The $85,000 Range Rover Velar Is the Coolest Range Rover Ever

The 2018 Range Rover Velar is the newest Range Rover ever -- and it's also the coolest. Today I'm reviewing a Range Rover Velar to see why the Velar is so cool -- and to show you everything important about the $85,000 2018 Velar.
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This is a brand-new 2018 range rover . velar the sticker price on this one was . around 86 thousand dollars which is a . lot of money but then again this is the . coolest range rover ever and today i'm . going to show you why if you haven't . been paying attention in the world of . luxury suvs you might be thinking the . range rover what now . another land rover and yes they have a . lot of models there's the range rover . evoque and then the range rover velar . and then the range rover sport and then . the full-size regular . range rover and then there's the land . rover discovery and the land rover . discovery sport which are two different . vehicles but the valar is the coolest . one of them all it's designed to slide . between the smaller evoque and the more . practical range rover sport in land . rover's lineup and i think it's supposed . to rival those weird ugly coupe suvs . like the bmw x6 and the mercedes-benz . gla coupe but rather than follow that . stupid coupe suv trend land rover gave . us this which is far more attractive in . fact i happen to think that this is one . of the most beautiful land rover models . ever made but like i said before it . isn't cheap not the valar starts around . fifty eight thousand dollars with . shipping but this one has virtually . every single option and as i mentioned . the sticker price on this one was just a . shade over eighty six thousand dollars . the ones i'm saying it my dealer. equipped normally with all the regular. options are somewhere between seventy . and eighty thousand dollars and that is . a lot of money for cool but today i've . borrowed this villar from a viewer in . northern virginia and i'm going to show . you all of the quirks and features in . the rain that make this thing so cool . and so enticing then i'm gonna get it . out on the road and drive it and then . i'm going to give it a dug score and for . more of my thoughts on the valar click . the link below to visit autotrader. com . slash oversteer where i've also compiled . a list of the coolest older land rover . models currently listed for sale on auto . trader. now i'm gonna start on the outside where . you probably noticed in some of those . intro shots that the door handles are. sticking out like big ugly ears they . look kind of weird well that's because . the car is unlocked and the doors are . ready to open if i close the door and . lock it . the door handles slide back into the . door so that they can be flush with the . car to preserve its styling and since . we're talking about the doors and . locking we might as well now discuss the . landrover activity key which is a neat . little trick now here's how this works . let's say i'm going to go swimming now . if i'm gonna go swimming i don't want to . take my car key with me because . obviously it's electronic and if i get . in the water that'll screw it up the . landrover activity key allows me to . leave my key behind. i'd put my land rover key inside the. cargo area i close the cargo area and . then i have this this is a waterproof . little rubberized thing i can wear on my. wrist like a watch i walk up to the back . of the car i place it here and as you . can see the lights just flash now the . car is locked i put this on my wrist and . then i can go swimming or play . basketball or whatever and i don't have . to worry about my key because it's . locked inside the car all right so now . let's say i finished with my swimming i . come back to my valar and i want to get . back in and turn it on and drive away . after my workout whatever i walk up to . the car with the activity key i press . this little button under the tailgate to . activate it so it knows that i'm coming . i hold the activity key up to the. tailgate again you can see it just. unlocked now i open it back up and i got . my key again and that way i don't have . to actually bring my key with me if i'm . gonna go do some sort of activity hence . the name land rover activity key this is . a brilliant idea now since i'm around . back i also want to talk about a couple . of the cool style features of this car . one of which is the taillights not only . do they look cool when they're off just . in their sort of regular position but . look at them when they're on it's like . several layers of pale light it looks . cool and futuristic i also love the fact . that the rear wiper doesn't appear. anywhere on here when you look at the . back of the valar the rear end is not. cluttered by a wiper that's because the . rear wiper is hidden under here and you . won't see it unless it's on this is a . range rover hallmark my range rover is. like this and it's a really good piece . of design that sort of lets the back end . have its natural look without the . ugliness of the wiper moving up to the . front another cool velour detail is in . the headlights now it's generally agreed . that land rover has some of the coolest . looking led running lights they've . really taken the led game to a whole new . level but up until now in previous land . rover models when you turn on the turn . signal the entire led running light . would turn off and it was kind of . unfortunate no longer in the valar now . in the valar when you put on the turn . signal the running light generally stays . on only a small part of it turns orange . and so the car preserves it's sort of . aggressive look with those led running . lights even when the turn signal is on . now as i've mentioned and as you can . probably tell if i'm watching this i . really like the way the valar looks on . the outside but there is one exterior . detail on this car that i don't really . like and that would be the fuel door the . valar has all these aggressive lines and . sharp edges and it looks modern and cool . and excellent and and then there is this . lazy oval shape fuel door that looks . like it's out of a 78 ford granada it's . almost like land rover was like oh we . can't make it perfect we have to stop we . have to make something ugly i've got it . the fuel door oh what a great idea giles . and thank you alastair let's go to the . pub and then this is the result of that . conversation anyway one more cool . exterior quirk before we move inside . that would be right here watch this . space while i open the doors look at . this. land rovers actually put a little valar . emblem the b-pillar between the front. door opening and the rear door opening . most people will probably never notice . this but i noticed that it's on both . sides in it it really looks cool i'll . get this cool little medallion you see . every time you get in the car if you . happen to see it next up climbing inside . the valar where you quickly realize that . the coolest thing about this car is not . how it looks or the fact that it's the . hot new range rover but rather the . center screen setup get ready for a tour . of one of the coolest most futuristic . center screens in the entire car . industry first off there are three . screens one in the gauge cluster one in . the middle and another one below the . middle one that takes the place of your . usual center control buttons there's . just one single button in the centre of . everything everything else is all screen . and so we start with the most . interesting screen which is the one that . used to be buttons here's the climb . tab and you can see you tap the screen . to adjust where the air comes out you . can choose your head or your legs or . your passengers head or legs or whatever . but the coolest part is down here you . want to make it warmer or cooler you use . these cool rotary dials that adjust the . temperature and the temperature is . displayed inside them that's neat but . check this out say you now want to turn . on your heated seat push the rotary dial . and now it's the heated seat control . turn it to the right or left to make . your seat warmer or cooler push it again . and it becomes the temperature control . again and if you trauma seat and then go . back to the climate control temperature . little dots appear above the temperature . to remind you that your seat is on the . climate tab also lets you adjust the . rear climate control and it even lets . you lock the rear climate control so . backseat passengers can't make their own. adjustments finally the climate control . tab includes an image of pac-man eating . a pellet i have no idea what this does . next up we move on to the seats tab and . you have a few options right now the . seat is on the massage setting so the . rotary dials let you turn up or down the . seat massage but turn it over to seating . climate control and once again you can . adjust whether you want your seat heated . or cooled next up is the middle tab . which lets you control the stereo it . also lets you set up your phone using . bluetooth and i think this picture. landrover uses is totally hilarious a . british phone booth to emphasize that . land rover is british and it's placed in . the wilds to remind you that land rover . is rugged anyway next you go into . settings and you can choose some . interesting climate settings for example . you can choose the type of air that . blows into the cabin do you want it soft . and quiet or powerful and fast or maybe . balanced for comfort finally we have to . discuss the vehicle tab which is cool . you get this really high quality image . and now the rotary dial has become a. method to change the drive mode you . start in dynamic for road use then . there's eco and the bottom of the valar . turns green next up is comfort and you . get a different velour image then . there's grass gravel snow when it's . driving through well i don't really know . what that is then there's mud ruts and . you're driving through mud ruts and . finally there's sand for all those times . when you're traversing sand dunes in . your velar next up we have the upper . screen although it isn't quite as crazy . or as configurable as the lower one it.
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