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Caption: [music]. good afternoon and welcome to the . channel welcome to the vlog starting out . with a mail time today this is a box . from corbett america which seems or . right up my alley from carlton texas . what could we possibly get in a box from. corvette's america we will find out . though okay so we have a fat shopping . bag and we have a corvette zo6 hats and . we have a yellow shawl my favorite color . have a yellow zo6 shirt that i can wear . while driving my yellow zo6 i'll be . goddamn also have a little corvette . world piece of paper laminated hereto . street speed sub-17 from robert corvette . world to dallas so corvette world is . like an amusement park like ferrari . world i guess i didn't even know that . that existed corvette world i might have . to go and take a vacation tonight i . stumbled upon your youtube channel a . little over a year ago and have been . following ever since well thank you i'm . a die-hard chevrolet fan and amateur . pour vent enthusiast as long as i can . remember so those who know me well . wouldn't be too surprised to see that i . now sell corvettes for a living since . i've been on this job your videos have . been the subject of discussion among . several of my customers in recent months . i believe it it's clear that you are . igniting the enthusiast in many of your . viewers and they in turn want their own . corvette and give patronage to . businesses like mine like the one i work . for well that's fucking awesome i love . when i get messages and comments from . people saying like you know i was never . that into corvettes until i watch your . channel and your channel made me want to . go and get my own corvette i love what . you're doing so that is neat i love the . corvette brand and i'm happy to be a . part of it in this way wanted to thank . you not only for the hours of automotive . entertainment you give but for the . business i have received from some of . your viewers that may have not desired . to purchase a corvette if your channel. had not been there so again thank you . for that and keep doing what you do . can't wait to see the zr1 thank you very . much robert from corvette world dallas . and it is a dealership not in fact an. amusement park very cool so if you need . a corvette in the dallas area check out . rob at corvette world . unit six one four eleven apo ae 0 9 8 55 . evening brother i'm currently coming to . the end of my third deployment overseas . and found your channel a few months back . well thank you for your service hope . you're having a good time it has been my . main form of entertainment when i get . off work we'll be home in the states by . the time you read this i figured that . this flag and certificate is something. you have never received before see what . you got. united states air force this flag is . presented to mike street speed seven one . seven with a bunch of signatures on it . aircraft commander co-pilot navigator . flight engineer load master and . loadmaster this is to certify the . accompanying american flag was flown on. the 25th day of october 2017 and your . honor aboard a us air force c-130 . aircraft during combat missions in iraq . that is quite possibly the coolest thing . i have ever received this is a that i . mean this really means a lot that is . insanely cool that this flag was flown. like that and in my honor i suppose here . as it says which is like unbelievably . humbling and almost i almost i can't. even accept it but that is that is so . fucking cool goes without saying a huge . thank you to tony yes i do love it and . thank you to the whole crew here really . appreciate what you guys are doing i . think it's appropriate to end with that . one it's interesting because it's not. like world war two where you know the . whole country was involved in the war . you know we kind of live our lives every . day and things go on as normal and you . forget that there's a whole battle going . on for a lot of people a lot of american . citizens so um you know everyone here we. really appreciate the sacrifice you make . we just got to make a quick trip to . insane designs i have to pick up some . posters and other products and we're . going to talk about the c5 giveaway . which is going to start officially . tonight . [music]. so a funny story about this bridge well . i guess it's not really a funny story . but a story about this bridge at some . point last evening somebody jumped off . of the middle of the bridge so right . over there and it was right about the . same time frame i was on the bridge so . it must have been right after i crossed . over and went to shane's right after i . crossed the river somebody jumped off of . this side on the right side and the . river runs that way obviously but . somebody jumped off this bridge and . killed themselves and they found the . body. last night after searching for a while . but if you look it's not i mean it's . pretty far down but it's i'm not so sure . that that fall would kill you if you . landed on your feet so i think they dove . off but it usually is pretty shallow . like the susquehanna is only about 20 . feet deep but its deepest part so they . might have hit like four or five feet . deep and it hasn't really rained much so . i guess i don't know if that fall is . enough to kill you like i said on your . feet it's definitely enough to kill you . if you land in your head . but now i think you could survive that . if you jumped on your feet but he must . have hit the bottom or something either . way the guy jumped off of that bridge . right there where the one we're on . somewhere right along and we rap and he . killed himself which is not usually . that's not something you see around here . now you're sure bigger cities with . bridges like the golden gate for example . i'm sure it's kind of a normal thing as . shocking as that is but here that's very . rare especially off of one of these . bridges here but he parked his car along . the side . they're jumped off and of course i was . on the phone so i couldn't record it . couldn't get the camera out but pat . going the other way pat it's four . o'clock what are you doing that you got . to get home so fast patton is never here . i tell you what he does not put in the . extra hours that's for sure . the bare minimums pat come on up there . get him some more subscribe 100k next . yeah but we're we're getting help out . shane . he needs 100k everyone has 100k except. for shane we need a little in shane. designs youtube plaque up on the wall we . got to talk about something guys we got . to talk about something it's like four . o'clock and pat's flying home the other . direction as i'm coming in every fucking . time dude course we still got all the . posters up