The Spyker C8 Is the Quirkiest $250,000 Exotic Car in History

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I recently drove a Spyker C8 Spyder, which is tremendously quirky, weird, and cool. Today I'm reviewing the Spyker C8, and I'm showing you all the quirks and features of the Spyker C8 Spyder.
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When you think of sports cars you might . think of the germans with porsche bmw or . maybe the italians with ferrari and . lamborghini or maybe even the americans . with the corvette and the mustang you . probably don't think of the dutch and . yet this is a spiker c8 spider and it is . an exotic sports car from the . netherlands and we're only just . scratching the surface of this cars . quirks before i show you all those . quirks a little overview the c8 is . manufactured by spiker which is a dutch . company probably best known for this car . and for the very messy purchase of saab . in 2010 when general motors wanted . nothing to do with them that move almost . sent spiker into bankruptcy but they're . still around they're still making cars . and in fact they're still making the c8 . which has been around since 2000 in . various evolutions the latest version is. called the c8 prelate tour and it looks . a lot like this one except with some . more modern touches and design features . under the hood which by the way is back . here the c8 uses a 4. 2 liter v8 borrowed . from audi which makes between 400 and . 620 horsepower depending on which one . you get in the united states bikers are . incredibly rare they only made something. like 253 hard car for the entire world . and only a small fraction of those have . come to the united states since they . started importing them in 2005 today . i've borrowed this spiker from a viewer . in carlsbad california near san diego . and i'm going to show you all of its . unusual quirks and features there are . very very mini and then i'm gonna take . it out on the road and tell you what . it's like to drive a spiker and then i'm . gonna give it a dug score before i get . into the cork's a little overview of . this cars pricing i have no doubt you've . never seen one before so this is an . original spiker pricing window sticker . in fact it's the original window sticker . for this car and as you can see the . original asking price wasn't cheap at . just a shade under $300,000 amazingly. spikers still sell for big money between. 200 and 400 thousand according to the . owner of this car depending on the . specifics of the car and frankly how. many shoppers are in the market is this . is a niche car with a rather small pool . of potential buyers anyway for more of . my thoughts on the spiker experience . click the link below to read my . calm about my day with the spiker on . autotrader. com / oversteer now it's time . to start with the cool quarks and . features. now i'll start this on the outside with . the doors you walk up to a spiker and . you look all around the doors looking . for the door handle but you won't find . one that's because this car does it have . a traditional door handle so how do you. open the doors well it turns out you . push a little button on the mirror . housing and the door pops right up. that's pretty easy but then again . buttons i mean come on that's that's so . old-school there is also another way to . open the doors press a little button on . the key fob and the door opens right up . and that is really cool but i'm not . ready to move inside the spiker just yet . because there are so many weird quirks . to cover in the exterior like for . example the windows first off just look . at this dreamless window line that makes. a u-shape around the entire car you will . never see windows like that again in any . other car the owner tells me there's a . soft top that could be installed but . it's ugly it's difficult to install and . he lives in san diego so he doesn't . really need it but those are the windows . in this thing and they are crazy maybe . even crazier you notice how the side . windows roll down but only a little bit . that's because only the bottom part of . the side window actually rolls down you . can look down or up but you can't roll . down the entire window instead that's . all you get . another interesting quirk of this car . can be found around back and that would . be spikers logo which is an old time . airplane propeller now as you look . around this car you'll notice that there . are two basic themes number one is . aviation and number two is aluminum i'll . show you what i mean as i continue . throughout this another thing that's . interesting about the logo is it's a . spiker on the top like you'd expect then. there's the airplane propeller and then. on the bottom there's latin text which . translates to for the tenacious no road . is impassable. i guess anyway the interesting thing . about the logo is you can find it in a . lot of places throughout this car in . fact one can argue it's sort of the . unofficial third theme of this car maybe . the most interesting place is on the . exhausts the airplane propeller. obviously doesn't appear in the exhaust . but take a look there