The Genesis G90 Is a $75,000 Hyundai Luxury Sedan

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The Genesis G90 is a full-size luxury sedan from Hyundai’s new Genesis brand. The Genesis G90 is basically a $75,000 Hyundai β€” so today I’m reviewing the 2017 Genesis G90 to show you what you get when you spend $75,000 on a Genesis.
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This is a genesis gene 90 a luxury sedan . from hyundai's new genesis luxury brand . which was recently created to rival . lexus and mercedes benz and bmw and . acura and cadillac the genesis gene 90 . is the flagship model of the brand this . one has a sticker price of over 71 . thousand dollars and some of these can. get as high as 75 thousand dollars yeah . that's right this is a $75,000 hyundai . if you haven't heard of the genesis . brand you aren't alone hyundai has . screwed up the launch of this brand to . an absurd degree first they asked the . dealers to build expensive new showrooms . promising excellent popular products. then in a market that demands suvs and . crossovers in a market where suvs and. crossovers are flying off the shelves . hyundai launched the genesis brand with . three bluch shuri sedans that look far . too similar. there's the g 70 and the g 80 and then . there's this the jean 90 apparently this . was some attempt to copy what lexus did . when it launched in the early 1990s and . hyundai didn't realize that maybe the. market has changed a little bit in the . last 30 years also not helping things is . the fact that the hyundai genesis used . to be a model and now genesis is a . separate brand which has only created . confusion so far the launch of the . genesis brand has been a dud but that . doesn't mean the car is a dud so today . i've borrowed this g 90 from a viewer . near annapolis maryland and i'm gonna . take you on a tour of it show you all . the interesting quirks and cool features . of a $75,000 hyundai luxury sedan and . then i'm gonna get out on the road and . drive it and then i'm going to give it a . dug score and for more of my thoughts on . the g 90 click the link below to visit . autotrader. com slash oversteer where . i've also compiled a list of used luxury . cars that are currently listed for sale . on auto trader that are cheaper than you . might expect. now i'm gonna start under the hood i'm . being the flagship model that v90 has . some serious power and there are two. different engine options you can get a . twin turbo v6 with 365 horsepower or a 5 . liter v8 with 420 horsepower this car. has the v6 now you can also get all or . rear-wheel drive this car has all-wheel . drive which genesis has named h track i . guess hyundai track i don't really know . i also don't really understand why . everybody has to name their all-wheel. drive systems quatro x drive 4matic . can't we just call it all-wheel drive . one thing i really like under the hood . is the little warning label reminding . you not to touch hot things it says do . not touch metal parts can be hot and . then there's a picture of someone . touching a hot metal part and it says . hot just to really drive the point home . now that warning label provides some . important information and so do the . headlights which say on them full led . not just led but full led so if you ever . get into an argument with someone in the . luxury car club about whether your . genesis has full led headlights you just . bring them out having a look at your . headlights and you could prove to them . and it's the same story in back the . brake lights also say full led on them . just to drive home the point that you're . not some loser with partial led lights. and in keeping with the theme of genesis . spelling everything out for you the . mirrors are auto dimming just like they. are in a lot of cars but they say auto . dim on them again presumably so that you. can win an argument if you ever . challenged to prove that your mirrors . are auto dimming the mirrors also do . another cool thing if you walk up to the . car tonight and unlock the door the . mirror projects an image of the genesis . logo on to the ground that's a really . cool touch believe it or not a lot of . cars are projecting images like that . from their mirrors onto the ground these . days but that's always a cool little . quirk when i see it another interesting . place the genesis logo appears is on the . key now having the car brand's logo on . the key is not all that unusual . the unusual thing is take a close look. in genesis is actually printed there in . the smallest font i think i've ever seen . in any automotive related thing it's so . tiny but they got it on there it looks . kind of nice also interesting on the key . take a look there's a little label and . it says please remove this label well i . most certainly will not here just a . label . you can't tell me what to do another . interesting place the genesis logo . appears is the door sails open up the . door and you can see it says genesis . it's just like a normal door cell except . it's in the shape of the little winged . logo and that is kind of a cool little . touch assume that you notice it which of . course most people