The outrageous offers I received to buy my Audi R8…

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Ladies and gentlemen good morning good . morning welcome back to the channel . welcome back to the vlog if you're new . to the channel my name is james i go by . the strad man and we're running very . very late we're headed up to make some . models right now to get the annual . servicing done on the audi r . it's nothing like overly major just a . general inspection oil change some other . nonsensical items i just want to make . sure this car is perfect for whoever . buys it also that check engine light it . well unfortunately it's come back this . seems like a good opportunity to do it . for the vlog if you're a subscriber and . you live in lake utah i'm sorry . a little bit of a quarter show going on . right now we got the 4:30 we got this . factory matte black huracan this is . narrow nemesis we got the lp 560 with . the red wheels how killer does that look. ferrari . five nine nine this has a himand kit . this could be yours for a hundred and . ninety nine thousand this has a . quicksilver exhaust word on the street . it's very very very loud . we got the zo6 and we have the amg gts . in the comments below if you could have . just one of these cars which would it be . is taking the r8 out back so you do the . servicing we're gonna go check out . inside the showroom i don't know how . this is happening i jumped off my audi . r8 for an oil change and i'm getting the . world's greatest loaner car ever i. present to you the 991 gt3 rs are you . kidding me it has a full race setup we . got the five-point harness so i gotta . get all buckled in i think there's a . food blog and maybe launch control. coming so yeah more to come more to come . just another day with a loaner car you. know just your standard loaner car if . you will absolutely with the five-point . harness just getting ready to go get . lunch yeah this is take two in a gt3 rs . definitely want the stiffer suspension. absolutely support mode . and most definitely we need the latter . exhaust 4857 miles redline almost is . 9,000 rpms from a flat six but i'm . getting hungry. we've reached the curious portion of the . vlog where i have to figure out on my . own accord how to actually get out of . the five point harness but luckily i i . know exactly how to do it i just twist . so yeah i made that overly dramatic but . today's good vlog is here probably gonna . milkshake. we got the bacon cheeseburger i opted . out for the milkshake what would water. as you guys know hydration it's . essential oh my goodness what a . hamburger it's a good thing the gt3 rs . is a lightweight because well i kind of . overindulge i want to make something . very very very clear the owner of makes . and models he suggested that we go do . launch control he encouraged that we go . do launch control so naturally we're . headed that way . welcome to antelope island we are. definitely here purely for the views on . views not because the pavement is. perfect it's straight and there's no one . out here definitely not that reason so . the entrance fee to antelope island was . $10 which when you really think about it . is relatively affordable considering we . have our own racetrack so this is launch . control and a 991 gt3 rs we on our foot. on the brake all the way to the floor . [music]. fifty-five . [music]. so when you do launch control it goes. all the way up to 7,000 rpms foot on the . brake . [music]. [music]. i think it's safe to say we definitely . got our money's worth as always thank . you so much so next week makes and . models they're installing a gmg exhaust . under this car i'm gonna try to get up . here so i can film an after exhaust clip . for you guys. also this 599 so they're selling it for . $1. 99 but back in 2008 when it was brand . new suggested retail price 349 thousand . bucks this car's aged so well in my . opinion alright let's go check out the . art expose with derrick and he wants to . tell me about my tires these guys these . guys know about the tires i had never . seen this before if you got separation . like two millimeters thick man i mean to . get to the court you can see the cords . of it oh yeah yeah yeah so you got the . cords on the outside looked like for it . to penetrate right and separately like . almost evenly look at that that's how . the tire was bill i have never seen a a . proxy separated like that that is the . factory subwoofer okay all for a cabin . air filter od changing the gate we got . the fuse panel right here this is the . manual release for the front chunk all . of this just to change out a couple . cabin air filters we are moving on up . boys check those out oh nice these are . top brand top brands top and top quality . top. [music]. could you wrap it one more time . [music]. i wish you guys could hear this r8 it is . so loud i is taking the huracan for a . test drive . nothing looks so ridiculous i think . we're taking it like mcdonald's right . now i'm not sure entirely . hi hops out of the huracan into the zl1 . hard day at work for him it's a tough . tough ice fine goodness man but . somebody's gotta do it. somebody's got he's gotta do it. so derek the owner makes the models he . runs it's like every single weekend at . the local track here in utah well he ran . it on saturday sunday i'm not really. sure but after every race they take . apart the entire thing just to check . every single bolt make sure that the car . is good to go for the following week i . may or may not have just showed you my . credit card and on that bombshell time . to pay that huracan look so sound sick . all right time to handle i wish there . was a way for me to convey to you guys . how terrible these tires are kids if . you're watching today's video . never ever ever ever drive your car when . your tires are as bad as mine that's the . last time i'm driving the car . the tires were supposed to be here on . wednesday it's now friday they should be . here monday tuesday hopefully that's the . last time i'm driving this car until i . have move tires i do need to reverse it . out and put