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What's up my sexy mofos! In today's video:
- I got into the beaner, I mean bean business
- We Picked up another new car
- Farghini got very hands on with a special something in his life
What he's going on you sexy mamas i'm . actually hiding from the house there's . so many things going on in there . berlin's doing an inventory count she's. putting in new orders she's getting all . of the orders that we just got so she's . dealing with that and before we go i . wanted to tell you guys a couple of . things because they just came about and . i don't want to forget it so number one . is with the coffee that i'm doing with . coke which is just the the beans we're . doing that separately we're also gonna . do a cold brew style coffee that means . gonna come in a little bottle it's . handmade in costa mesa it's fuckin . delicious it gives you a lot of energy . in the morning it gets you going and . what i like about it it doesn't feel . like a lot of energy and in a crash it's . just like a progressive hit of energy . and what i want to do with you guys is. just do something interesting because . how you know that a lot of you just . watch the channel because you want to . learn about business and want to do more . so what i just did so far was find . someone who can make the bottles who can . make the coffee handmade coffee a coffee . that i really really like so now that . that's done the next step will be find a . label and a name for it and this is . where i want to ask you guys and also . pay someone within the community to get . this done we can do it we have designers . we we have the capability but i think . this is more fun if any of you guys can . come up with a perfect name and label . for the bottle and a reason why you . named it that we'll put it on the bottle . and pay you $1,000 cash period and and . this is just so that you guys see every . evolution of this whole business and i . want to see how it goes. my ideal plan right now is to sell peer . to peer so go to restaurants that i know . friends people from the channel and give . them cases of these for the restaurants. that's how i want to start this so if . you have any good ideas any cool designs . that you want to send my way for a. bottle coffee cold brew mating custom as . a handmade by alejandro it can be . motivational it can be about cars you . need to figure that out but always know . it's got to have a reason to exist in a . really nice purpose not just the coffee . i'd love to know what you guys come up . with so that you guys can see this whole . thing grow in front of my eyes because . this is something easy and i feel like a . lot of you guys will learn a lot from it . so i haven't opened an llc for it yet . i'm not there yet i'm just putting some . orders seeing how that goes through one . of my open llc's already and then expand . on that and then the second thing is i . just learned from someone that i look up . to something really interesting i . actually stopped looking for investors . for my multimedia company because i feel . that i was going to disrupt that . industry the entertainment in the. street and a lot of those big guys we're . gonna come back and try to do what i'm . doing etc so i met with this person that . i look up to tremendously and he told me. to not be an idiot and to go with those . guys because those are the guys betting . against themselves too because in case . they can get a win with someone that . they were betting against they own that . industry in that way and they stay. relevant so if you're investing if . you're looking for investment in. something don't shy away from the people . that are in within your industry just be . smart about it go to those guys because . they understand the industry and they . are indeed looking for options that are . alternatives to whatever's going on in . the industry right there and then so . again a small example would be if you . were the over guys and you were looking . at a limo service to invest in you . that's a go just be careful about it and . that's what i'm gonna do so i have a lot . of meetings today and within the . meetings i want to go have some fun . because we're going to beverly hills . let me get party because we haven't . taken him to mercedes of beverly hills . so let's do this. can i just tell you guys how much fun it . is to look at things like alright that . color that color in this color yes . forgive me or you don't verifying . yourself an ulcer shal media outlets hey . i submitted to twitter today to get . verified and i we worked on a. beautifully crafted reason why why do . you want to get verified is everyone. okay with this yeah no one cares no to . create two holes or take it out hey hey . i don't create holes i i do something . else with what you will create the hole . see this is why he's got two kids . oh he's gonna little holes that . it's got two beautiful holes now well . while we put this on on my g-wagen tell . me the details of the g-wagen so in . january at the detroit auto show uh-huh . valving new g-wagen so oh we