Is the Volkswagen Golf a good first car? Many people ask what I recommend when looking for something practical, with good handling, adequate power and nice interior? The VW Gold does all of these things thanks to a 1.8L Turbocharged 4-cylinder with 170hp and 199 lb.-ft of torque using regular gas. The Gold has independent suspension and a good platform for above average handling. The interior of the Golf is simple, with nice switches and look and two screen sizes starting with a 6.4-inch unit or optional 8-inch screen. These both come standard with Android Auto or Apple Car Play, plus the screen doubles as a backup camera. The Golf is sold in many different trims, starting at a three door hatchback, a 5-door version, a Golf sportwagen, Golf Alltrack, GTI and Golf R.
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Now here on the channel every week i do . a live question-and-answer and i get a . lot of questions from young people maybe . buying their first car they're looking. for something practical they're looking . for something that's fun to drive and . some cars they consider would be like . the honda civic or the honda civic hatch . maybe the mazda 3 and i always say how . about a volkswagen golf now sure you can . go out and get a gti or a golf r but . that's more expensive if you're looking . for good solid transportation here's . some of the reasons why i suggest this . car 170 horsepower almost 200 pound feet . of torque on regular gas turbocharged . engine very practical body shape of the. hatchback configuration lots of room on . the inside above-average . interior materials and design and a car. that actually handles well so there it . is the volkswagen golf now here's the . thing i certainly wouldn't pick this . green color and it probably wouldn't . pick those wheels and it probably . wouldn't pick this top highline trim. that we have here starting at $30,000 i . would go cana for the middle trim around . $25,000 personally i would get it in a . different color and i would get it with . the manual transmission so this . generation the seventh generation of the . golf is been out for several years and . it's won all kinds of awards world car . of the year north american car of the. year this year for 2018 they give it a . facelift literally the front of the car . from the headlamps down has been updated . new headlamps available leds new grilled. new bumper new air openings around the . back you get standard led tail lamps and . a new rear bumper as well not too much . to talk about on the outside let's get . inside and we'll take it for a drive now . this car has been out for several years . and i want to run through kind of the . different trims what you might want to . look out for if you're considering this . as a car so the base model is called . trend line now there are two versions of . that the first one is really stripped . down not even heated seats in there and . that starts around a couple . grand more you get the second trend line . which does include more features and . that also is a three door golf so two . doors and the hatch most people get this . configuration that's proven to be the . most popular and that obviously is more . expensive now on the base model cars you . get a six and a half inch screen does . come. with android auto and apple carplay and . does come with an automatic backup . camera one of the nice things about the . volkswagen golf is the back up camera is . hidden in the rear emblem when you put. the car in reverse that emblem flips up . shows you the image and then retracts. again after why is that important well . if you drive in a rainy conditions or . snowy conditions that back camera can. get dirty very quickly and because it's . hidden away it's always clean that is a . great bonus if you choose a golf if you . get the higher trims you get the 8 inch. screen that you see here it definitely . is worth considering i think it's the . one that i would get however with this . car you don't have the option to get the . digital dashboard behind the steering . wheel analog gauges and i'm totally fine . with that . i've been on record as saying that i . find those digital dashboards kind of . gimmicky you kind of set it and forget . it that's for you to decide the . highlight of the golf . overall i have recently been in pretty . much every golf i've been in the gulf . are the gti also the all track and now . this base model and next week i'm . getting the e-golf and they all have . such a similar interior the switchgear . is the same nicely finished well put . together and the golf is a practical car . is right up there the back seat is roomy . even for taller people i'm 6 feet tall . with plenty of headroom and just enough . legroom in the back you get a very . usable hatchback configuration and the . seats fold down if you want even more . storage now if this isn't enough for you . you can also get the sport wagon which . is the station wagon version of the golf . standard seats are cloth middle trim. comes with faux leather and this top . highline comes with leather and you can . get a sunroof so let's start it up go . for a drive and find out what's under . the hood now there are several reasons . why i suggest this car to people first . of all it comes standard with a 1. 8 . liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine . that runs on regular gas 170 horsepower . almost two hundred pound feet of torque . 199 and you get either a 5-speed manual . or a 6-speed tiptronic transmission now . in other cars in the gulf family like . the alltrack the gti and the r you can . get a dual clutch but this comes with a . good old automatic tiptronic which has . been around for . long time now you can leave it in drive . or just pull the lever back and it goes . into sport mode when you're done with . sport mode you just pull the lever back . and it goes into drive that i use a lot . a couple of things this car does not . have though six-speed manual . transmission not available in this car . if you want paddle shifters it's not. available you got to go to the gti or . some other products so there's a couple . of shortfalls there but how does it all . work together well the engine even . though it says 170 horsepower it's . because of the 200 pound feet of torque. that it feels much more lively in . everyday situations i gave a gti back . just a week ago and then i got into this . regular golf when i thought it would be . a major step down and kind of a . disappointment in fact it was the . opposite for everyday drivability this. is a really nice combination and the . fact it runs on regular gas is a major . plus for example if you're looking at . the honda civic hatchback it requires . premium fuel to get the most out of that . engine other cars with similar . horsepower would be the mazda 3 and. another strong competitor to this car is. the hyundai elantra sport with the . independent rear suspension and the . reason i bring that up is because that . another part of the package with the . gulf is you get independent rear . suspension and you get a good handling . car now depending on the tires you have . you have a little bit more compliant . suspension you roll it into the corners . and you get some body roll but with all . volkswagens you get that it gets to a . point and then it becomes very . controlled if you want even more power . and you want better handling of course . you can opt for the gti which is not . really much different in price than this . top highline trim so in canada the golf . starts around $20,000 this highline . right around $30,000 there a couple of . packages to consider one is the driver . assist package that's basically the . suite of advanced safety features that's . seventeen hundred and fifty dollars and . the led light package is around $800 i . would opt for the led headlamps . personally i wouldn't choose the . advanced safety package and i would get. the manual transmission so for me with a . midline comfort line it's going to be . right around $26,000 so that's something . to chew on . so you can get a less expensive one if . you choose. all of them have the same engine all of . them have the same available . transmissions and all of them have the. same driving dynamics now if you're . gonna go for this top highline that's . right around $30,000 you really owe it . to yourself to drive a base gti because . the gti starts at 31 you get 50 more . horsepower and you get a very nice . handling car so keep that in mind is . this car perfect no it doesn't have a . six-speed manual transmission doesn't . have paddle shifts if you want to get . the tiptronic and it isn't available . with the dsg in this configuration . however if you're wanting good everyday . solid transportation that runs on. regular gas this car is kind of hard to . beat. you. .
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