This is WHY I BOUGHT my Audi R8

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Good morning good morning welcome back . to the channel welcome back to the vlog . and welcome here to hong kong now if i . told you i knew what we were filming . today that would be a lie . however ladies and gentlemen i present . to you views on views we're right here . in the central of hong kong today is the . last day here i fly home to utah . tomorrow bank of china one of my . favorite skyscrapers as a kid oh here we . go here we go the toyota comfort coming . in clutch look at the chrome i promised . you more views and i am not gonna cheat . you guys i never sneak you guys check . this out this is victoria peak dude . [music]. we're back here in salt lake city they . got an f f and a huracan spider out . front and let's see what else is going . on the f f there on the left and the . daytona there on the right it's amazing . how much bigger newer ferraris are four. five eight four five six four thirty all . right not bad not bad yo what's up guys . welcome back to the beautiful state of . utah i feel like i haven't seen you guys . in forever that trip to hong kong erect . me mentally physically and emotionally . well maybe not maybe not mentally and . emotionally but definitely physically it . was twenty hours of flight time each way . combined with jetlag i had pretty much . done for but we're back and we're better . than ever also peep the audi r8 v10 . spyder now this bmw is kind of killing . the vibe because ideally i'd park my r8 . behind the v10 spyder for that instagram . photo he's kind of flexing with that v10 . check out the extent the girth of those . exhaust pipes i've always loved the . design of the r8 spyder but to be honest . i'm more of a coupe guy myself . so yeah what do you guys think cooper . spyder check out this jeep that used to . be me that used to be me he's got the . new tires and wheels setup but he's . still rocking the oem wheel and tire . goodness gracious the memes all right . time to downshift time to row it always . feels so incredible to get back here to . the beautiful state of utah traveling . the world is great but there's nothing . quite like home now we would appear that . it's like sunny and 75 degrees here . however observant viewer will note that . this is snow and it is freezing outside . however i'm wearing a t-shirt because i . got to rip the merch there's a link in . the description below go get yourself a . stretch with their nice shirts the con . they're polyester and if i say so myself . they look pretty good as well that is . beside the point we have a ton of stuff . to do today we're here at the post . office gotta go pick up some mail i'm . starving gonna have a food blog and then. at 2 p. m. we're meeting up with some . other supercars and we're gonna go for a . drive so the vlog is shaping up to be . shaping up to be pretty good . nonsense nonsense. definitely nonsense definitely also not . nonsense you guys see and see what this . is but nope you know your stuff you know . that vf engineering that is a good box . this is a very very good box more to . come or to come wearing this trad shirt . was great in theory however jeez there's . all this ice over i nearly just died we . kind of got the audi squad rolling on . right now that is pretty sick is such a . rare color it's like what's like what's . the word i'm looking for it is like it's . like a mango it's like a mango yellow od . tt we got the cuatro squad rolling in . deep but i need a jacket i need some . food i know i know i've been reading the . comments you guys have been getting turd . i've been eating extremely unhealthy so . cafe zubaz they have some very very good . salads i got to get myself some . vegetables my goodness what a salad that . was so so good i didn't get a chance to . film the salad because i ate it so . quickly it would appear we are now . playing grand theft auto but in fact . this is just my friend's house and that . is his new gino we have two gt3 rs --is . sick in the comments below if you . wouldn't mind leaving me a word of . encouragement i'm gonna try my best to . keep up with these guys i'm down on . power and i'm obviously down on arrow as . well however i do have quattro the guy . driving the white gt3 rs he's also a . professional racecar driver so . yeah all right well it was fun oh . i'll see you guys later that car sounds . ridiculous i can't see anything . [music]. okay so this truck is sneaking us okay . so there's dogs ram and the gt theorize . are racing and i can't see anything but . one on the right has an ipe exhaust and . the one on the left is completely stuck . before i park the car need to put it in . subtle flex note saturday there we knees . up and we're gonna shut her off yes yes . i mean i know i know trust me it's a . little bit embarrassing but that's the . best i could do to try to keep up with . the gt3 rs s so this one has an ipe . exhaust just check out the extent . titanium it's got the gmg cage as well . dude these cars one thing i do need to . do to the r8 as you can see the rs it . doesn't have a normal emblem it has a . sticker to save weight so i got a i got . to do some work i gotta cut some weight . right here you might remember this grand . theft auto house in real life the owner . used to have that blue supercharged. huracan i put a picture of it right here . that car was pushing about 800 . horsepower but this car gt3 rs and the . corners you simply can not beat it today . is finally the day when i'm gonna tell . you why i bought an audi r8 v8 automatic . so there's three reasons the first . reason i've been needing a car where i . can rack up miles on last winter i did. snowball rally last spring at a gold . rush rally with the guyardo . and i just racked up a ton of miles and . so the r8 is gonna be my new rally car . it's not the new daily the ring there's . still the daily this would be the second . daily sort of a roadtrip car when i go . to car shows and whatnot i'll take the . r8 the