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In this episode I paint the RX7!!
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What's up everybody welcome back to . another episode on ps4 build in this . episode we're paintin success we got . here before the windshield install guy . one thing i wanted to say before i get . started on the car and i forget is that . i would like to meet up with some of you . guys on the way down south we just don't . know if there's gonna be time if anybody . didn't know the idea behind this build. was i was challenging myself to build . the whole car in 21 days so we could . roadtrip it down to disneyland for . spring break chelsea i spring break off . she's a teacher if he guys didn't know. that and so she had spring break off and . we're gonna spend in disneyland whether . or not the car is done or not but i'd . love to roadtrip it down and meet up . with some of you guys if we have time so . the way the way to know where we're . gonna meet if it's gonna happen etc etc. just follow me on instagram super simple . base for build on instagram . if i if i pick a location i know we're . gonna be able to make it i'll post like . once or twice and say you know here's. where we're gonna meet and blah blah and . it's always a really fun time it's . always a really cool time we just hang . out talk take pictures autographs if . anybody wants them you know that type of . stuff and just you know what kind of . hang out for the night it's always a . really great time so keep it up keep an . eye out on there if you're interested in . meeting up alright . i'm gonna start the next thing i got to . do is get the dust off of here so i'm . gonna do a little blow down and then wet . rag and and just clean all the dust off . i can we want to bring as little dust. into the paint booth as possible and . while that's going on the windshield . guys should be here and replace that . windshield . [music]. oh man that was really cool so the guy . that came and did the install he was . also same guy that helped me remove the . windshield from the aston martin and he . was like oh yeah i saw myself on your. last video my son's friend watches the . show. very very cool huge thanks ed for coming . out and doing the windshield we got a . brand spanking new windshield in the car . now i'm gonna go get breakfast since . it's lunchtime and and then i'm gonna . get all this dust and crap off the car . [music]. i managed to get a lot of the dust off . of the car that's a great first step . next will be wax and grease remover that . will do inside the paint booth took the . front bumper off because we're gonna . want to lay plastic underneath all of . that stuff and then throw the front . bumper back on because i don't want to . paint through the bumper and hit things . like the oil coolers and everything else . i assume those are oil coolers i'm not . really sure and the grill had to come . out of the front bumper so took that out . next thing i want to do is these panels . over here anytime that you have a panel . where the one on the bottom is ducking . under the one on top we got to go ahead . and fix this before paint because you. can imagine if i painted it like this . the paint's not gonna get all of that in . there and then when i go to straighten . it out it'll look funny because it'll be . unpainted so the best way to fix these . i've talked about this a lot is you come . in from the back and you use what's . called a speed nut that's like a clip . that comes on here it's got a hole in it . you drill a hole in both the pieces and . then you bolt them together and then . they'll sit flush like that so i'm gonna . do that on both sides . [music]. these u-clip assortments or they call it . they call speed nuts sometimes . assortments come at a lot of different . hardware stores you can find it pretty . easily and they're pretty cheap and . they're really really hard to snap snap . shut so just whatever anyways yeah those . those you can i i advise having a set . around your shop if you do body work . very frequently speaking of bodywork . that fenders barely hanging on but . anyways i think it's time to get the car . into the paint booth let's do it . actually before we bring the car in i . should do some handiwork with this here . hose may seem strange but there's a . really good way to keep dust and stuff . out there which is to wet the floor and . first clean the floor so i'm gonna go . ahead and spray from the back to the . front out the front door cleaning the . floor and then once the car is in here . we'll wet the floor before we paint that . way if any dust kind of falls down stays . in the water . [music]. all right time to get the car all right . we got the car in the shop got the . floors wedded it's absolutely freezing . it's really cold we're just a couple . degrees above freezing temperatures it . was really supposed to warm up it did . not so boy at least it doesn't feel like . it did but we got a paint now we don't . really have a choice so that's when it's . gonna happen