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There's a lot that wasn't shown in the vlog on how the wiring was figured out and thats because it honetsly took days. According to the internet, it was not possible to use bits and pieces of an automatic harness for a manual transmission swap. Well, then I guess history was made at the shop today because it's not been done lol
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[music]. [music]. [music]. i need to get a solid 30 minutes a day . on the hog i need to make it worth it . i'm going too fast my hat's off . dude you fucking scared me . [music]. [music]. [applause]. oh my god so i stopped filming yesterday . just because i decided that i wanted to . like put down the camera to really start . accelerating this move we were supposed . to be out like a couple days ago and . we're obviously still have a lot of . stuff in here so as much as i wanted to . like start maybe doing the beers here . today or jump on the rx-7 i have to . start transferring all this stuff over. so i don't get a fine from the landlord . have to pay more so i haven't seen it . like that in a long time like we haven't . seen this in a long time i've already . done about like two truckloads over to . the other shop and i started to move . some of it and i'm just now picking up . the camera oh man . i'm like a little sad right now i got to . be honest this is kind of a sad view you . had a lot of memories in this place we . learned a lot in this place we've grown . a lot in this space it's definitely kind . of a bittersweet moment like seeing. these walls like naked i don't know it's . like it's kind of sad but moving on to . bigger and better things that's always . that's always what the thing about i've . decided that we're just gonna start . everything at the same time and pick . away and everything at the same time. we've moved in all whole bunch of stuff . into the shop but the rx-7 here we've . got the beers in here we just got . another package from ben pack like i . said we're gonna be receiving small . pallets but i like the week the next. week or so more stuff that sort of came . with our original delivery the wiring . start the rx-7 is assumed to almost be . ready micky thinks he found the two . wires that need to be jumped you get the . automatic portion of the car tricked so . we'll start and then may or may not get . to taking apart the brz today because i . have like an epiphany last night i was . like damn why didn't you get this car . going so motivation coming from all . different sorts of the warehouse but. first let's get these unboxed see what. we got and then check out with making . one we're done . [music]. [applause]. ladies and gentlemen we may experience . our first start in the states . mick are you sending good vibes right . now i'm headed home there's over it's . five o'clock nope i'll see you guys . later. no i'm not true we should hear the . starter and hopefully if all goes well . it will turn over maybe and we'll check . for oil leaks there's no point in the . motor we're just literally just trying . to get it to crank fire and off we're . not trying to run the motor all been . running it for like two seconds 30 . seconds i just want to hear a braaap and . then 30 seconds . it cranks . you're fine please get your finger . pointer finger on it i need a film . what's finger on it motherfuck one . eternity later that like a popeyes meme . i left that one all right mick i didn't . show them anything that we just did for . the past hour and a half that's all . gonna be explained after the fact here . we go . [music]. oh my god it sounds so good it's a . liability. [music]. it's all the news shit well we got what . we got no water zeke yeah where is it . coming from . yeah i'm going underneath i'll find it. that's where the smokes do that's hot . that's cool from brazil yeah this domed . me it's coming from up front of the . block i think it's the ones you just put . on. we had some coolant dripping in the back. so we eliminated that tighten some . things that we didn't know her loose not . we're gonna try again . [music]. [music]. make we should pull that just pull a . metal piece off of a sensor and it'll . fall right out this piece right . we found it another leak we tightened it . we fixed it trying it again . amamiya cut it no . i don't know what i did everyone saying . what it's so distracting listening to . that will be a bit . when you walk that and when you're not . it makes a difference in the tone in the. back . and we finally get to hear it turn on . mickey's been like rewiring his life . away to get this started . what you hear in the video is not how . the cars are actually gonna sound that . idle is way too high . we still have if you look here we still . have an open vacuum port which goes to . the brake booster here we don't have the . one-way check valve that we need so we. just left that open for now we just . wanted to make sure the car started and . it starts we heard it run which makes us. happy now we can start all the final . detail oracle the last video that tries . when they saw us try and start it we . went to keyon and we couldn't get . ignition yeah and you did like a trigger . like a little trick to trigger the car . that it was in park and on the forums . people said like this was impossible and . yeah so this took about two days to sort . out we kind of knew all along that it . had something to do with the fact that . this was an automatic car so in order . for an automatic car to start you have . to have the car in park . well we removed all the bits from the . automatic transmission and all the . harness and everything but we utilized. the actual chassis harness from the . automatic so we had to trick the harness . to thinking the car was in park in order . for the starter signal to kick over so . basically that just required some wiring . we were told through a bunch of forums . and people that we know that you cannot . use the automatic harness to get the car. to start blah blah blah well i figured . it out and it works . thank you spec make you spell maybe i . can catch these too playing so i could . show you guys what it's like to see a . big dog play the little pup . hey easy i'm sorry buddy all right guys . i'm sorry for the lack of the vlog . yesterday kind of combined today and . yesterday's vlog into one hey hey hey. i'm turning in the video community this . is not for one second please . that's gonna do it for us i'll see you . guys tomorrow morning thank you so much . watching the vlog the rx-7 is finally . alive peace out and keep moving forward . [music]. .
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