it where the lambo is and . vice versa but we also got data we got . data on data i need to order a pizza . i got a large pepperoni pizza as you do . before i give you guys all the data the . facts and figures that i know you love i . took my car up to the shop i've been . trying to become more of like a . do-it-yourselfer if you will but because . i'm selling the car now i think it will . be invaluable to have these service . records if a prospective buyer comes and . test drives the car you know they can . see that you know somebody reputable has. done work instead of some joe schmo with . a camera in his garage . i'm referring to myself by the way . big-ticket item check engine light it's . gone it's gone we are good to go there . obviously i had the oil change . you saw the cabin pollen filter was . changed and the serpentine belt . including sales tax . eight hundred fifteen dollars and twenty . four cents so i have to tell you about . the jeep the jeep . i know i know i took the jeep on a . little bit of a jeep adventure with a . strad girl candidate and i got some good. mud so jeep nation in general you kind . of sort of gonna be proud but not really . so for that the observant viewer would . note that yes the spare tire is not on. the tire carrier and that's because well. we had a bit of a hiccup so i was up on . mary ellen gulch or my favorite . trails up the american fork canyon and. the beautiful state of utah and i got a . flat tire . but i was not prepared to change said . flat tire the wheel is in pretty bad . shape the tire is a disaster so i'm . gonna have to replace that but i had a . lot of fun i'm no snake as far as my . hiccup if you will i didn't have a jack . with me to change the flat tire i know i . know trust me if you're triggered. imagine me and at the top of this . mountain with a straggler candidate and . i didn't have my jack with me so anyways . i cleaned up the wrangler a couple days . prior i thought i'd put the jack back in . but i hadn't so now we're rolling also. it sport was up for it it's drizzling . it's starting to rain and obviously i'm . rocking the convertible right now so . didn't go for some bargain brand some . knockoff brand we went big time . [music]. definitely i definitely did not just . devour that entire pizza in one sitting . i would never ever do such a thing in my . last video i announced that i was . selling my audi r8 after reading a bunch . of guys's comments apparently i didn't . make myself entirely clear as to why i . was selling the car so if i could get a . drum room i'm selling the audi r8 . because it's time to get a new ride . that's right ladies and gentlemen the . new supercar is coming to the channel . soon and when i say soon some time after . i sell the audi r8 now i wish that i. could keep this car forever . unfortunately i just don't have the . money to do it because i have bigger . dreams and bigger aspirations involving . this new supercar now i don't want to . snake you guys there is a little bit of . a caveat another super super cool . opportunity has presented itself in the . form of real estate so there's like an . outside chance i might sell this car and . buy some real estate instead of a . supercar i don't think that's gonna . happen but well it could and when i say . it could i don't want to talk about what . i'm gonna buy next until i've sold the . r8 if you follow me on instagram i've . kind of sort of implied what i'm looking . at i received about a hundred emails or . so from people who were interested in . buying my outie r8 probably around 80 of . those were nonsense and several of them . were quite funny and i feel like i . should share them now i'm not looking to . like call anybody out or embarrass . anybody or humiliate anybody so i'm. gonna make sure that everything remains . anonymous some of the email addresses . are pretty funny so i'm just gonna like . omit an irrelevant number i want to . purchase your audi r8 but you have to . ship it to india as i live in india now . unfortunately i'm not gonna be shipping . the car to india i would love to buy . your re you said you're selling it for . $68,000 however however i only have . seven hundred and fifty two colours . maybe this will be your best offer i . mean as at this point it actually is my . best offer i'm interested in buying your . 2009 out er eight i would like to buy it . for $68,000 can i have your phone number . and everything so we can work out where . and when to buy it and i know my emails . kind of weird but it's starpha it's star . fart 87 at gmail. com . now i appreciate your generous offer . you're willing to buy the car in fall . however star for it i don't know how to . save this star fart it's not you it's . not you it's me . i just when i look at our relationship . star first i just i haven't offered 20 . grand. somebody just offered 20 grand so to the . guy who offered 750 i mean 20 to 20 . grand. i mean star fart did offer 68k are you . willing to do payments at all or just. wholesale now unfortunately i'm not a . bank so i'm not gonna be doing payments . i'm also not a wholesaler so i'm not . gonna be selling the car wholesale also . another bit of information i'm not . accepting trades i know a lot of people . emailed me offering me nonsense if you . have like a 1977 vintage bicycle that . was crashed in the tour de france i mean . unless that unless that has value i need . cash to replace the audi r8 with another . supercar i want to buy your car for . $60,000 but this is how it would have to . work i can put you on my life insurance . for that amount and when i die soon you . would get paid in full . and i will put it in writing well thank . goodness goodness gracious thank . goodness it's gonna be in writing if . anytime you want the car back i would . give it back that is incredibly. incredibly generous i'm pretty sure that . is going to effectively in today's video . yep it sure is as always i hope you guys . enjoyed it if you did like squad be sure . to smash that like button but just like . that this vlog is over . [music]. .
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