UNBELIEVABLE Horsepower Gains After ONLY $3,000 in Mods!!! **Here’s Our Secret**

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Caption: [music]. let's try this again good morning and. welcome to the channel we got the . commons in the driveway today and it's . gonna be a good one because we're going . to the dyno and the cummins is also . coming to the dyno that's just coming . along the cummins is coming but to see . how much power she makes what do you . think victor what's she gonna put down . math baby - i got to put him in the car . because we're also seeing of course how . much power of the 2017 makes math baby . in the sheet here we go close the door . it's gonna be so loud . [music]. [music]. [music]. won't where you at i am i literally off . the shop like definitely oh fuck . then we're gonna beat you there by far. all right buddy well anything's required . and i'll stop no problem . i mean the cathedral about direct . driving finally but you see i'm not late . today andy's late i told you it's not . always he always makes it out like i'm . never there and i never show up and shit . andy does this to me all the time . [music]. here we are there's the sign dude is . your name keith . holy fuck can i have your autograph what. hey you know who's late today did andy . call you hey he's fucking real late see . i'm not the only one got that thing wide . body kit i don't know if that's . aftermarket wide-body or factory looks . pretty wide look at them wheels that's a . badass car let her cool down for a while. and we will wait for andy it sounds so . much different than that crazy . she sounds fucking good man really deep . [music]. get that chicken to my dog dude we . forgot to tell him that i got rid of the . secondary air he'll take care of it . that's fucking loud man that would give . my car run for its money . definitely pretty loud well i'll be . goddamn they made it look at the convoy . jesus christ . steve fast hammer down motorsports . camaro. fucking dodge durango y'all right andy . hey andy i'll be a dick like you are hey . you're fucking late sooner 420 please . really fucking showed up that's a nice . shirt. i knew it me yeah we're ready to rock . buddy you got a lot of cars today man . man i got ya . i'm definitely fuckin with ya no . question about it. the yellow c6 first he's next you're . gonna be waiting a while . no cuz i'm gonna get him done and we're . gonna tune him i gotta correct the thing . on his and . yeah anyways fair enough it's gonna be a . long day . [music]. [applause]. requires it out of here is nuts well we . have a little bit of a problem you see . steve fast put his camaro up on the dyno . and it was too fast and it broke the . dinan on the dyno is now broken that 300 . wheel horse he went up there and he . hammered it down or too much what's . going on buddy . only i can stress out poor keith is . having a fucking stroke he's probably . not gonna make it much longer he needs a . hug. all right steve fast and his car are. finally done good job buddy whatever . either way it's off the dyno and my car . is going on . you're good on this side. alright boys there's joe's noodle kind . of power she makes cool thing about this . cars that we have the stock numbers and . as you can see they're 588 and 620 so i . think that's neat we didn't do that week . 16 we didn't have the bone stock numbers . but this time we do so now that we have . all these mods on here we'll see what . kind of gains we picked up all right . with roughly like three grand and mods . one exhaust intake pulley that was more . entry great with your headers in your . exhaust before now headers are only 1500 . well that doesn't count for mods well . you're involved it does gets a mod the . muffler setup yeah that's not gonna add . any horsepower yes it will mufflers yes . it's not gonna add fucking horsepower . andy comment below . andy's fucking retarded . [music]. what do we got 646 83 see i told you i . guessed about 680 rollin enough cole . we're gonna make a roll phone don't . worry about this all right actually it's . running rich we can take some fuel out. of it see what danny can do and run . number two . [music]. [music]. for . 6:36 7:15 . so you went down for horsepower but up . like 35 pound feet of torque i get a . white man well we're in the 700 stork . wise that's something . [music]. for the best . [music]. 668 and 743 . let's gettin up there buddy holy fuck . man. that's a big improvement yeah i saw one . i saw one little puff . i put the old time. 7:43 torque 670 horsepower good at spark . not very solid you're gonna lose . very solid it's still running fat still . running rich boob . there's a reason why i'm doing that at . the top and i don't know . what little spark not . [music]. 25 degrees in . while you're getting their torque is . fucking more than enough . we don't need anymore torch we'd like to . get up to 700 horsepower but. you just want a little bit everything . don't you yeah yeah i wanted to lower . read oh there's people i heard that yeah . because last time people were saying . like oh well that's std put it on sae so . we're putting it on the lowest ring . that's a sayi right there so so going on . std what a fucking up that yeah 676 750 . on std 668 and 743 on sae that's damn . good dude well i'm pretty happy with . that honestly park nog i want to lean it . out but i'm worried about that spark not . very pop that's what concerns . and you'll figure it out . [music]. almost exactly the same there 667 742 so . it looks like that's about where we're . at 660 and 740 which is a fuck ton of . torque way more than i thought a little . bit lower horsepower than i thought but . overall right kind of in the middle . where you would expect and you're doing . so good and i'm very proud of you . what do we got. 679 . and he's 770 pound-feet of torque on sae. jesus christ. so 680 which is right on the mark of . where i was guessing and 770 torque holy . fuck. that is a lot of torque and it's pretty . nuts though i said 680 and it's almost . exactly that cuz their fuel lean now but . 