The Washing Machine that would not Die

So fireworks night is coming and haven't destroyed anything for a laugh in ages so as i'm working on a massive project in a barn i thought i'd take the opportunity to go outside and send some rockets in a washing machine but the fun was mostly found in fixing it only to take more abuse........Rock On Washing Machine.
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Okay couple of days time in the uk its . firework nice stuff for bit of . unnecessary carnage get myself a washing . machine wide it up to a speed controller . so we could just spin it up and then . we'll fireworks in it from a firework . rock . however this washing machine just did . not want to die no . boy. [music]. [applause]. i just took it eugene just took it . [music]. sumit has stopped it right looks like we . got do some electrical investigation but . i think we can do that was before i send. you a little boy we're all right yeah . look he's this one and she's back alive . let's get it old girl spin it you try . here with something bigger now a 25 . short break. my view of them . well sure we're fixing it this time but . we'll have a go . [music]. today. [music]. okay this is practically dying tonight . we'll go again . defend it rounding it . [music]. [music]. tomlin has found the dishwasher . right on boys you prefer medford . sticking a rocket in a dishwasher i'm . going to insert this rocket like i would . have set up tires and forks in here . quickly shut it and shut the door . hopefully this will be great i'm in . agreeance with that i'm sure you are too . retire. [music]. they chase . [music]. [music]. [applause]. .
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