THE SKID FACTORY – Nissan Patrol TD42 Turbo Diesel Swap [EP8]

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Al and Woody give a summary of the Diesel Engine Swapped Turbocharged Nissan Patrol they've spent the last few weeks working on. What worked, what went wrong and some tasty 'lemon squash'.
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Please note: We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy.
But doing a lemon squash hook me up . sweet i love lemon squash . [music]. [applause]. [music]. welcome to the skid factory . today we're doing a quick q&a on the td . 42 conversion with the patrol had a lot . of questions being asked about a few . things cost etc so we thought would . would cover them and and give you bit of . insight on behind the scenes one of the . first questions we always get is one how . long did it take and to him i should . have cost which is fair enough so build . time there was a pretty straightforward . so i reckon i still probably spent a . couple of weeks on it it's a bit odd for . us to put it because we're filming it . it does take longer it takes a little . longer with me pointing the camera at. our yeah starting to stop and radio . things because because i have missed it. or be it takes a little longer than . expected so and if he doesn't do that . you won't get to see what happened which . is our point of the of the show so that . happens so but i reckon if you're going . to do it yourself give yourself a couple . of weeks that the car is going to be off . the road so cost wise there was other . contributing factors i wasn't just to . get a cart in a beer and slapping in the . weekend with your mates and yes people . do that there is dodgy and quicker ways . to do things being that iv what i was . kept as a little wine to be done you . actually wad correctly to tacos working . auto shifts perfectly yeah i think that . the google walkthrough is you get power . from the wiper motor or something for . the interview wasn't it it's a lot of . dodgy stuff where you can just twitch . and type in there surefire the key it . goes but it's yeah yeah then you agree . happening and all this other stuff. doesn't work so it's reality here is . we're not cowboys so we like to do . things the right way hence why you take . two weeks . it was also christmas time so it was in . the middle of all that other stuff that . goes on it you know eating ham and . turkey and stuff like that so cost wise . again hard to say there's so many ways. you can do it i don't really ever . and how much things cost otherwise i . wouldn't do it again so i think that's . an every build though yeah it's you . might pay anywhere between 2 and 3 grand . for an old silver top with x amount of . k's on it who would know everything's a . lottery it's all secondhand stuff so . then you obviously got turbos manifolds . into coolers snorkels all sorts of . things you know there's so many ways you . can do it it's it's pretty hard to just . say it costs this much obviously getting . someone else to do it it's going to cost . a lot more because there's quite a bit . of labour and grunting and getting sand . in your eyeballs involved and not gonna . do that for free keeping him pending . miners tools here readily available to . us tig bandsaw everything we can use to . fabricate everything which again if . you're doing this in your backyard with . your mates it's a kind of thing where . you can get the engine running but you . don't have access to the rest of the . gear so you have to take it somewhere . else to get the rest of the work done . fabricating a snorkel which made it easy. it's yeah was a it's that easy it's . still thankfully process to get that . done so yeah so cost wise it's whatever . you want it to be probably gonna cost a . minimum of five grand i'd say but tony . bought an engine and a turbo if you . didn't need to call it but obviously . it's not gonna be as good as in to corn . and the pumps and loads of boosts so . there's there's levels one of the other. questions we get is why'd you do it we . did go through that in the video but . sometimes it's easy just to go over it . again the reason why we do these . conversions is because the engines that . are in them a ship so the tt 42 is the . least crap it is an old engine you know . like it's not you can't sugarcoat it . there's still a lot of hate with a teen . a 42 though a lot of people you know . weak mean i think it's many other other . manufacturers don't like love it's the . whole big of a 26 verse 2 j zed debate . again in the. in there for drive well really and to be . honest rb 26 verse 2 gaz said it's . pretty much the same with 1042 versus . one hdt the toyota engine is a lot . better but it's also ten thousand . dollars versus verse two thousand . dollars and it also doesn't bolt. straight in which the td 42 does so it's . kind of a silly argument to say hey why . didn't you put a one hdt in it we didn't . put a 1 hd tuner because they're $10,000 . second here's put your mac's in there . dude. well the duramax costs about the same as . a 1 hdt and it'll probably cost about . the same to fitted as well so why . wouldn't you put a duramax in it instead . and the other engine in the middle would . be you 6 pt cummins which is only just . becoming something that people are doing . at the moment because they're like a big . truck motor on a massive engine about . 