you see spiker and . then there's that latin motto it's on . both exhaust in the back now like i just . said this biker logo is sort of the . unofficial third theme of this car and . the local appears in a lot of places for . example here it is in the gas cap and . this isn't just a gas cap with a logo . printed on it the gas cap is the low . and the propeller part is where you put . your hands or to get leverage to unscrew . it or screw it back in after you've got . gas pretty clever . another interesting place the spiker . logo appears how about the windshield. and in fact all the glass a lot of car . companies put their brand name on the . glass but spiker puts its logo and i . have to admit it does look pretty cool . now also in this general vicinity you'll . find two other interesting things one of . which on the mirror housing is the turn . signal on the side of the car europe . requires that all cars sold in europe . have turn signals on the side on . addition the front in the back and this . is where spiker decided to integrate it . into the mirror housing and speaking of . the mirror housing remember how i told. you aluminum is a theme in this car look . at this mirror housing it's just this. giant aluminum windswept piece and you . can't fold it in or push it away or pull . it in any direction it's just there . looking nice and in keeping with this . cars aluminium theme the mirror housing . isn't the only piece of aluminum on the . exterior of this car there's also . aluminum on the doors where you go to . push them down and close them there's . aluminum in the windows for the part . that separates the part that rolls down . from the part that's fixed there's. aluminum below the doors there's . aluminum roll hoops behind the seats you . already saw the fuel doors aluminum and . then there's maybe the most interesting . piece of aluminum on the entire car that . would be the front splitter which is . this large aluminum piece that goes all . the way down the side of the car . creating sort of an unbroken line of . aluminum until it reaches the back . wheels this is not something you want to . damage as i suspect replacing this piece . would not be cheap but back to lighting . for a second now i already showed you . those little led turn signals on the . mirror housings on the side of the car . but what about the turn signals back . here do you recognize them from anything . they come from the lamborghini diablo . and so did the brake lights and there's . at least one other piece of interesting . lighting in this biker when the doors . are up so i could it and put a reflector . on them to let people know that the . doors are up instead they went with a . little led light strip that lets . passers-by know they should be careful . because the doors are up as if you could . possibly miss it in this car the led . light strip also provides a little extra . illumination to make it a little bit . easier to get in and out of this car and . then we move on to the wheels now . remember i told you aviation was a theme . in this car well the wheels aren't just . some cool-looking wheel with a nice . design instead they're designed to . resemble. a propeller from an old time airplane . maybe even more interesting than the . propeller design of the fact that the . spider has center lock wheels not lug . nuts that design is usually used on race . cars and it would have been really rare . in was . originally being sold but that's not my . favorite thing about the center lock . wheels my favorite thing about the . center lock wheels is the little guide . printed on the wheels to let you know . how to take them off instead of saying . tighten or loosen it says do an undo i . think that maybe a mistranslation from . dutch i also like the fact that like in . so many other places in this car the . center lock wheels have the spiker logo . on them very tiny print but it's there . and then it's time to move inside to . talk about maybe the most interesting . propeller related detail in this car and . that would be the steering wheel now the . early spiker models came out with a . steering wheel that resembles a . propeller and it has to be one of the . coolest modern steering wheels in the . entire car industry unfortunately when . the c8 was sold in the united states . they ditched the propeller wheel i . always assumed that was because of . airbags but this car has the next . generation spiker wheel and it doesn't . have an airbag so it doesn't have the . propeller or an airbag the owner tells . me he really really wants one but they . are absolutely impossible to find nobody . who has one has given him up and spiker . isn't making any more interestingly the . steering wheel on this car was made by . lotus it just has the spiker logo in the . middle and later spiker models just use . the steering wheel from a lamborghini . guyardo . and wasn't really special at all but . everybody wants that steering wheel with . the propeller on it fortunately the . propeller theme was continued in at . least one place in the interior and that . would be the climate control vents. t
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