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Good morning my ninjas! In today's adventure:
- The countdown begins!
- My Raptor gets a MASSIVE upgrade
- And we reveal Farghini's "battle" wounds
What is going on guys today we're here . at a garrard westlake because i don't . know if you remember but a while ago . part guinea right here and myself put it . put an order in with danny to see if we . can create our own rolls-royce ghost . spec him out and see how fast they would . say i got done you got a ghost i got a . ton in the objective right now my car . just the right so just letting you guys . know my car right danny send me a text . message letting me know that my car . right on a sidenote bad news on the . hellcat i think it's gonna be another . month of waiting there was just a delay . in production there's no other answer to . that how does it feel to aural . rolls-royce have it arrived and you're . not financially responsible for it it's . amazing it's amazing although i'm scared . that i'll buy it off you didn't spec out . your own dream ghost let's see how busy . denny is oh yes you can actually see him . from a bocas computer this time around . so my car came in yeah that's it wins . par guinea no no no let's pulled it . right up front from the doors so that . was walk right past it that was the one . we just walked past let's go check it . out . this is different with that car is there . a new like bumper and 1218 there's . a little facelift i mean it's very cool . yeah you can he was mickey was moving is . such a big deal get out of here and when . poor ginny's car getting here soon and . what did the leo nice car they were like . the floor spec does take a little bit . longer this is the floor spec man no no . no he can't . this is purple . you know bella done is a monster porn . star right i mean not that not that i . oliver not touch thank you sir and . that's purple this is for a really fancy . white guy. yeah because any minority with any kind . of old that white and also the wood is . just so nice and that's a halloween . edition but i do like it i like the . orange and i like this one much more . than the other i'm sorry i'm not a . classy guy i'm more about this guy hey . guys. that is a black badge rolls royce it's . just like my ghost putting a wraith but . i thought they were only gonna make him . black but that's fine that's fine but i . thought the interior combinations were. only like a few and how nice of wheels . were you guys see how this program does . and if it does well that everyone gets a . black badge anyway they liked it oh my . god did you spec this one . did you spec this one who did damon . danny i'm sorry i'm sorry but he does. happen they will be nice i think rather . than ones that i suspect are all gone . bye-bye . oh. this is insane holy i didn't. starlight everything what the sticker on . this this is for the wealthy part game . let's not touch it yeah why no you can't . order another one because once your car . doesn't sail before mine . that's gonna be it. the rules are because my car got here . today yeah what would you say that . you're starting to sell today yes okay . so if that's the case day 1 starts right . now amy ok so you'll have to so are you . gonna do a salesman kind of thing a . pitch for your farm i'm about to just go . check it out i don't know k forgotten . but i don't have to sell it because it's . such a good spec it's gonna sell itself . another black ghost may they hate us cuz . they anus guys oh i'm sorry for you look . at these paint . gorgeous diamond games yeah weren't sure . whether we get the 80s on the baby yes . sir that does look good . you know that looks like like if you're . looking for a solid ghost you don't have . any attention from anyone you just want . to be another plain-jane ghost driver . and outside absolutely this is yours . it's great good people that have rolls . royces don't want to attract attention. to themselves you know that's why you . know buy a limo company is gonna buy it . and turn this into a danny there's the . key to my beautiful car oh my god . oh my god i'm so sorry this is beautiful . yeah look sick oh i'm sorry forgetting . you got nothing on me you got it's a . good thing it is a wonderful thing . one two three four different it was a . wonderful thing look at this . oh ladies and gentlemen we've arrived . danny this is so sick look at . this see that's all he needs you . wouldn't know you wouldn't know that . less is more i'm pretty sure they have . someone coming in thank you danny thank . you . you know why i didn't make an it's the . story about this car man it's such a . great car there's a horse pick dawn . coming up look at that . dead serious look at the steering wheel . and all of that purple line the purple . stitching right there the black and . white combination with the poor hmm yeah. i'm sorry yes . i'm sorry parse out you're done what's . the sticker on this beauty great value . base goes for someone not stand out in . la if you guys know what's up you guys . know what's up one at six . you won't see