We Turned Up The Boost – FOCUS RS!

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The RS gets boosted, and is now ready to battle SuperGramps...
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.
In this episode of mighty car mods we're . loading the focus rs onto the dyno in . search for more power . [music]. after helping build this car in the ford . factory in germany we've now completed a . bunch of mods on this focus rs including . a performance intake air filter exhaust . lowered suspension lightweight wheels re . double o 3 tires and a huge front mount . intercooler now this car already makes . 350 horsepower at the engine which is a . lot but with the addition of our . supporting mods now we can unlock even . more so we've got the car strapped down . to the donor and we're about to do a . dyno pull with the factory tune now . these cars of course are advertised at . having 350 horsepower at the engine now . in our language that means probably . around 200 or so kilowatts at the wheels . is what we're expecting to see that said . we've never done ode it before so we. don't know now the car does have of. course the front now it's got the intake . the exhaust but it's possible that the . factory tune is just going to clamp down . and go computer says no so afterwards . we're going to put our tune in then . we're going to go again and see what . kind of hectic gains we're gonna make . but before we do that we have to work . out how to actually run the car on the . dyno which is not as straightforward as . it seems it actually requires a . streetfighter style secret button combo . to unlock the dyno mode so it turns out . the focus rs has a dino mode that's like . a secret mode and to do it you've got to . put your foot on the brake and the . clutch turn the car on but not to start . it enter and exit reverse six times and . then the light starts flashing telling . you that it will dine over the lonely . dino in the front wheels and then if you . drive on the road again automatically . turns off it's kind of tricky but also . weird with our dino mode unlocked we can . do a power run on the factory ecu tune . [music]. we've got 203 kilowatts of the wheels . which is spot-on . it's worth mentioning that none of the. mods that we've installed so far have . had any influence on the power that . we're making because the factory ecu is . still maintaining its program targets. it's not until we apply a tune that . accounts for our modifications that the . actual benefit of the performance parts . will be unlocked so we've got 220 . kilowatts at the wheels it was a pretty. good guess that's decent power so now . it's time to actually get a little bit . more power and we're doing that with a . club accessport . now because this is a new car there . isn't a whole lot of like aftermarket . ecu stuff available for it yet but it's . also kind of a known quantity so in this . climate in this case it's kind of . reasonably safe can we say it's safe . martin safe never ever ever and probably . voiding warranties and such as well but . basically what this is gonna do is we're . going to plug this in then it's going to . sniff out all of the factory data and . it's going to actually save the factory . ecu data on to this so we've got a . backup and then it's gonna reload a . program from this into the car now the . way we did this we sent an email to the . guys at mount soon and we said we're in . australia this is the kind of fuel we . use these are the kind of mods we're . gonna do and they go and then they. actually load the program under here now . marty what's actually gonna happen so . you give a small power you see my doing . these things communicate with the car by . the obd2 port which is also the way that . at the factory for like factory . servicing they'll be plugging it in and . checking everything we can actually plug . this current to the diner which we just. did to find out what the boost pressure . is so i can read all those things this . is essentially uses that as a way to get . the new map into it so you can tweak it . that's a boost controller isn't it it's. a boost controller but it's a fancy one . because really the only way to get more . power out of this in its current form is . to add boost add ignition timing or mess . with the ignition timing and maybe pull . some fuel out of it because you can make . more power of its call it if it's lean . without being linked at the point where . it's dangerous and yeah for a factory . thing that's new it's pretty cool that . you can mess with it cuz for a brand new . car really i've had many other options . and even if you guys factory you can . just buy that off the internet you go . i'm in australia they send it to you . plug it in it is highly recommended that . you do do it on a dyno though which is . why we're here you could go out on the . road even the instructions that's like . find a safe bit of road and do a full . people yeah like anywhere in australia . you do that in this car you're in jail . yeah yeah yeah so i think it's um it's . probably worth the consideration as well . are there's lots of different roles and . different things possibly if you do this . to your car cuz i would recommend if . you've got your car like we did with . gulfs and other things as well . unwrap the banana if you've driven your . car around for a while like i want . something else do a flash you know like . absolutely go for but be be forewarned . that depending on where you are or what . the deal is with your car you warranty . all those kinds of things potentially . you're gonna go back to the dealership . and go this isn't right it's the thing . that's not right is possibly related to . the thing that you've adjusted with this . then that's worth considering actually . it's not just make you kind of here and . supporting mods also like you've seen us . do a front man on this and an exhaust . and those kind of things to make it flow . better intake now you need more air more . fuel needs more air in order to combust . more boost is pushing more air and . you're kind of going to make sure that's . right first yeah but if you do then yes . because interestingly they have squeezed . a lot of power out of this and when we . met the engineer in germany where like . it's been 350 horsepower how much more . banana more can you get knees like based . on the tolerances and warranties and a . whole lot of different factors like . they're at the top of that limit but . that's always the consideration are you . willing to give up a bit of reliability . or give up a bit of warranty for some . more performance and the answer is . absolutely not and i've just . hypothesized why and how we think this . is going to make more power from a . professional and well respected tuners . perspective can you tell us what's going . to go on once we plug this in yeah . so it's got to put more boost in it it's . going to pull a little bit of fuel out . of it it's getting advanced ignition . tommy a little bit and it's gonna make . more fast more fast but obviously a bit . more through the through the bottom end . yep because the turbo is pretty small so . the boost yeah well we'll see . now if the car's power turns off as . we're doing this the car becomes a brick . from what i understand like you throw . your car in the bin okay select accept . or go cancel do not accept continue all . right okay follow the prompts install . the access port to your vehicle make it . pretty pretty self explain that your . vehicle matches this identification. result yep looks perfect . files click yes we're doing a stage . stage one mutton no just go to the final . stage anti-theft mode stage stage 198 . yep there we go . stage one were you talking about that's . stage one's got my name on it we're at . stage two point eight six at the moment . a horrid stage eight all right so we hit . go yeah battery charger is recommended . please turn off your headlights yep do . good pump the see check up so obedient . all right she's on time this is it what . stage what stage is it it's stage good . okay and now i'm gonna activate it with . the disrespected nose button oh here we . go here comes the power please wait . well it saves the factory ecu dada so . what i'll do is it'll pull the factory . chair that you see you it'll put that on . there and then it will happily this . modified tune great we're on 1% and that . way when all else . no hits the fan you can hey i did . this on our drone once and it did this . and then it just got stuck and then the . drone never ever flew again now we . simply wait until the factory journeys . copied onto the handheld unit and then . our upgraded power program from mount . rune is installed onto the car and . that's it just like magic now our car . should be more powerful . that's a big increase the maximum power . that we've made is two hundred and . thirty five point six kilowatts we had a . couple of runs just to confirm so we've . got two 33 to 32 to 35 . that's just atmosphere changes. temperatures the car getting hot the car . getting cold stuff like that but what . you can see is that we went from 200 and . 203 to 235 approximately 15 percent you . can see where the extra ignition timing . and the extra boost and probably a . little bit of fuel coming out of it as . well has just brought our levels up the . whole way through what you can really . notice here is you've got a 40 kilowatt . difference at about 5200 rpm so that's . obviously sorts where it's peaking out . and then it drops off at about 6,000 . that is the throttle being shot that's . dale's theory is that then the tune . they're just sort of like turn the . throttle off because the rev limit . you're not really going to make any . extra power up there you just got more . risk of blowing up your car so they shot . it down there but you'll really feel the . extra 40 kilowatts right through the . middle. i think what's kind of interesting about. this and something that we hear scottie . talk about from he'll talk a bit is that . people can get really excited about this . number up here but you're not actually
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