The Builds Begin! 2JZ S15 x Single Turbo N54

The S15 goes to it's new home and we discuss the first plans of attack before stopping by PSI to talk about what's going on with the Single Turbo 335i! Exciting stuff!
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[music]. what is up guys i hope you had a great . weekend i know i did as you can see we . finally have the s 15 loaded up in the . trailer got all the parts for the build . and we are gonna head over to anju coupe . drop it off and finally get this built . in progress i know you guys have been . patiently waiting and it'll be worth the . wait doc rice manifold to the 2jz just . love me a nice manifold the f-15 has . officially minute tune tjuku and you . can't tell i've got it loaded up with . every single piece that i could possibly . find other than 2j which mean over to . are gonna finish over at the warehouse. probably sometime this week maybe i . would like to introduce you guys to an . who pretty much oversees everything that . happens back here with the builds. everything and you guys will be here and . seen a lot from him so i kind of wanted . to see what what the rough plan is at. the moment essentially we're just gonna . right now make a spot for the car kind . of like set up a little area over here . where we're gonna essentially the cars . gonna be down for a little bit so it's . going to be needing its own home where . we can just constantly work on it . because we're hoping to get this car . done probably by early next year i'm . hoping . february we're really gonna do full . detail on it so in order to do that this . area was constantly moving parts in and . out so we're gonna set up a good set of . lights to go all the way on the top so . we can make sure that we have light on . it so we can work on it dan i get . everything and then i'll make it look . way better for the video - i used to . have terrible lighting in my garage and . the videos just look so bad now in the . garage i have a ton of lights and . everything looks so crisp only has . natural lights and little areas around. it half light so we've not right here we . have all these lights set up for this is . what we do the focal part of all the . cars like mostly racecars are done on . these two lips but since we're still . gonna have the racecars we want to just . kind of like make sure that over here we . have a lot of the lights set up there's . no a/c here unfortunately but the good . thing is we're doing this on the cold . season so hopefully it'll be cool enough . in here is a good thing because it gets . so hot here we're constantly sweating . and we got grease and sweat in our eyes . but thankfully it's a this offseason . there's gonna be pretty clearly bob who . is the chief engineer for all the race . cars he won't be here till tomorrow so . we really can't give you like a full . detail of what we're gonna do and when . we're gonna do everything - that's 15 . but for now i think you're saying we'd . probably end up doing like pulling the . engine and starting the strip at first . start to strip it and then during that . process is when we can all really sit . down and determine the best point of . attack as far as full race car i was . thinking we would bag it and wide-body . it i'm sitting on some big 19 make sure . that it throws sparks when it comes down . on the ground yes yes god make great . thumbnails i know i may not have been . the update that all you guys were . looking for but me and it just did a lot . of talking more than anything and we . wanted to wait for bub to get here . before he went too much in detail i will . say that one of the things i'm really . excited about is the fact that they're . not just focused on helping create me an . awesome performing car we're also . putting a lot of time and effort into . making sure that the content that we . create along with the build of the car . is really good normally things are . always done in a rush for fd and like . competitions and stuff but because this . is a car that we're building normally . things are always done in a rush for fd . and like competitions and stuff but . because this is a car that we're . focusing so much on the media side of it . we get to put a lot more time into me . sure that all the video stuff comes out . really cool normally i don't get to run. that many errands on mondays but because . of the fact that i didn't upload a video . sorry about that . i've been able to get a bunch of stuff . done so we were going straight from in . tjuku to psi and we are gonna give you . guys the scoop on the single turbo stuff . i'm very excited about that . good ol i for traffic no matter how much . i planted in advance it's always. impossible to beat i always wind up at . the worst spot to be in orlando on the . highway at the worst time you know . though i'm very thankful that i don't . have a commute to work in downtown or . they don't have to deal with this every . day so perspective trying to find food . in downtown orlando that i can get . access to with a truck and trailer is . nearly impossible so thankfully good. wife