770 pound-feet of andy almost as much . torque i stole his fuse and somebody did . you ruin oh thought you're being serious . that's almost as much torque as my old . car with heads and cam and no mat so . that shows you what kind of a difference . that's making either way very happy this . our last run andy yeah i'm gonna do one . more yeah we had a little bit spark . knock so all right i'm just making sure . we're good to go . just gone for a drive . lower. damnit 656 740 well that's about where . we're gonna be i think. with it hey you know what though andy at. that time no smart not we're gonna let . me we didn't get spark not that time no . no spark no we're gonna let it cool down . a little bit because it is i mean you're . i t's on that run were 107 okay they . were they were up there so let it cool . down and then one more let it cool down . we'll we'll just a little bit and i mean . he's out or just let it cool down and . fuck them we'll do a final pass and . that's what you have i'm pretty happy . with feel-good numbers anyway you cut . the cake still yeah it does it doesn't . matter yeah yeah you're not losing up . top i do want to mess around with your i . do want to mess around your mid-range . to see if i can get you more for you all . right well i'm happier the torque i'd . like more power. well pork wins races and makes you go . nines not power okay so you say but i . want to go 200 miles an hour . any horsepower for that can't wait so . now what the fuck happened on that run . that you thought it would be funny not . to tell me i thought we just left off in . like 5900 supposedly the load wolves at . the load thing you let out early load . control came on halfway people run for . like a split second actually skate the . car down good and then it's still made . 680 we're gonna make 700 come on come on . down top one too much man i'm good on . torque i only wanted 720 pound-feet he . gave me seven service you might end up . with a hundred foot pound they've pretty . much me used 16 without fucking head to . the cares somehow it's making the states . pretty much the every . like there's no way that diamonds fucked . up that don was reading way too high put . the pointy floor it definitely wasn't . because it started out as a hundred . forty they they can actually seen your . video the progression of tuning yep let . things cool down dino . same dino not moving macleod the air is . getting cooler he's starting about . ninety degrees very humid it's about 75 . now 75 degrees now so air conjured up . make a huge difference of power and we . have no ice sitting on the car for this . run we ice it down between runs but not . on the car while it's running all right . disappear all right here we go let's . hope for the best . [music]. [music]. 676 774 about the same so there you go . about 680 770 torque very happy andy i . am very happy with that buddy . you can stop we're done you can stop . we're gonna put on standard see what it . says in standard - all right which is . what we measured the old car with so. this is kind of a more a direct . comparison. dan that torque is insane that is insane . the std numbers are 686 and 780 . basically which is fucking not alas poor . 682 781 so that's what we measured the . old car with and again today we were . going with the the lower read to the sae . and this is the higher read the std not . sexually transmitted disease like candy. ass. i like having this corvette not lower . makes this touched it a lot easier . oh yeah there she is the little monster . herself ugly enough a little bit less . horsepower than i thought i did say but . i thought you know they could get maybe . seven ten seven fifteen out of it . however i did not expect anywhere near . i'm fucking up annie's vlog that's right . what issue we didn't run into an issue . who didn't have an issue in the . horsepower out of it was the issue right . but it wasn't a big problem . i was thinking best case scenario about . 710 715 horsepower and about font>. torque to have 770 pound feet of torque . think after drive is a lot fuck you mean . it's fun have a shirt andy thank you so . much as always diablo formula racing . follow him on youtube . subscribe i guess subscribe to him on . youtube follow him on instagram he's a . great guy andy i hate you so much i . tried you did good man . i appreciate it thank you very much . thank you and i will i will be seeing . you soon i'm just fucking sure just like . i said make sure you raise your math . bottle. it's in the dyno say don't forget that . and i want that back by the way okay so . get yourself give me twenty bucks for it . now all right bob what do you mean . that's your bottom cost me twenty bucks . just with a bottle oh that's your actual . plastic and tanner bought that bob i . thought that's what it's just what it . comes in no well you have to buy the . bottles do they put it in something. where'd you get it filled up at up in . sinking spring oh you're dr. cole aren't . you is it what i said you're fucking . cool aren't you you can just go fill it . i have to order it well yeah well well . you do to sing a spring photo of . yourself i don't drive your ass all the . way seems like a long drive but i also . think it's a mess we'll just make sure . that does not ever go empty all right . very fucking important. well it can go and back just you know . full throttle laughing yeah okay yeah i . mean yeah that's the other thing just . don't go full throttle if it is empty . you know it's empty no full throttle . teeth go back off plan on racing take . meth with hop it off top it off they do. it with you if you're planning on racing . doing dumb shit on mexican highways . fucking make sure it's topped off well . andy it was a great day let's thank you . i will tell you something it's that . warranty is good . yeah the warranty is now boarded for . short one month in one month and it was . long and how many miles too fat less . than 2000 oh now we have the highest one . in the country against the 17th i would . say for just the holy headers just . photon and medley and an intake for mods . four more months . yeah you got to go tune this car i got a . tune a car and then i got a feeling that. car club . well the good news is i'm going home i'm . shown i hope that you enjoy i'll be. going home later this upload if you did . give it a big thumbs up if you are. stopping in for the first time please . subscribe . take care how great that is . .

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