already . have the date the g63 version uh-huh. over 600 horsepower why though the kid . they drive like pure shit god bless . mercedes those fuckin cars are . incredible they're keeping the old . school suspension of course they are . they have to eat some i bought didn't i . tell you that they were gonna keep it . like that. you've already feel you're already oh . honey you're trying to get out of this . what did you do wrong just this is not . the right screwdriver that's it but i'm . just gonna go get the right screwdriver . and how about this i'll explain to . everyone we have to remove these because . these are the ones that go on the back . the ones with the tags put in mine okay . so we're swapping and so we're swapping . these and these normally going but . fucking today we're just . [music]. [music]. by the way if pedro keep stashing these . motherfuckers everywhere these protein. cookies they're in every car . now what's that for . i don't know i thought you were trying . to do something scary no let's just go . chile today thank you . you wanna chile no i went in and out you . want to go get in and out i'm fucking . starving for some in and out yeah . i'm sorry i don't know why i've been . stole for like two days straight just . fighting like from what i had over the . weekend so i'm just starving when did . you get an rgb sweatshirt is that what . fucking betray hey i went to get yeah . make sure make sure to cover your swipe . merch that's available column on. com . shut up please go ahead go ahead go . ahead bring your best jacket in the . office please yeah but beaten up let's . go. [music]. i appreciate you fine gentlemen allowing . me to have in and out i was fucking. starving and it seems to be doing it all . so it's always good to have in and out . outside of in and out looking right at . it in and out of surprise or delicious . oh good for you man . enjoy enjoy gentlemen . [music]. this plate love you you to the sky . i love you to the sky oh yay . [music]. that the lumber getting this period what . are the call the mysterion but right he . doesn't make it i draw no you're making . a lamborghini mangel every lamborghini . mysterious he was with a thing only the . assyrian the long-stalled was the . hosteria asteria the mysterion is good . so this one has more mystery to it as . the mysterious . [music]. everyone's selling their house here you . know you know why cuz this is turned . into one of the main arteries way main . ways that would add one of those yeah it . says don't like stop signs use sapulpa . instead start putting sign up you know. waze's rekt this neighborhood like a . destroyed but it's private wait what . freezes are shit they're doing the same . thing that they don't want people to do . to them to others what do you mean what . if you what if you what do you work on . support oh you're saying so why are they . channeling traffic to the support our . people yeah we cool but if maybe the . hell supportive people have put . originally put signs up saying hey you. take this round over the markets are . dying. nobody's going past their mortgage stop . for their morning pabst blue ribbon oh . boy i think is a pap smear . [music]. [music]. oh my god look what you've done oh my . god this is the first time i see oh . she's only seen the blue one do you . wanna go yeah. [music]. that's it you can be embarrassing . yourself do if you want to yeah. [music]. i thought i thought that this was gold . in her pictures yeah and the picture . looked like your so part guinea in . solution because i love that . [music]. on your brother in the house more said . this after she's saying i'm gonna buy . you don't listen to these guys this you . tell me you tell me you gonna say no to . this right now. yes i am like russia giants blue right . there . this is gorgeous for you i take your . shoes off get into my bus take your . shoes off take your shoes off that i'm . not a brown type of guy but i like this . brown and fuck . [music]. hey guys you see this the cheo 450 is . motor trend car of the year center . oh that was 2017 he does relevant of . their latest hit look at these success . lies oh that one that one is nice. oh my god. [applause]. so this is the v6 wow . this is a v6 wow wow wow wow wow. will you wat wat wow we're a hundred and . thirty fifteen grand don't forget we get . an employee discount oh we do yeah hang . on a second yeah . [applause]. what is this cla45 69 grand this is . beautiful this is gorgeous . found the my back but we want to take . out so this is not the 650 this is not . that the big boy one right forgive me . this is the my back . 550 how much are these i got it right . here take it take a guess . 154 162 . look at this oh yep . think i'm good i think we should take . this one out you guys can drive today . right hang on so you get that wood from . this level this is all the car you need . oh this is it this is incredible can we . just make sure that fergie knee doesn't . pick his nose in this one now that i'm . realizing do you really buy super cars .

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