probably won't next . i'm starting to climb into the car this . car has normal doors you just close them . and open them just like any other car . but there is one cool feature about the . doors if you don't manage to close them . all the way they will automatically. latch themselves for you you primarily . see this feature on really high-end cars . bentley's the most expensive mercedes . and now here it is on genesis alright . now inside the g90 and i'm gonna start . this tour by showing you some of the . cool luxury features this car has that . your car doesn't and then i'll move on . to some of the weirdnesses but starting . with the luxury stuff everything in this . interior is just really nice there are . no blanks which is anywhere in this . interior reminding you that you didn't . buy an option everything feels nice to . push it's nice to press everything looks . really good just look at this interior . it's gorgeous . i also like the fact that they thought . of some really cool little details for . example several of the buttons have . little dots along the bottom so that you . know which button you're pressing. without having to take your eyes off the . road for example take a look at the . infotainment controls the button for . home has the little dots on it while the . buttons next to it for back and menu . they don't that way you can just sort of . feel around and feel which button you're . pressing without having to actually look . down at it that's a really good idea in . fact you look around this interior all . these nice buttons and switches and . you're struck by the fact that even the . button for the hazard lights is nice it . feels nice to push it looks good and . when it's on it blinks like a lot of . hazard like buttons do but it just it . just looks really nice you don't see a . lot of luxury hazard light switches . another thing you don't see a lot of how . about the fact that even the grab . handles in this car are leather wrapped . and stitched in every other car they're. just plastic you're either just gonna . grab them not notice them or stick a . coat hanger on him with some laundry . it's just really impressive it's little . things like that that distinguish cars . like this from lesser cars another one . of those little details this car has a . heated steering wheel a lot of cars have . a heated steering wheel this one has a . two-stage heated steering wheel you want . your. heated steering wheel on low that's fine . you wanted on high you can do that too . it's not just on or off like it is in . well even a range rover. another cool quirk right about the . interior rear view mirror in this car . you have some led reading lights and . when you push the button to turn those . lights on . they don't just turn on immediately and . startle you instead they turn on . gradually like a luxurious experience . that's pretty common in luxury cars but . check this out the little button you . push to turn on those lights has a . little light inside of it to let you . know that the light is on and that light . is also gradual so the little tiny light . inside the button to turn on the gradual . luxurious lights easy itself gradual and . luxurious that is the kind of detail you . only get from an automaker who has . thought of everything . and speaking of thinking of everything. we have to talk about the seat controls . which are crazy they're on the side of . the seat and it's not just move it . forward or back you can do basically. everything you can move the seat forward . back and you move the backrest you can . also move the headrest up and down and . forward and back and there's a control . even just to move the very top portion . of the backrest and then of course . there's something that you can do to . extend the little thigh support on the . bottom of the seats this is a luxury car . seat for more proof of just how much . better this car is than yours i turn to. the power folding mirrors a lot of cars . have power folding mirrors you press a . button they fold you press another one . they unfold this car has those two . buttons but it also has a third option . you can just leave it in the middle and . then it's on auto and then the car will . decide when to fold and unfold the . mirrors and auto has a little light . inside of it to let you know that it's . on auto so you could rest assured that . your mirrors are taken care of by . genesis one other crazy luxury car . detail in this car there's a little. graphic in the gauge cluster that lets . you know if you've left your door open . any of the doors that's pretty obvious . it also has a sensor for the trunk just . about every car has that but check this . out that same graphic can let you know . if you've left a window down the window . turns red when you turn off the car if . you've left one down and you can see it . when the door is open it even lights up . that window in red to let you know that . it's down how many times have you . accidentally left a window down . passenger left a window down without you . realizing it now the car lets you know . now there are also a couple of other . interes
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