The $90,000 Pizza Car Counter Offer

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Everyone on GoFundMe has been refunded, thank you so much for the support.
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*I am NOT Endorsed nor Affiliated with Domino's in any fashion.*
Okay so paul you are doing very well out . there i want to start by just thanking . everyone so much for their support . especially those who donated through the . gofundme campaign we raised right around . six thousand dollars in less than one . whole day and i greatly appreciate that. the really amazing thing is a lot of . those donations were from small . contributors you know under $20 which is. amazing to see what things can be . accomplished with a group you know this . team mentality and i'm really grateful . for all of your support i specifically . want to say a special thank you to my . friend taveras who dropped a $1000 . donation on that page as well when he. did that i reached out to him . immediately. was very grateful i just was in . amazement and i really hope that soon . him and i can get together and do . something car related because really . that's what these videos should be about . as are the cars so again thank you so . much to varis and really everybody even . down to the commenting the liking the . subscribing i can't thank you all enough . now regarding the gofundme campaign . before we even hit 24 hours on it i did . shut off donations and i asked for a . refund for everybody and i've received . the email confirmation that everyone. should be receiving a complete refund . just in the last several hours there's . just been so many emails from so many . different types of people and one party . had written me offering to help me . through this and i'm very gracious for . them and for reaching out to me . and i let them know that i think it'd be . the best thing to do would just be . refund the gofundme campaign . contributions and again i thank you so . much and just for all the naysayers out . there there are a lot of guys like he's . gonna steal your money and all this . other stuff i wrote gofundme and you can . check out the timestamp in this email . and specifically ask them if i raise a . certain amount but only use a percentage . of it can i do a partial refund to . everybody and they told me no i find it . a big responsibility to be asking for . money from someone i've never had a . patreon i've never held any sort of. fundraiser like this before but this was . a special situation and again i just . can't thank you enough so i hope that . clarifies why the gofundme page . is still up and no longer accepting any . donations and all the donations have . been refunded if you have any issues . please reach out to gofundme or you can . reach out to me and we'll definitely get . that resolved going forward i just want . to clarify a few things and go into a . little bit more detail into everything . that's going on the first thing i like . to point to is the jalopnik article that . was posted an attorney by the name of . steve ledo had commented in that article . and he had basically said that when . we're talking about fair use we're . really only talking about copyright in . this specific situation that ayman is a . trademark issue and well the general . usage of fair uses as thought of as. copyright because it is he's right there . there is a trademark fair use and you . can go ahead and google that i'm not . going to dive into that discussion all . just research it for yourself and come . up with your own opinions on it the next . thing is the eighty pizza idea which was . met with some criticism as a you know . this is where you could really get . snagged delivering 80 pizzas regardless . of where you're bringing them to and i . want to make it clear that this was an . idea that i tried to do impart with an . organization this is not something that . i know i could make happen without . really the help and agreement with that . organization and it's reminiscent of a . conversation i had with a friend of mine . way before all of this occurred a guy . named rich from the channel rich . rebuilds he sometimes calls me for . youtube questions and i call him a lot . for car questions because he actually . disassembled an entire tesla and put it . back together and one of the things he . called me about was sponsorships and in. a conversation i remember telling him . something along lines of it would be . amazing if i could work together with a . certain organization because the . internet i think thinks that were at . odds and that's really not the case . nothing really had come about anything . except for a very recent and i said it . would just make a real impactful . statement and all i need are some pizzas . it would be really kind of a fun thing i . think the video would be great exactly . what i had described to rich i described . to the gentleman from the organization . over the phone as a possibility . promotion of sorts so again that was to . be done through . civic organization it's kind of funny . because in that conversation where i . mentioned that this organization . actually came to me and say hey we want . to pitch you an idea where you go on . like a tour with this car and then you . stop and and then you deliver it to the . headquarters as your final video and . like my response was it was pretty. polite on the phone like yeah i guess . it's alright but in my mind i was like . the only world tour i'm partaking in is . joey's world tour now arguably the. largest criticism i received from this . whole situation is hey dummy just take . the logos off the car that's all you got . to do what do you what are you do it and . why are you fighting and that's