The New SKODA Rapid TVC

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Introducing the new Ε KODA Rapid with crystalline design, upgraded performance and exciting new features.
The new Ε KODA Rapid is a masterpiece in its truest sense. It stays loyal to the brand’s timeless design ideals while simultaneously incorporating avant-garde elements.
With state of art features like LED Day-time running lights, C-shaped smoked taillights, Ebony-sand interiors, 6.5" Colour Touchscreen Drive Infotainment, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), the new Ε KODA Rapid is something you cannot get enough of.
The new Ε KODA Rapid is available with India's first 4-Year Service Care, which assures you a delightful automotive experience.
Own this mesmerizing design masterpiece and feel rejuvenated each time you drive.
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