This Car Literally Gave Us Chills – She Didn’t Lift!

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Christmas Came Early - For a GTR Family! The Christmas’s are no stranger to this channel, especially this year! Struggling to break down the barrier of 8 second passes and dive into the 7’s finally, this family and team has taken each event, one pass at a time. Entering the GTR - 4 Class of TX2K’s 2018 event, the Top Speed Motorsports built GTR put on a show as it slid and skated all 2,000HP down the epically prepped (by Jason Miller) track!
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Caption: [music]. this is christmas how are we doing i'm . doing amazing no no he's gonna pitch me . in today so i'm good to go i'm good to . go i saw you at world cup i didn't get a . chance to talk to can you give me a . rundown are you gonna try to punch the . goal to bring the whole family out you . guys go first . is your son driving the other he did . he's he'll be running tests in two and . he did his first ten seconds . super stuff i think it's we were talking . about this at world cup it's probably . safe say you were the fastest woman in a . gtr as of now i don't know i got someone . trailing right behind me christie and . over at t1 that's right she just . horrible . what classroom is dg for class that's . the big boy class is it stall stock . location sounds good awesome. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. all right 70 you skate you skip the 90s . the eight years of the 70s and it's . straight to the bottom of exactly by the . way i give you props you drove it i . think so there quarter-mile 1320 feet . you probably drove 1,600 feet with going . back yeah and in my head i'm like okay . is this actually doing anything for me . person i mean it doesn't matter you . drove this i was like why is she still . she's still in it like nowhere . mr. chris wasn't enough it wasn't enough . to make me . side to side held it in as long as i . could did it did you think it was a . seven yeah . not with this perfect no i really didn't . think that i . i mean it was fast and they went off . perfectly on the launch but . i don't know you know how they say you . know energy's going any other way . besides straight yeah no doubt now step . 50 this is the next step right state . affairs five oh you know what i'd be . happy with 75 for the rest of the event . there you go congratulations all dpr . drivers need to be plugger having a good . weekend. [music]. [music]. girl this customers . gt-r 3ot care for in one - fantasy tears . the gray one has the record for stock . locations which some of you might make . in the lane record but if people look at . where the turbo is going to gtr there's . not a lot of room so all these guys are . doing what they can with the limits that . happen they are doing some crazy things . see what they got . [music]. baby what do have it . [applause]. [music]. oh yeah not the final you wanted but you . have a new personal best oh yeah so an . awesome weekend because 19 and our next . big event maybe oh yeah yeah that's . that's always a i've seen that maybe . like three or four times total and it's . just something you can hit predict yeah . you had an awesome performance and i . look forward to seeing anything . [music]. .

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