actually . something i've had to clarify a few . times and i'll tell you how that . discussion got started in my previous . video like i said the first email that i . received said we'd like to offer to wrap . the car in your favorite sports team . logo or different design and immediately . i was like okay you know the sports team . thing again kind of strange but i wanted . to ask what that entailed when i called . and asked about that it not only . entailed removing logos it entailed. dismantling the entire car down to the . proprietary parts which i will tell you . that here's a picture of the warming . oven and it has a no logo on it period . in the follow-up phone call which was . referenced as well in the jalopnik . article a statement was made to me which . was what is your end game and at that . point things were i would say somewhat . tense and the phone call and i really. don't have an end game there is no plan . to this i'm looking right now right . there in the distance as a jaguar any . eyes should be working on right this . instant so i don't have some grand . scheme for this car i really just want . to continue the channel what it's doing . and my response the individual was . simple i just said i want to continue . making good content to which they . rebutted you could do that without using . our logo which i then asked wait a . minute let's go back because in the . previous phone call it went past that . you wanted to dismantle the entire car . could you please clarify that in watch . the second individual on the phone call . took over really quick said . ya know we got to take everything off . the car and so it made it pretty clear . that it goes past the logos even though . on some of these parts there are no . specific logos on them so just so you . understand it's not seemingly as easy as . that to some of the other internet . people that are creating stories and . whatnot i did not add any logos to this . car every single logo that's on this car . came on this car there's been no . addition of logos period obviously i . want to remain open-minded in this . entire situation i mean i did respond to . their first correspondence with myself . and i did so in a quick fashion because . i knew it was the right thing to do and . i took a few phone calls from him so . it's not like i'm just like ah no way . you'll pry it from my cold dead hands . i've never once taken that angle period . in this entire situation so there's one . last thing that i want to reference this . is straight from the jalopnik article . which i will mention that david tracy i . think did a very judicious job in . writing this i think that he got my side . and also went and reached out to the . other individuals involved and that's . specifically what i want to comment on . there's a quote in the article and i'm. going to read this straight from the. article and you guys can read it it's . over at jalopnik but it says and i quote . plus domino's corporate responded to my . inquiry on this matter saying here's . what we know the franchisee to whom the . car belonged offered this gentleman . for it he countered with the . request for $90,000 from there it became . a legal issue and that's all we can say . at this point now i never spoke any . numbers with david tracy and i'm not. going to confirm any numbers here but i . want to put that whole entire thing in . context first of all it's very. interesting to me if you know that . domino's corporate is responding. regarding an issue with what they're . calling a franchisee and i specifically . would guess that they maybe have a . recording of this phone call so by all . means if you want to put it out there . i'd be happy for people to hear it but i . think the context in which this argument . occurred is extremely important so . basically what had happened earlier with . the exchange where they asked me what my . end game was because i had declined the . purchase that they had offered and . i responded with you know i just want to . make good content it turned into quickly . the legal sort of this is what's going . to happen we're gonna send you this . legal notice and we're gonna send you. that everything that the individual . saying was very negative to me so i just . responded with you can continue to . threaten but before i could finish my . statement i was gonna say something like . you can continue to threaten but it's . not gonna change the fact that i'm just . i just can't accept your purchase of her . but i said you could continue to . threaten but he cut me off saying it's . not a threat it's just business which is . like ironic because that's a scene right . out of the godfather and i'll let you . guys look that one up but when he said . that it was like then that threw to me . like really that this is this is really . how their thing it's just business and . so i said well hey you know if it's just . business then how about this amount . right here and i did counter a number i . want to reiterate that i'm staying . completely open-minded and i just want . to work with the other side get this . behind us because it's not doing any . good and it's holding me up from getting . going to work on the car that is right . behind the camera here so guys i really . appreciate you watching this please . forgive me but if you write me a generic . question right now it's gonna be really . tough for me to respond because i'm . getting a ton of emails my contact . information is in the description box . below if you maybe think you can offer . some sort of help or advice went up i'm . all ears. i really again appreciate everyone's . support thank you and i will touch base . with you very soon. .
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