This Weird Hyundai Rivaled the Mercedes S-Class

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You've never heard of this Hyundai luxury sedan -- but the 2002 Hyundai Equus rivaled the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Today, I'm reviewing the rare, little-known first-generation Equus to show you all the weird quirks and cool features of the unknown original Hyundai Equus.
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This is a 2002 hyundai equus if you know . cars you already know the equus it's . hyundai's flagship luxury sedan designed . to take on mercedes-benz and cadillac . and lexus but you also know that the . equus came out recently in 2011 well . that was just in the united states in . fact hyundai's been making the equus for . 20 years and this is an ultra rare first . generation equus that was never sold . outside asia today i'm going to take you . on a tour of the flagship hyundai luxury . sedan you never knew existed until now . today i'm gonna take you on a tour of . the first generation hyundai equus and . i'm going to show you korea's original . answer to the lexus ls and the mercedes . s-class now like i said this car was . only sold in korea and most people i . talked to even serious car enthusiasts . had no idea there was a first generation . hyundai equus before the one we got in . the united states but here it is in fact . i think this is the only . english-speaking video in existence . about this car so how did i find it i . borrowed this car for my friend miguel . who works at too many classics here in . dubai in the united arab emirates now . too many classics has an incredible. inventory of exotics and classics and . you've seen a lot of their cars in my . videos over the last couple of months . and their sales staff well one of them . drives a lunch of fulvia and the other . one drives this probably one of just a . handful of these in the entire middle . east those are the cars of true car . enthusiasts so first i'm gonna show you . around the equus and i'm gonna show you . it's unusual quirks and features and. then i'm gonna get it out on the road . and find out how fifteen-year-old korean . luxury drives and then i'm gonna give it. a dug score and for more of my thoughts . on the equus click the link below to go . to autotrader. com slash oversteer where . i've written a column about it and i've . also compiled a list of the most. interesting hyundai models currently . listed for sale on auto trader . now i'm gonna start this tour on the . inside and specifically in the back. because this is the place to be in this . car after all you were supposed to be . chauffeured around in one of these like . the wealthy successful korean. businessman you were in 2002 in fact . hyundai even made a limo version of this. car although i think after this tour . you'll agree that the limo is a little . redundant you don't really need all . those features this car has more than . enough i will start on the door panel . the door panel isn't that unusual but it . has a couple of interesting things for . example it has a nice sunshade you can . put up so you can block yourself from . the sun it also has an ashtray here and. a cigarette lighter in fact the equus . has three cigarette lighters one for the . two people up front they barely matter . and two for each individual rear . passenger it's also worth noting that . the rear door is absolutely gigantic . it's incredibly long because this cars a . lot of legroom and when you open it . there's no question what type of vehicle . you're in because equus is emblazoned on . the door sill equus is also emblazoned . on the floor mat once you get inside and . sit down and when you sit down on the . back of the equus you'll find one of the . coolest luxury car features i have ever. seen i'm gonna show it to you now now . there are a lot of controls back here . for all sorts of things i'll show this . to you in a minute but there's no . control to move the front passenger seat . board basically you're sitting back here . and you want more legroom there's no . button you press to move it forward to. give you more legroom that's pretty. common standard fare in an s-class and i . was surprised that it wasn't in this car . until i discovered this you can pull the . middle out of the front passenger seat . creating sort of an unbroken line of . leather which allows you to do this . that's right you can lie down in the . back of an equus if you want with your . feet on the front seat that is the . intent of this thing after i discovered . this i realized who needs a mercedes . s-class where you can move the front . passenger speed forward to get four . extra inches i can lie down in this . thing as i'm being chauffeured on the . streets of korea i'm not sure if anybody . has ever actually used this feature but . i got to admit it is pretty comfortable . this is kind of a nice feeling now this . feature is very famous on the toyota . century toyota's japan only flagship car . but the equus has it too now and some of . those shot . you probably saw the rear tv back here . so i guess i'll show it to you now yes . there is a rear tv in this car and yes . it is a tv really it's sort of