500 kilograms so there's a bit of debate . whether it's even legal to put them in . there because of the axle weight that . said there's plenty of starting to pop . up now because people are making . adapters to allow them to bolt straight . to the tv 42 manual gearbox so it makes . it a pretty easy swap compared to a germ . acts with an allison which is a massive . job i know that because i've done it to . my own vehicle my previous ti very quick . car at the end of it but it's typically . expensive even with my skills where i . can do everything myself yes the dozer . get me man and i'll see you doing that . with you yeah remember this chassis . sitting over in the corner there i've . blocked it out of my mind that was a . massive build huge i think i was here . every weekend helping him out that was . the time i was building the crusader we . had to get it out of the way i made him . help me so he can worse than his . procedure using the hoist and everything . else so yeah so that's the reason why we . do the conversions disregard td 42 why . do you use the patrol or wire patrol . well the thing with the patrol is that . the chassis is is really good like as in . not the chassis rails but the the design. it's really good for for driving it's . got a lot of suspension movement like . articulation if they're quite . comfortable to riding because they're . for coil the dips are huge it's only . when you get into almost big engines i'm . gonna stop you there comfortable to ride . in when they're under standard height. and standard wheels and not lifted six . inches off the ground and well there. anything that makes them uncomfortable . when they lift it is if you take the . sway bars out and they wallow around all. over the place but a two inch lift is is . enough to do most non-retarded for . driving if you're in there for drive i . would you you know what it's like to . drive a car with no sway bars in a big . lift when our first got that patrol we . drove it back from where he picked it up . from and he'd go around a corner and the . whole body would sway one way and then . when you'd straighten up the body would . still kind of say tilted until you turn. the other way and then it would say the . other way who's quite a skilled lee but . it was big it handed out of like a . four-inch lifts with with really long . shocks and stuff like that no i replaced. all that because it was just it was all . worn out for a start and it was it was . rubbish to drive on the roads . it was also unregistered side to put . sway bars back in it to get road worthy . and that sort of thing . but anyway they're great cars they're . also a dime a dozen - yeah there's a lot . of them around they sold heaps of them . because they were a good car probably . reasonably priced in the day or don't i . don't recall but in my case i wanted a . ti because the interior and everything . seems better they're built better no . it's not just because it's got leather . which that doesn't really matter but . they're actually put together a bit. better when they're inside in this. weather . come into a car with degree c yeah it's . not about the leather it's about the way . that cars put together it is a better . quality car because it costs more there . was a higher spec . they don't pull the materia doesn't fall . apart is easy and i just like the look . of him with the two-tone and that and . auto i wanted to do an auto diesel so in . the audio the up the auto is awesome to. drive to yes . even though it's shift kitted and it's a . bit harsh it's it's such a nice guy just . works well with the torque of a diesel . especially particularly when it's got . the when they got feel about it appear . having when you're stuck on a hill like . this and you're feathering the clutch in . my range and you're trying to jump off . to just put your foot down and go is . awesome it's so easy it's so easy to . drive on the beach the old lazy man like . it's good on the beach where we leave . here that we can go drive in the beach . as long as you want as a stripped on the . heck mmm nice turkey not very far away . 40 mile beach they call it so i'd reckon . it'll be 40 miles - what am i on it mr. north shore google it it's beautiful . yeah very new site powerful driver . conduit at the end of the day in my eyes . the conversion was totally worth it but . it is in my car and i didn't pay a cent . for it so i know you did is it worth it . yeah yeah i was initially when we didn't . have the the big pump on it i was . definitely disappointed in the unit . performance sit around town just driving . around at low speeds it was fine but it . just had nothing on the highway you . could you couldn't really maintain speed . comfortably which was conning useless . because if you want to use it for . touring you're gonna be like covering . long distances so the pump was a massive . difference it was i i don't think i've . ever fit it apart to a car th
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