i will say a little . motivational speech here is i've noticed . myself i'm slowing down a little bit as . the time gets closer and closer to the . big thing that i got to do the risky . thing the thing i'm nervous about doing . and this happens to me a lot like when . i'm working on an engine and it's like . finally time to like start the car and . drive it away things start to slow down . it's like well why did they happen it's . because you're trying to delay the part . where you're gonna find out whether or . not it's time to be sad or time to be . happy you're worried about the just . emotional distress that's gonna happen. if you screw the thing up with this car . if i mess up this paint job it's not . only the money god for the paint it's . all of the circumstances that that . happened after that we've already . scheduled our vacation hotels are bought. so not driving the car means that the . bill doesn't get finished and then i . just fly off to california not to . mention the price of flying off that . shit's expensive so there's a lot a lot . a lot riding on this paint job but i do . have faith in myself and i just keep . reminding myself just just do your best . just do your best because that's all you . were gonna do in any other circumstance . you can go as slow as you want you're . still eventually gonna have to do it and . then you just do your best or you just . do your best right now so that's what . i'm doing next step we got to mask up . the car and throw our filter in our fan . in that back window that door is not . going up or down anymore so that's stuck . there i'm gonna add in a little bit more . water on the floor actually so i lied . the doors gonna go up just to bring the . hose in and snake the hose down wet the . floors a little bit masked off the car . and that fan whole cover it up filter . and fan and then we're ready to get . really down to brass tacks or paint . tacks just you know we could be doing my . taxes as well damn it why did i remember . that . [music]. we're getting very close to pay time i . got the car masked up i got the rear . spoiler hanging over there i got the . front lip here i got the two things here . kind of setting up this table still . working with where i want to position . that but that's roughly this space let . me talk about the guns that we're gonna . be using astronomic is the brand of the . gun that i've been using in the past i . used their euro pro evo t gun before . they were kind enough to send me a bunch . of stuff for this whole paint booth they . just sent me a letter said . congratulations on buying the house hope . this helps with the paint booth and they . sent me so much stuff like these hangers . this gun these regulator's air filters . all sorts of great stuff so huge thanks . to them i'll put a link in the . description i highly recommend their . guns i've used them before and they're . great so they threw me this gun and this . is a primer gun that i'm going to be . using it's new to me but a 1. 3 mil tip . for primer is a little bit small so this . is a little bit larger tip and that. helps you spray that primer out a little . bit better because it's a little bit . thicker but it also uses a lot of air . and we don't have a ton of air so i'm . gonna have to be careful with this and . make sure if my air pressure drops that . i notice it the other gun that i bought . recently is this gun and this is a . developer's gti pro light and this is a . what they say with the t11 110 t 110 tip . and they say that this is a really good . gun for people in my situation beginning . painters paints on real light and then . real fine and easy to easier to not get . too much build-up in too much runs so it . is a little sketchy using a new gun but . i got to use it sometime price shouldn't . use it on the most expensive paint i've . ever had but i will just spray some test . panels aka the wall and i'll get it . dialed in so basically this will be for . the primer this will be for the color . and the clear coat so the last thing i . got to do to have this room ready is . i'll probably kick on the fans and do . the wax in degreaser and then we'll be . ready to spray primer . [music]. after pneumatic also sent me this . awesome funny-looking suit i think i . liked it way too much it is now time to . spray base coat from here on out it's . i'm gonna say it's out of my hands but . it's not on my hands i'm just sayin i . did the right amount of prep here goes. nothing. [music]. [applause]. [music]. well i wish i had a good update for you . guys but i definitely don't it got i got . a bunch of fish eyes in the front bumper . i painted the lip the spoiler and the . front bumper and the headlight buckets . headlight covers everything but the . front bumper seems to have turned out . alright but the front bumper is just . chaos right now it's got a million fish . eyes in it i don't know what's causing . them i think it's something that was . probably on the surface considering the . other ones
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