has . these sensors started in this reagent . right in here and it can tell what your . gestures are and then it responds in. kind. now obviously you can't do this for. everything it's limited to only a few . functions there's even one customisable . gesture you point two fingers at the. infotainment system and sort of do like . that and you can set it to a myriad of . different controls if there's something . that you use frequently that you don't . want to adjust using a simple old-school . button but if you think gesture control . is cool take a look at the camera system . now on every other luxury car you put it . in reverse you get a back up camera and . maybe a top-down 360 camera that's . pretty cool this car takes things to the . next level when the 360 camera is up you . tap the screen and then look at this . angle it's showing the car from outside . as if there's a camera like following . you around then . you can use the gesture control system . to move that camera around like you're . getting a 360 degree view on the outside . of the car it does this by stitching all . sorts of different camera angles . together from various cameras on the . outside of the car and it shows a . legitimately good picture of what is . outside the car including the car in it . it's like a video game display except . it's real life i've never seen anything . like this in any other car this is the. future of automotive cameras there are . of course a couple of other interesting . things in the cameras when you're parked . the camera system actually displays . where your doors will open so if you're . worried that your doors gonna hit . something that . camera system will show you that 360 . degree angle on the outside of the . camera also shows green yellow red on . how close you are to something but . despite all of that my personal favorite . camera item is still yet to come and . that would be carwash mode you can . select a mode inside the infotainment. system to show you basically where your . front wheels are in case you want to . take your 180 thousand dollar m 760 into . one of those automatic car washes so you . can line it up perfectly with the track . and then you can get in the car wash it . this is the craziest camera system i've . ever seen in any car now for the next . crazy feature of this car we move on to . the rear seat now you look at the rear. seat you think it's a pretty standard . rear seat right but not quite you drop . this thing and out folds the most . complicated and crazy rear seat controls . i have ever seen in my entire life we'll . start in the middle there's a tablet in . here and it's not just a screen i mean . it's a tablet pushy eject and a little . mechanism raises the tablet forward so . that you can take it out and once you . take it out well first off the little . plastic piece for that mechanism that . raised it up it it lowers right back. into its home but beyond that you can . then control basically everything in . this car from this tablet my favorite . tablet feature comes under the sun. protection icon and that's where you can . control all the things that protect you . from the sun for example push a little . button on the side on the window and it . automatically closes the sun shades on . the window or you can press close all . and all of the sun shades close on both . the doors and the rear sunshade closes . as well instantaneously in order to . provide you the most sun protection . possible now here's the crazy thing . about this there are physical buttons on . the doors themselves that do this you . push a little button on the door the . sunshade closes or you can just use your . tablet and with that in mind we move on . to the rear climate controls you can use . the tablet to control the climate . controls you can change the air . temperature you can change the amount of . air where it's coming out or you can . just use the physical buttons in the . rear seat to do the exact same thing are . you noticing a pattern here let's move . on to the seats maybe the craziest thing . if you want you can use the tablet . to move the seats look at this you go . into the seats and then you just swipe . your finger on the backrest of the seat . and the backrest moves forward you swipe . your finger on the bottom and the bottom . moves forward or you can just press the . physical controls right next to where . the tablet comes out of and it does the. exact same thing but why would you want . to press physical controls and and reach . your hand all the way up there when you . can use the tablet of course the tablet . also turns on heated and ventilated . seats and it isn't just heat or cool you . can also choose exactly which seat . you're heating or cooling how much and . where there's also a massage function. where you could program the seat to . choose between varying intensities of . massage in four different parts of the . body also valerius is the memory . settings which even allow you to control . your favorite position of the front . passenger seat even though you're the . rear passenger but that stuff in the . tablet is child's play compared to the . other things it can do take a look at .
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