an . infotainment screen you can see various . functions like what's playing on the . radio what cd you're listening to but . you can also tune it to the tv now the . owner of this car miguel he told me that . the tv doesn't work outside korea which . is a real shame because i'm very . comfortable right now and i could really . go for some gilmoregirls on the rear tv . in the hyundai equus anyway to control . the rear tv you flip up this little lid . in the center console and you have all . the controls you get mute mode seek . power volume and you'll notice that on . the control pad for the tv you'll see . another equus logo and speaking of . what's underneath this rear lid that . brings us to yet another equus rear seat . benefit these seats are power operated . even though this is a rear bench if i . push the button oh yeah oh that's even . nicer mmm-hmm or i can move it back . forward both sides move this side moves . with the entire center so the center . console always stays within reach that . side moves by itself but either way you . can move both seats for the ultimate. luxury seating position when you're . sitting back here with your feet on the . front passenger seat watching the . television anyway on to some more rear . seat stuff like in most luxury cars with . big back seats this car has little fold. down mirrors that come from the ceiling . they're light in so that you can look at . yourself . additionally beyond those mirrors this . car also has map lights press a little. button the light turns on that's pretty . standard what isn't standard and what . might just be my favorite equus feature . even more than this front seat thing is . the mood button there is a button in the . dome light cluster that says mood push. it and the lights turn green you push it . and three green lights turn on sort of . dim to create a green mood you can't . change the color of those lights so i . hope that your mood is green so . basically you can choose between map . lights or green mood lighting if you're . in the back of a necklace i think that . is hilarious. now closing up this little part of the . center console and opening this one . you'll find a couple things there are . two little storage compartments and also . you will find the rear heated seat dials . you can dial them for . one all the way to five to find your . optimal heated seat setting there's also . a little red yellow white jack back here . so you can hook up your video game . console or your vcr and you could watch . on the tv or play games while you're . driven this would have been the most . wonderful experience in korea back in . 2002 so that's a tour of the rear now. it's time to move on to the front and . maybe my favorite thing about the entire . front of this car that would be the . ridiculously outdated center screen this . screen is about the same size as the tv . screen and back end yes it can also be . operated as a tv so you could have been . watching tv as you were driving down the . road in this car and the person in back . could have also been watching tv but . it's much more useful in various other . functions my personal favorite is when . you press trip can you see these various . little trip displays like for example . your average speed or the time you've . been driving the distance you've been . traveling except most of it is in korea . and it's still you get a pretty good . idea of what's going on it just looks . really really old also please take a . look at the graphic that comes on the . screen every time you start the car if . that doesn't say 1990s computer game . you've completely forgotten about and . placed in the bottom of your computer . desk and i don't know what does now . either of those things are my favorite . thing about the center screen my . favorite thing about the center screen. would have to be the stereo positioning . there are two buttons on the stereos . which you can control the stereo . positioning one says pause pos for . position the other says sf ld i have no . idea what that means . now the pause button is especially . interesting because when you push it you . move the positioning of the sound around . the interior and as you push it you can . see it go from speaker to speaker . there's a zone the driver sign is zone . on the passenger side in a zone for the . entire rear so the ceo or the politician . you're driving around can have the sound . back there it's perfectly desired level . you can see the graphical representation . of that in two places one is on the . radio screen itself which is kind of . cool because the radio screen is really . small and yet as you push it there it . goes moving around the car obviously you . can also see it on the center screen. moving from place to place in the car . exactly where you want the radio . interestingly when you have it in the . setting for all speakers it kind of . looks like someone drew and . smiley face on the top of a car but . folks pause has nothing on sf ld again i . have no idea what it means but when you . push it it gives you four different . options for how you want the car to . sound hall church stadium or club you . can ch
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