second reason i've been wanting a . car that i can build this is the guyardo . it's just a little bit too expensive to . really do anything to it and because . it's somewhat of a unicorn i don't . really want to mess up the car i want to . keep it pure whereas the ra and i feel . like i can have as much fun as i want . one of the first things i need to do is . i'm gonna wrap the car i need an exhaust . asap and i would love to either. supercharged or twin turbocharged it . what do you guys think twin turbocharged . is obviously cooler i probably produce . more power but i'd lose a lot on. reliability. the subtle flex those data melodies are . looking so so good i think you guys have . had this question before put you . theoretically by an exotic car rent it . out and make enough money to cover your . payment plus your maintenance well that. ladies and gentlemen is why i've bought . this audi r8 i'm planning to rent out . this car here locally in the state of . utah i figure i can get $300 a day . roughly ten days per month that's three . thousand a month $36,000 per year rather . than buying a corvette or like a porsche . 911 i went with the audi r8 because i . feel like it's the quintessential rental . car it's got those exotic car looks yet . it's relatively affordable from a . purchase price and a maintenance . standpoint that's also i went with the . automatic transmission because the rent . ability is so much higher unfortunately . most of the population here in the . united states cannot drive a manual . transmission whereas everybody can drive . an automatic that's also i went with the . v8 versus the v10 i paid sixty eight . thousand for this car an equivalent v10 . would be around a hundred and ten . thousand dollars yet from a daily rental . rate standpoint i couldn't rent out a . v10 for fifty percent more than a v8 . because the average person they just see . the car as being an r8 they just want a . cool car to rent out for the weekend so . from a business perspective really the . v8 is the best option trust me trust me . guys if i was buying this car purely for . myself it'd be a v10 manual you can . guarantee that you know that before i . run out the car i need to wrap it and i . need to get a dashcam set up the goal is . to have the car ready by the third week . of january which is the sundance film . festival here in park city it's a 10-day . festival one of the biggest film . festivals in the world and i figure . there's a good chance i could rent out . the car for the entire 10-day period the . plan is turn out the car through . thorough because i think that should . take care of most of the insurance . logistical nightmares that go along with . renting out your own car if i rent out . this car enough i know eventually . somebody's gonna have an accident . somebody's gonna wreck the car that's of . course part of the risk that goes along . with renting out your car of course i'll . be sharing this journey with you guys . the entire time not only will i be able . to rent out the car but it'll also help . provide another source of content for . the youtube channel which is still and . always will be the number-one priority . what do you think about me renting this . audi r8 if you have any questions be. sure to put them in the . comments below okay it's like 14 degrees . we're headed over to summit auto lab i . cannot feel my hands we're here at. summit auto lab clayton's came in . looking sharp per usual whoa dude and . the heights i didn't know there was a . ferrari here with himself what's up dude . what's this dude here sam seen through . glass where you act check this cars like . in perfect condition . gated manual transmission it was the car . when i was 10 years old this came out in . 1999 i was born in 1989 and of course . the stradale . which is the greatest iteration of the . 360s the dream car before i can rent out . the r8 i need to wrap it what color do i . go it either go with something sinister . or i go with something really bright and . in-your-face what do you guys think for . a rental car do we go something crazy . like satin perfect blue or something. like that . a satin dark grey you were renting my . audi r8 would you want parkette i really . think we're gonna someday someday we're. gonna do parkette mark or marbles one of . the two in the comments below should we. do paquette or marble or suede or suede . actually we should do suede we need to . get the arya trap very quickly what . color should i do should i go for a . sinister look or a flashy look i mean i . don't think there's really a wrong . option the main reason i am here at . summit auto lab is that a very very . generous subscriber gave me a wish so . this is from may aka bakes they dude . thank you so much like you did not have . to do this it's so incredibly generous a . badland . winch 12,000 pound capacity that should. do the trick that should be more than . adequate i'm not gonna be installing it . tonight but soon soon this winch is. getting installed dude thank you so much . mate i super super appreciate it i got . to figure out a way to get this home in . the r8 i think it'll fit i'm pretty sure . it's gonna fit . you don't think it's gonna fit what if . it's like a fit this would provide a lot . of downforce at least on the drive home . the winch is in the passenger pull . passenger footwell it's like an ice . skating rink out here i shouldn't i was . gonna go do something for the vlog but . then i realized that i was gonna crack . my head open i'm gonna try to make this . outro as short as possible because it's . like 12 degrees outside but yes i am . renting out the audi re i gotta get a . vinyl wrapped and i got to get dashcams . and then we will be ready to rock and . roll you guys have any questions let me . know in the comments below as always i . hope you enjoyed today's video if you . did like squad be sure to smash that . like button or just like that this vlog . is over adam out . [music]. .
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