Uluru by Sunrise - One of the Best Free Camps in Australia!! The guys from Trip in a Van travelling around Australia in their Jurgens Narooma Family Van think so...
[music]. check it out we've just arrived at uluru . by sunrise free camp and there's the big . rock so just going to scope out a camp . spot now just is just doing a quick . wreck up that hill rock out there . [music]. [music]. we later we got that for all jergens . cocks a bit of a hidin bouncing get . enough of it . check it out that's pretty lumpy it's . pretty sandy too good on you . this is called lulu on sunrise it's a . free camp on wiki camps it's about 10 kg . out of your ira on the highway you turn . off it's a pretty rough sandy track on . the way and we had to drop our toys on . the van in car down a 15-pound and give . it a bit of a hard time up some jun's . with some fairly lumpy stuff involved. but we made it and wow . this has got to be one of the best free . cash we found come and check out a setup . so we've got the solar panel out to keep . the fans and everything cranking and. charged up inside your day enough to. unhook tonight because we're just gonna . have to back out here in the morning or . the next day whenever we leave and . you've got to be self-sufficient there's . no facilities out here so make sure you . bring all your own water and toilet . facilities and keep it clean for the . next people like us this is a good one . it's nice tree and here people been . looking after so fantastic . so we just got our flooring out it's a . fire with their damn file a night not . even gotta bother with the awning . because the sun's gonna be on the other . way it's called the otherworld sunrise . here and i'm guessing because the sun's . going down there it's gonna come up . directly behind the rock which should be . fantastic and i sleep on this side so . i'll be able to see it straight up your . bedroom window kids you got having fun . there just get to here fine legos in it . and got a kick back to not have cared. for i have a few beers and first time . here for us and pretty excited it's . spectacular everyone's told us it was . magical and so far so good . pretty damn good. [music]. whoo we're on sunrise one of the best . free camps we found around australia do . you see no it's all larry by sunrise so . this is uluru on sunrise one of the best . free chemistry foundry in the country . it's all mookie camps check it out . fantastic spot . you. .
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