The Hennessey Velociraptor 6×6 Costs $350,000 And It’s Amazing

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The Hennessey Velociraptor 6x6 Is The Most Insane Truck In The World. It costs $350,000 And has 6 wheels :O
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[music]. good morning ladies and gentlemen i hope . you are having a fantastic day if you're . new to the channel my name is parker . near enstein and this is vehicle virgin . if you miss yesterday's video i took . delivery of this alfa romeo . stell vo let's hop inside shall we why . do i have this stove you well alfa romeo . corporate decided to give me this car. for a week to review so if you have any . suggestions on what i should film leave . it in the comment section below i just . realized i have to move the stell vo out . of the way so that i can get the e63 out . to go to today's video goodbye for the . day alfa . good morning ally let's roll today i am . reviewing pretty much the most insane. truck that i have ever seen in my entire . life i met john hennessy at sema last . year and then again at geneva and he . said why don't you come take our . velociraptor 6x6 for a spin can't really . turn down that offer i'm excited to see . what it's all about . let's roll there the sun is shining . today and that means it's review season . ladies and gentlemen i've pulled into . the parking lot right outside where they . filmed west world they thought this . would be a great location to film the . velociraptor waiting for john hennessy . to pull that truck in yep there it is . that is beyond ridiculous i think it's . time to cue the cinematic shot . baby won't you say today i am reviewing . one of the world's craziest trucks the . hennessey velociraptor 6x6 for the wild . few who decided that a normal ford . raptor was too boring i guess hennessey . decided that as well now we've got an . extra axle two more wheels and a heck of . a lot more power . that's right this thing has six wheels . just like the mercedes 6x6 only this has . more horsepower and it costs three . hundred thousand dollars less under the . hood of this beast lies ford's ecoboost . three and a half litre twin-turbocharged. v6 in the production raptor that makes . 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of . torque. but once again hennessey like with every . single one of their products believe . that wasn't enough horsepower so we've . now got a tune a stainless-steel exhaust . a new intercooler boosting the power of . this truck to 600 horsepower and 622 . pound-feet of torque come around to the . side of the velociraptor 6x6 and that's . where things get really interesting sure . we have upgraded 20 inch wheels and 37 . inch tires but what you really care . about is the extra axle now why would . you put 600 horsepower and six wheels on . a ford raptor well according to john . hennessey because you can and for 22,000 . extra dollars you can upgrade the brembo. brakes now the suspension on the stock . raptor is already incredibly impressive . we have three inch fox racing shocks . with 13 inches of front travel and 14 . inches of travel in the rear but once . again hennessey needed to beef that up . and it's been given a six and a half . inch lift as well as another inch and a . half of height from the tires making it . eight inches higher than a normal raptor . they are only making 50 of these things . half of which are coming to the united . states so rest assured if you buy one . you're not gonna see anything else like . it on the road how much does this cost . three hundred and forty-nine thousand . dollars the good news is how . ever that does include a donor new ford . raptor now from the looks of it you'd . imagine the velociraptor 6x6 weighs as . much as a tank you'd actually be wrong . it only weighs 700 pounds more than a . stock raptor putting it at about sixty . four hundred pounds and the crazy part . is with that upgrade in power even . though it weighs over three tons this . thing is able to accelerate from zero to . 60 in 4. 9 seconds we've got a special . guest today john hennessy the creator of . this vehicle let's take this for a spin. and ask him some questions about it we . are now inside of the velociraptor with . john hennessey himself thanks so much . for coming out and letting me drive this . absolute beast yeah fire this thing up . definitely you've improved the exhaust . note tremendously a little nice growl to . it for the ecoboost v6 twin turbo what's . still very drivable yeah yeah definitely . one of people's biggest complaints on . the new generation raptor was the fact . that they did it twin turbo six-cylinder . instead of the big v8 but i'ma be a guy . too . i would have preferred a v8 but it is . what it is the rent but the wrapper of . the ecoboost still makes great power in . stock formats it's very reliable to tune . last year we modified over 100 rappers . their velociraptor 600 package excellent . reliability so a six by six you know has . the same engine and this has plenty of . power this particular vehicle we tested . 0-60 at 4. 