The Best Wiper Blades in the World and Why

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Wiper blades explained and which type is best for your car's windshield, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. Rubber wiper blades versus silicone wiper blades, which is better? How wiper blades are made and how they work in your car. The history of wiper blades. Windshield wiper blades review and why silicone blades are the best. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years. Scotty Kilmer, gives you a chance to win a car product, by entering in this weekly giveaway.
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Caption: Rub up your engines. today i'm gonna talk about the best . wiper blades and why they are the best . wiper blades. welcome to mechanic monday and as usual . i'm telling you the truth about stuff . no one's sponsoring this except the . truth i've tried out various types of . wiper blades over the years and i've . come to one conclusion the best wiper . blades are silicone wiper blades and to . understand why here's a history lesson . in 1903 mary anderson invented the car . wiper blade now the original wiper . blades are made of natural rubber which . whites water off pretty good but it's . got one major disadvantage in the heat . and the sun the rubber to tierney rates . relatively quickly and then you got to . buy another blade so then later they . came out with synthetic rubber blades . and added some graphite to the mix to . make them last longer but the graphite . sometimes makes noise if you notice when . you're driving and it's just the light . rain a lot of times you hear these . noises mmm that's the graphite kind of . rubbing on your windshield and make a . noise but then they came out with . silicone wiper blades years ago they did . cost a lot more a long time ago because . they were kind of not mass-produced all . that much but today because a lot less . than they used to they still might cost . twice as much but hey they can last for . five six ten times longer than the. rubber ones do i don't have the car . anymore but i used to have a 1981 toyota . corolla sr5 and i put a set of silicone . wiper blades on it and after ten years . there was still the same blades and they . still wiped good silicone is just a . stronger longer-lasting material years . ago i put a silicone valve cover gasket . on my toyota here which originally came . with a rubber gasket but when i found . out the silicone ones are supposed to . last longer i put in a silicone one i . had to change the old rubber valve cover . gaskets every three four or five years . they started leaking but the silicone. ones been in there for more than ten . years that it's still not leaking so it . is a better material now the main . enemies of wiper blades are ultraviolet. rays of the sun heat and dirt in our . atmosphere. it destroys rubber much faster than it. destroys silicon and silicon wiper. blades having an advantage. as they wipe they actually leave little . residues of silicone which is waterproof . and it actually makes your wipers work . better over time instead of worse like . rubber that leaves deposits that make it. harder to wipe now of course to make . them last as long as they can you want . to keep your windshields relatively . clean because dirt creates friction and. that's gonna wear out even silicon . blades over time but two silicon blades . hey another reason they last longer is . they retain their pliability longer than. the rubber do and they can handle . extremes of temperatures better than the. rubber can too so if you live in a . really hot place or you live in a really . cold place these silicone wiper blades . they're gonna last longer and work . better then rubber ones are a few years . back i went to an auto parts store and i . went to the manager and said you know . i've been trying out these silicone . blades they work pretty good how come . you guys don't solve them here and a . manager who was no fool said scottie we . saw thousands of rubber wiper blades. every month in the store if we were to . sell silicone wiper blades over time our . sales would just go down to almost . nothing so you might have to search . around a little to find good silicon . larper place but heck with the internet . and amazon 2-day free shipping you can . find it just about anywhere and have . them sent to your house and since this . is a mechanic's monday i'm giving away a . set of silicone wiper blades to have a . chance to win just put a clean non . offensive comment i need you to comments . below and a computer will randomly pick . a winner . so if you never want to miss another one . of my new chi repair videos remembering . to ring that bell . [music]. .

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