Top 5 Car Guy Gadgets and Tools of 2017 (Christmas Gift Ideas)

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas. Here are all of the coolest gadgets and tools for this year. I also include stocking stuffers for even more gift ideas! These gift ideas are all products I personally use and like so much that I am willing to share them with my fans!
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Caption: Hey guys chrisfix here and this is our. third annual top five christmas gift . idea video for car guys and car girls . now i work on cars all year around . almost every day of the year so i get to . test out a lot of products hopefully . this video helps you think of gifts for . yourself or for somebody else and if you . do like any of these gifts here i'll be . sure to link them all in the description . below so you could easily find them . alright so let's get started opening up . some gifts and real quick i want to . thank all of you guys this has been an . incredible year all my fans have made . this channel the number one automotive . diy channel in the world and - thank you . guys . i got brand new swag check out this . shirt we also have brand new skullcap so . these keep you nice and warm i love . these i'm wearing one right now we have . our normal flex fit hats soapy water . decals that look awesome . on your containers we got license plates . plate frames bumper stickers and . keychains and i got one last quick . surprise it is a poster of the drift . sting tearing it up on the track this . looks so awesome this is all linked in . the description so check it out now . enough talk let's open up our first gift . idea i can't wait to show you what we . got oh man you guys are gonna love this . so what this does is it helps remove . those really stuck nuts and bolts let me . go show you how it works. anyone who has ever worked on cars has . come across a stuck nut or bolt so in . order to get this nut off i would heat . it up with a torch the problem is having . an open flame could be dangerous . especially near the gas tank or near . things that you don't want to get hot . like this coil over or maybe even wires . or plastic parts so the bolt buster uses . no flames at all and in 10 seconds this . nut is almost a thousand degrees now . when we get a socket on this it comes . off effortlessly and just to show you . how hot it really is i'll hit it with . some water and look at how much this . steams up so how this worked is it uses . electromagnetic induction heating it. comes with all these different coils . including a coil that you could wrap . yourself and once you pick out the . correct sized coil you just push it . right into the machine and tighten it . down and another really helpful use for . this is to uncie's a jam nut on a tie . rod for this one you actually have to . make your own and wrap it around the nut . and these jen that's been notorious for . being really tough to get off but with . just pressing the button for 10 seconds . look at how easy this comes off so not . only is this something different and . unique this tool is actually super . helpful it's gonna help you in the worst . time possible when a nut or bolt isn't . gonna come off and that is exactly why . this tool makes the list now in between . each big gift idea like this we're gonna . be doing something called a stocking . stuffer which is a smaller less . expensive gift idea so let's see what we . get all right we got some jumper cables . now this is a great gift idea for . somebody because as you know everybody . who's driven a car is gonna get stuck . with a dead battery at least once and . this gift is gonna save them now these . aren't your everyday jumper cables but . they are just about the same price as . your regular jumper cables what makes. these different is this has a voltmeter . and built-in protector so when you . connect your cables it'll let you know . the voltage but let's just say someone . makes a mistake and connects these the . wrong way instead of causing a short or . causing the fuse to blow this thing . beeps and lets you know hey you . connected these the wrong way make sure . you switch them so you don't damage your . car these jumper cables are six gauge . and twelve feet long and i really like . these as a stocking stuffer because you . can't mess this up . this really prevents anybody from making . any mistakes and whoever you give this . to is really gonna thank you when they . could get their car started which is why . this makes my stocking stuffer list . christmas gift idea number two let's see . what we get two small one and check it . out a tire pressure monitoring system . now this is a cool gift idea because . having the proper tire pressure is very . important to safety while driving on the. road and not only that this is a cool . gadget let me show you what i mean first . remove the receiver and plug it into a . usb port in the car next there are four . labeled sensors so you know which one . goes to which wheel so let's grab the . front-left sensor unscrew the valve cap . and screw on your sensor and if you're . afraid of somebody stealing your sensor . they do make sensor locks which go on . here and you can't remove it unless if . you have a tool also these sensors have . removable batteries their little watch . batteries so after about a year you . could replace them . once all four sensors are installed . it'll send a signal to this wireless . receiver and then you could use your . smartphone and download the app or even . better i have an android head unit . i downloaded the app right to this and . it'll tell you the air pressure and tire . temperature for each tire and as you can . see all four of my tires need air in . them especially the front passenger side . so i really like how this looks as i . drive the car gives me all the good . information if you don't have an android . head unit you could install it on your . phone it'll give you the same . information and notify you if a tire is . low on pressure it's a useful gadget . it's a really cool gadget and that's why . it makes my list now let's move on to . our second stocking stuffer and we got . ourselves a car charger now car chargers . themselves are pretty boring but this is . anything but a normal car charger let me . show you what it does and the first . thing you'll notice when you pick this . up as it feels nicely made it doesn't . feel like a cheap charger it has two . charging ports one on this side one on . that side and it charges at 4. 8 amps so . your phone's gonna charge twice as fast . than with a normal charger and one of my . favorite features is when you're . plugging in your usb cord it could plug . in that way or you could plug it in . upside down it goes in both ways so . there's no fumbling around trying to fit . it in it doesn't fit and then you're . flipping it over and then it doesn't fit . again you're like which way is it this . works both ways and the last feature . which is why it's a smart charger is it . uses the same exact app as a . tire-pressure-monitoring system so you . could plug them both in and pull the . information up on your phone and this . app is very useful you could actually . see it's letting me know my battery . voltage is low that's just from sitting . in the car and filming with the car in . the run position you could have it find . your car so if you park in a big parking . lot you can locate it or you can hit . this button right down here and you'll . never get a ticket for parking at a . meter because it'll let you know when . your meter is done finally you can also . log your mileage and this is great for . taxes if you run your own business or . you use your car for work so never . thought a car charger could have so many. features and be so useful which is why . it's an awesome stocking stuffer okay . onto gift idea number three and i have a . feeling this is gonna be . good one look at the size of this box . and it looks like we have pants now . normally i'm not one to give clothes as . a gift especially a pair of pants but . these pants are different since i've . gotten these pants i wear them every . single time i work on a car i'm even . wearing them right now not only are they . comfortable but they have a special . feature that makes them amazing and that . feature is these pants have knee pads . check that out so when you go to bend . down to work on the floor the knee pads . protect your knees and make it nice and . comfortable normally you would have to . use something like a foam pad and then . carry this foam pad around with you but . instead now anywhere you go you're ready . to do your work and not hurt your knees . and the best part is when you're walking . around not only do they look like . regular pants but they feel like regular . pants my knees right here but the knee . pad sits right below the knee and that . allows you to bend your leg without the . knee pad getting in the way but then . when you need to go over and work on . something and you go to kneel down those . knee pads are there to protect your . knees now that is a feature that i . didn't think was that important until i . started using it and working on the cars . with these pants and now that i have it . men i am never going back now all their . pants have knee pads built into them but . as you can see there's a few different . types of pants you have the flame . resistant pants which are good for if . you're welding you have the classic . denim jean style pants you have a . uniform style and plain black they also. have khaki and then they have the. carpenter style which is made of duct . canvas which is super strong material . so if you work in an area that these . could wear out quickly this will last . you a good long time i actually want to . put these on when i go work on the car . it saves your knees and they feel . comfortable and it's wintertime right . now so they keep me warm these would be . a perfect gift for anyone who works . around the house or on their car which . is why it makes my list so there you go . now let's go check out our third . stocking stuffer so let's see what we . have in this stocking now all right . looks like we got a small pen led light . and a large stick led light and led . lights are perfect stocking stuffers . because they're useful and afford

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