9 seconds so even with the . added valance it's a thousand pounds of . added weight from the wheels tire. suspension and larger rear. so i guess the question i'm sure you get . asked all the time and i watched a video . where you said the reason you did it is . because you can yeah but what i mean . what was the inspiration behind creating . a six-wheeled wrap yeah it's great . question so we just my blog ended up . modifying the first rapper when that . came out yeah the guy brought us rapper . there was nothing in the after market it . had a v-8 i said well we can probably . twin turbo built that made over 600 . horsepower put a dyno video out on . youtube got of all places and a couple . days after we put that out we got a . phone call from the guys at topper usa . and they wanted a truck so we brought . him a truck tanner foust racist like . skydiver guy in the desert and when that . came on tv this is like 2011 we got like . 100 inquiries in an hour . wow so that but record business again by . no plan at this point like you modifies . a pickup truck yeah i would you modify . pickup road even the old questions . pointless well because we can and so we . saw from 2010 through 2014 we built over . a thousand velociraptors with the v8 so . then the v8 rapper goes away we know. that we felt pretty good at the rent . that a new rapper was coming fan out . that it had the ecoboost and so as it . got closer to the the production on the . 2017 i thought you know i would like to . have to put something out in the media . to remind the enthusiasts in the public . that we still both applause rapper yeah . so i thought what's something kind of . crazy the extreme i thought you know . mercedes-amg built that crazy amg 6x6 . truck i thought i wonder what a rapper . would look like if it was a 6x6 so i had . my design guy render it up i'm like you . know what i'm talked to my heist in the . back mike yeah we think we could build . that so we threw the images out on on . our website and social media and i think . within two weeks we got an order i'm . like okay well now we get now we have to . pay you got it now now we haven't built . it and so we've got our team together it . probably took us 10 11 months to finish . the first one that we introduced it at . sema back in november of last year and . and then once we put the photos the. videos of the actual vehicle out it's i . think we're this is the third one we . have 10 more in production and i think . we're gonna build 50 trucks yep and i . think you know well right now we're . building about one per month and i think . we'll be looking at probably you know . ramping up to 2 per month so again it's . something that's very niche it's very . different yeah for the you know if you . want to pull into the fant the montage . in beverly hills and you got the rolls . royce and the b got e and the app the . verity of the high profile chorus . probably get rolling on the 6x6 and yeah . yeah you make quite a statement i . believe so i gotta be honest i've driven . a stock raptor and. it feels not that much harder to drive i . mean it's definitely you can feel that . it's literary but for a car that what . the bed is eight feet now is it a five . and a half and you've got six wheels . right you can drive this pretty easy . yeah yeah i mean it obviously it has a . much wider turning radius i got a . compared to like the turning radius of a. school bus so you know parking in the . you kind of have to be mindful of where . you're going to park but the other thing . is because it's so outrageous like i had . a meeting in santa monica the other day . and there was no parking i just kind of . parked on the side street yeah and i'm . just kinda like well if i get a ticket i . get a ticket but i don't think there's . anything really they can tow this thing . so yeah probably and just like people . kind of marvel at it look at it and . think it's cool so so the parking can be . potentially a challenge it's not gonna . go in a parking garage . anywhere but again this is designed for . more the kind of the open road yeah you . know and i'm gonna guess most of our . clients they enjoy kind of showing it . off sure sure but if you did want to go . to sand or you wanted to go to mud and . dirt i mean you've got double the . traction in the rear so i mean that's . kind of where the original six by sixes . were derived well they were a military . spec for getting i'm trying to not get . stuck in the mud and things of that . nature so we got the same transmission . that's stock yes absolutely still the . factory 10 speed this has the stock . brakes we did we only offer a couple of . options we have a full six wheel brembo . setup words got the six piston calipers . in the front and then two pair of the . four piston calipers or the 15. 1 and . rotors all the way around so it looks . cool and a desktop does have improved . stopping performance that's 25 grand and . then the interior we can we can do a . leather upgrade and change the colors in . the interior. that's another 25 so the base 6x6 . with a fully loaded including the fully . loaded 2018 for driver truck

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