THE SKID FACTORY – Nissan Patrol TD42 Turbo Diesel Swap [EP1]

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The Skid Factory is BACK! After finishing their V8 Turbo Fairlane build Al and Woody are going oil fired AND 4 wheel drive swapping out an asthmatic petrol engine for a turbocharged diesel TD42 for their Nissan Patrol.
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Today on the skid factory we're going . diesel . [music]. [applause]. [music]. this is my 1999 missing gu patrol it's a . old camping rig when you tow the box . around and that sort of thing it's beat . up hit a few banks got bush pinstripes . all over it and that's the way it's . going to stay if it's already damaged it . doesn't matter if you damage it more . what does matter is that engine . that's the worst engine i've ever had. that's a 4. 5 litre straight-six and it . is flat-out getting this thing up a hill . and in the process it uses more fuel . than no no turbo ls1 wood it's horrible . so we're gonna put the engineer that . should have been in it in the first . place which is the td 42 this car is the . top of the range at the time it's got . bits of everything leather and things. opening shot that you don't need and . because it was the best one they sold . they put the worst engine in it and that . was the only option so there's a lot of . these floating around because petrol . must have been really cheap back in . 1998- . because this thing gets about 30 litres . 500 if you're babying it it's junk the . good thing is you can just pop this . motor straight out and the td 42 . basically bolt in because they were. built on the same architecture so same . bellhousing patterns same exact amount . pattern even the exhaust manifolds the . same bolt pattern so pretty. straightforward pop it out stick the . other one in because i like to make . things hard for myself i am gonna keep . it auto though which means a little bit . of messing around with the bel air's i'm . gonna have to read rule for the starter . motor and and do a couple little things . there but nothing it's all doable i've . done it before the first thing we're . gonna do is pull out the old engine and . take it to the dump it's junk no one . would want it so to do that we've got a . we're gonna have to pull the wheels off . cuz it's a big jacked up truck sort of . thing it's very hard to work on . otherwise so wheels come off and then we. lock down onto its giffs . so we get it down to a normal working . height want it off of course this bars . gonna come off and that's getting . trying as well that's all rusty then . we're basically just going to gut the . engine bay there's not going to be much. left of the original setup it's there's . no wiring involved with the diesel it's . pretty much a one more job it's it's . just to switch the pump to allow the . pump to operate so it's pretty simple . auto wirings going as well i'm going to . manual eyes the auto because it just to . make it simple to keep the auto working . in these you've either got to spend a . lot of money on a standalone auto . computer or retain the factory engine . management system because it's linked . and i've done that before and it didn't . work very good no gain so i'm just going . to manual eyes it because it's just a . truck anyway like there's no different. changing gears and a manual i've got the . valve body for that just whack her in . whatever gears position you put it in . that's what gear it's in no wires . except for overdrive and talk them go to . lockup and they'll just be operated off . switches so we'll get a 10 mil 12 mil . and a 40 ml and get stuck into it if i . can find my team will sock it . [music]. come bipro is bro sick quarter miles . [music]. it's a bit of a better height to work . out out much better especially for a man . of my stature . [music]. i can assure you that these headers or . extractors what i'm able to call make no . difference it's still rubbish although . you can tell it they were manufactured . in australia because they appear to have . a optional fishing rod holder as part of . the design which is pretty ozzie handy . [music]. you vain be busy i'll chuck and crap in . a pile that going on gumtree the dump . yes so what's happening now what's left . to do scrap the motor on to a crane and . get out straight into that pile oh even . fun down there bro . i'm living the full drive dream what's . going on what are you doing i'm doing . the bellhousing bolts i've never been on . one before we're done up buying eight or . drives our funder worker said no one . ever. trusty seatbelt hopefully it's rusty . looks like a toyota babypoo brown or is . it more of a gray it could be from the . crusader a couple of safety granny knots . there bro it's the beauty of the. seatbelt safety like seatbelt so self . removing engine mats already undid that . one did you . carefully deep vulcanized it . what's your son like this one we'll go . again. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. so much room for activities in there oh . there's nothing over td 42 that's the . main thing so we got to pull the . converter out and pull the bell housing . off the bell housing matches up at the . starter motor on the diesel is massive . and it's got three bolts and the ball . pattern is different and you can't use . the tv 45 starter because the solenoid . will hit the oil filters so we're gonna. take it off and then lay the the back . plate on the back of the engine this tin . plate over and get the pattern for the . starter motor and drilling tap the bell . housing also have to grind away part of . things sort of fillers and weather . regional tv 45 studs up because this . diesel starter motor is big and they get . in the way it's pretty straightforward . so what i'm doing here is measuring the . depth of the converter from the bell . housing face before i take it out good . practice because you want to be sure . that the converter is seated when you . put it back in people we put the engine . in because quite common for people that . it not not experience to what to convert . her in a couple of notches but not the . full three notches and then put the . engine in draw the bell housing in with. the bolts and smash the insides of the. gearbox to bits which is a de ruiner so . this is just good practice 30 mil we . know when we put the conveyor back in. that that's what we should be seeing if . it's not 30 when we haven't got it . seated properly . sic balancing act oh there you go don't . be nuts in that box my bad so with this. jacko transmission the the bell housing . is bolted through the the pump bolts and . it's all held together sort of as one so . when you got to take the bell housing . off you've got to be careful you don't . just bash away at the bell housing . itself because you'll knock the pump out. of its housing which is a pain in the . ass cause you got to go by gasket and . written row rings and reassemble it . which is very annoying ask me how i know . so we got to get in here and sort of . leave it against the pump so you're . pulling the bell housing away from the . pump itself in the transmission so how. do you know bro how do i know because i . bloody did it before. we're looking for a zero tragedy day. today because i want to get the engine . in and yes it's hot it's always hot here . so don't ask why i'm sweating all the . time they say sweaty bro shut up so i . got the sample oil pan off this was a . non turbo teddy 42 so we've got to put . an oil drain into it the oil drains. originally in the actual engine block on . october 18 42 which is not not practical . to to tap that. so all pan off bosch a hole through it . in this case i'm gonna actually weld on . a threaded 3/8 to npt not on there and . the reason for that is you can weld on a . like an iron fitting straight on there . like a weld on but if that iron fitting . gets damaged at any time for pulling the. engine in or out if you hit the the . taper you're screwed you've got to cut. it off and go again so with this you can . weld that on you can put anything you . like in there you can just be a straight . barb fitting or it can be an a in . fitting whatever and it can't be damaged . when you're moving it around so clean . the paint off to go on straight back in . and then we'll slim the engineer stormy . yay mm-hmm to get the bike inside the . black yep what about the challenger bro . or about it . [music]. [music]. i had to make that was that why'd you . have to make it because nothing because . all the other ones the engine wanted to . fall off the stand because they weren't . strong enough quality tiny studs ebro . yeah not gonna be fast that's stuck td . 42 stud guy yeah because they're all of . those studs have broken off years ago if . you don't replace the studs they will . snap off when you tighten the bolt no . there's a td t be $45 e and this is the . back plate off the teeny 42 diesel . engine as you can see the ball pattern . is the same and we've just got to remove . these two starter mount bosses and ree . drill these three holes for the biggest. data so we're gonna use the dowel holes . to locate it properly and use this plate. as a template so just got a couple of . nine and a half mil drills that fit very . nicely in there that's going to hold it . in this in the correct spot first i'm . just going to scribe that and we're . gonna get rid of these because they fell . on the starter motor so i'm just going . to cut them away with it with a grinder . and then we'll mark out those three . holes and drill in tap that well by 1. 75 . you can see it's all been built for that . purpose when they cast this bellows and . use it for a diesel they would just . machine in there and get rid of these . and just drill a three holes instead so . there is diesel auto tuning 42s . you know a lot of things they put in . buses and stuff . like that that there's quite a lot autos . just not in australia so they didn't . sell auto six cylinders here only in . 4-cylinder engines which are also the . same bolt pattern and also exactly like . this so if you've got a z d3300 . four-cylinder you want to convert you . can use this bell housing and do the . same process you just have to change the . torque converter on there d 30 because . it's because that such a much lower. torque engine
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