nicole great wife nicole she helps . me out when i get in situations like . this when i have a hard time eating and . she got me some ubereats that's gonna be . on the way to psi so as soon as i get . here oh wait i just got here this is . gonna be on the way to psi so as soon as . i get here oh wait i just got here sick . so we are now here at psi i'm with chris. chris's kind of the lead tech and he'll . be overseeing everything with a build . before we started anything he thought it . would be important to kind of go over . the car and find some stuff that could . be needing replacement before we go slap . a bunch of power on it yeah all right so . just like like common stuff like at 50 . floors is always gonna be like oil . filters tan housing gasket like a valve . cover gasket that goes really fast and . like if you have had them serviced . before you should really take care of . them and we're gonna take the . opportunity while the engines out to do . the build to go ahead and reseal . everything oil pan valve cover . commentary points such as the upper . radiator hose and sometimes the . expansion tank will start to crack now . the kit you know comes with a lot of . stuff that will also . places like a low pressure fuel pump . system and stuff like that and new lines . so we don't have to worry about that it . was throwing a code for the low pressure . fuel pump before and then another common . item was that you have a fall for the oh . you're talking about a bs thing yeah . people have been bugging me about the . abs light for like the past probably a . year and i knew that it could have been . that and it's really expensive it was . like three grand replace it yeah it's . like 2,600 bucks i can move from bmw to . like replace one of those but we can . typically find one like under warranty. use out of a car like less mileage . replace it that way the the used ones . are something i think around like five . six hundred bucks right yeah and the . thing that shawn the owner of psi was . telling me was that you can place that . like five times and it's still getting . you been getting anyone you literally . should just replace it five go with a . new one so it might be kind of weird or . unnecessary to actually pull the engine . out and i haven't really talked about . doing that with this car and it seems . kind of like overkill but it'll be way . easier to see everything i think for a . video perspective to getting able to. like kind of see what's going on . especially with the turbo stuff it'll be . way more interesting yeah well i mean . what like all these cars is that my . preference is dropping the engine out. and down because that's the cleanest way . to do anything rather than try to get . stuff out of way up here in the engine . bay bmw has designed everything because . if you look at how they assemble cars in . the factory like in the factories in. south carolina in mexico or in germany . is that they'll actually have everything . connected from front subframe to rear . subframe drive shaft final drive . transmission engine . literally take the car and place it on . top in most scenarios and so the engine . bay is designed and the fact that other . than removing like intake filters and. stuff like that . the engine is like imagine it like a . square like a cube and the engine bay is . a cube that's slightly bigger so it . should just drop straight down and that . will give us enough access that when . we're installing the headers when we're. resealing it we're gonna take it off of. the subframe and spin it upside down and . take care of like coal and gas and stuff . like that now we have to do the clutch . do any yeah so we'll be pulling that . transmission off will do the clutch . remove flywheel and also just do like a . rear main seal as well because that's . like another commonality point just want . to make sure that the car is gonna be . good . you know ten twenty thousand miles . basically from. so do we actually just drop the engine . and then the transmission or do you drop . both and then basically we have like a. transmission pallet basically and i'll . keep the engine or i'll keep the car . around like elbow height and then i'll . put the transmission jack underneath it . and it'll support the entire suffering . and then what we'll do is we'll just . lift the car up and the transmission and . engine and subframe will stay down and . you can even do it to the point where . like this struts will even be with the . subframe so everything will stay down. it's kind of funny because we were gonna . try to do it ourselves and we probably . would have been able to do the single . turbo kit but probably we would have. missed a lot of like little gaskets and . actually like making stuff laughs and . that's what i was kind of worried about . because i didn't want to just kind of . ghetto do everything really quick and . then have it be kind of sketchy yeah . yeah well i mean it's important you take . your time with this sort of thing so . that's 240 life and zip ties chris also . noti
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