on the website the pat close . up the dan wage-earner front end and the . dan wage-earner back end and are these . update are these down - those are down . now so these two are now discontinued . but we still got these three and the . mclaren one and the new mclaren rolling . shots where are they at they're in here . somewhere . i'll find them here are the mcchicken . shots here's the one at the garage the . home base and these are the new rollers. like we talked about now the updated. version of this you're going to see on . the website does not include the two . douchebags in the car . it's like tinted and blacked out so you . can't see it still looks realistic and . good still looks like a real photo . because it is but we did not want our . faces in there same for this one . nice good job curtis i'm proud of you . alright keep talking shit well now what . were you saying shea about your fucking . slow ass lamborghini your volkswagen to . one i was slammed on the brakes . [music]. because there was traffic in mexico . called foul on the play i beat you in . every race from from 30 miles per hour . where i was spinning i still caught your . ass and passed you shane did we not let . them fogged multiple times yeah yeah . yeah alright look shit you're in charge . of honking the whole time dude you . didn't win a single race out of the . hundred times we did that in mexico . [music]. rematch i like it . all right let's go back to mexico i just . can't imagine any human being can be so . deluded to believe that their car is . faster when i passed you after you were . already ahead of me but we can do a . rematch okay yeah in shame designs also . has tons of other products as you can . see ranging from stickers in yellow camo . arctic camo to match the dirty max skull . stickers flags over here little flags . all kinds of different stuff and we also . of course have t-shirts calendars just . about anything you can imagine . truck stuff we got the truck hitch. things decorative things with the flag. any flag you won goes on there and you . can get a rifle or the brass knuckles on . the backside of it so a bunch of cool . things to choose from here's some other . ones the street speed sticker yellow. camo dirty max logo we still have dicks . out for harambee that was a meme from . from back of the day that was one of the . first sticker we ever did so the reason. why i'm talking about all the products . available at insane science comm insane . is because we are doing the c5 corvette . giveaway a little bit differently we. wanted to we didn't want to dive right . in we wanted to kind of see what people . thought first and we're changing up a. few things and the giveaway will be live . tonight so when you see this upload the. giveaway is on and essentially if you . get anything on the website so anybody . who gets something on the website you're . automatically entry and we're not doing . it we're and the more money you spend . the better chance you have . or anything like that we didn't want to . make it unfair we didn't want people to . just all spend a thousand bucks and and. that person would probably win or have a . really good chance of winning anyway so . you don't have to spend a ton of money . or anything like that if you get . something on the website you have a . chance to be donated to c5 whoever gets . the part donated you get this bill pick . a choice of color and . telling you to so it's a silver car . right now promise you're not going to . get that wonderful job but there you go . head over in chang's is calm hot school . stuff for you and now is your chance to . be the next owner of dc box also really . quick i know that we got a lot of orders . last night from the video so just in . case people thought it was live last . night if you did order something after . last night's upload at that time you . will be included in the giveaway as well . folks back at home in the garage and yes . the c-5 giveaway is now on officially . has begun starting tonight and the only . bad news about the c5 is as you can see . when i started taking off the rap here . on the bumper it peeled off the clear . code which means that this bumper was . definitely repainted at some point and. whatever shop did it didn't do such a. good job used shitty quality paint and . here you go so i do know a guy as you . might expect and i'm gonna try to get it . fixed before if not it's not really a . big deal the cars gonna be wrapped the . paint was never in great shape to begin. with so the car will be wrapped but i . would like to get it resprayed before we . do the actual before the car actually. goes to its new home and i have all the . stock pieces up here as you can see . right down to the shift boot and the . ashtray. i have everything i think i even have . parts up here above the mail time shelf . i do so i will be returning the cars the . interior i will be returning the stock . when it goes to its new home and i will . give you the seats and everything like . that but i want to make it nice once . again because the car is pretty crazy as. it sits but it would only take you you . know an hour to put it back like this so . i want it to be kind of nice i'm gonna . put the stock seats back in do . everything right make it up to look good . and then you can return it that way if . you want it and the only other bad thing. is it will not come with the nitrous . system you know i just don't want to . sell the car with nitrous i don't feel . like that's safe for the average person. and we don't want anything bad to happen . so i'm gonna be taking out the nitrous . system everything else of course stays . all the engine mods the exhaust all the . good stuff the car runs great . so nothing wrong with it but i just kind . of want to take that out and to put the . interior back in i'm gonna have to take . it out anyway i can't have the bracket . and i don't want to cut the carpet so it . just makes sense other than that it will . come too . somebody as it sits right here of course . with a new rap dos that's gonna look . even better and i'd like to give you . guys or somebody i'd like to give some . good like all season tires something a . good mix of like traction to have fun . with but also something that if you do . get caught in the rain and you're . driving around having fun you don't get . off the road so i'm gonna do a few more . things to the car but basically it's . ready to go and i'm really excited about . this and hopefully again like i said . hopefully somebody who really wants it . and enjoys it is going to get it with . that being said good luck and i hope you . enjoyed this upload if you are stopping . in for the first time please subscribe . take care have a great day . .

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