it at all i think someone . whoever's watching this video right now . they know they want the car it's . happening right away you're saying five . three days three to five days just tell . them three to five days if he buys it . that doesn't count he does he does he . does are you saying that driving and . writing in this car actually feels like . we're riding on the concrete itself and . i want to say that i agree with you . that's so much fun that's also done i . know it is so we gonna go jump off the . car because you realize that we need to . take some people's bags put on me right . tommy went through the first order and . we had to get another order for it like . that bad season hundreds and hundreds of . units we should get close gasps oh there . you go. so there you go okay so we'll pick up . your raptor there i picked up my raptor . once were there your two trucks down all . right so room right here in calabasas at . the comments which is a nice shopping . center we're gonna grab lunch real quick . they just called me and the deal that i . have been working with that i put . together six months ago just paid me . right now and yeah it's always nice when . that happens so i'm gonna celebrate a . little bit of our guinea before we go do . the rest of our stuff and i just want to . say guys always always acknowledge those . victories because they're huge and right . now this opens the door because i was . waiting to reuse this so that i can go . and open more businesses so rather than . spending it on dumb i'm actually . just gonna spend 5% of dumb which . i'll buy a car too and the rest is going . straight into these businesses because i . wouldn't accelerate the process i got . all of these businesses are working out . fantastically and they're. growing at a great pace but right now i . just needed this so i can give him the . next push and that's what i'm gonna do . is i'm gonna go inside have lunch before . gimme i hide out a little too much fun . up there and then i just do the rest of . our day right now but i love you . you're always there for me . when these things happen so thank you . for he drove home i got lid guys i'm . sorry i have to celebrate a little bit . today we're gonna go catch up with buddy . right now at gao him because he's . getting his new car and all so far giddy . yes you have said that we're grabbing . some puku backpacks yeah so let me get . my truck truck them okay hey there's . gonna be a good day finally buddy he . only took him seven months to get his . brand-new car winner is we don't know . if he didn't get his car like it's so . important we gotta say something right. see something say something . hey guys if you see something say . something. that's subway new york ads so let's go . is that buddies no no no he's that black . that is the gray black-ish that could be . buddy's car no no it could be because i . remember that he was changing the wheels . right right so that that's why it could . be what are we doing oh oh holy i . was like damn. ah there's tommy die turns blue at him . where are you going how are you getting . here have you seen buddy . yeah poor guys think i'm fat thinner . white we're game cuz he just keeps . waiting in waiting yeah yeah maybe you . need anything no i'm at four starbucks . is get is to get e ready we got all . your your your backpacks whole set whoo . and by the way this is another . opportunity that we got . i mean it's actually not like we got it . galpin we're the geniuses that asked us . hey guys do you mind selling us some of . your ships so we have the poopoo house . and all that stuff in there the retail . side of our business we've never had . right oh this is this is the business . the only retail that we've had and it's . chilling yeah like tommy keeps ordering . by the hundreds so i dropped off my golf . truck the other day here and i was on . like are you that's looking beautiful . dude tommy oh it's kind of a thing see . that's what we took apart well they took . apart and they're painting everything . blue inside oh isn't that sick yeah so . that's all okay so see i had the . steering wheel and everything but the . others the other parts were not . yeah that's not mine it's not a mustang . what low do you think good . this is looking good man oh yeah i saw . the bumpers were off they were opinion. those and then on the front same thing. as the back you're gonna be the bigger . oh thank you no no no no you know i need . a single light for give me one right . right there's more light than i have in . my house they're probably brighter than. uh it's gonna be for like christmas and . he looks so much better dude for it . doesn't paint these from factory you . know they only come in one finish which . it's just that they really should that . looks so cool and that's the steering . wheel guys that's a way hey we're gonna . come back and we're gonna we're gonna do . the far guinea gold yeah tommy already . said eric's here so eric sorry any big . birthday that he wants it gold so we're . gonna co

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