What Does It Take To Kill A £200 Mitsubishi?

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I took my £200 Mitsubishi beater off-road to see if it could be killed before swapping out to something a LOT more fit for purpose!
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Time here is the launch of the can-am . maverick x3 we've got three cylinders a. turbo 156 horsepower and a price tag of. around 23,000 pounds it is properly . badass at going off-road we've got 20 . inches of suspension travel we've got. rollover bars we've got a whole roll. cage no windows no nothing is properly. back to basics and awesome but i'm here. to tell you that you don't need one of . those if you want to go off-roading what . you do need in fact is something a . little bit more like this a mitsubishi . space star it cost me 200 pounds i have . no love for it but what i do have is a. lot of determination to make this the . most awesome off-roader ever so with. that said i headed deep into the forest. to find out how much abuse my glorious . shitbox could take before being turned. into 1000 coke an engine warning lights . come on probably just an excitement . thing for the car yep just hit into the. bottom of the car no worries they're . going for a puddle now lovely good job. cool and you're gonna hear is just just. bought me a little bit but we're all . good everything is fine take this out . nice and gently oops yep it's brilliant . turn it down yeah bit of a water splash . beautiful yes yes so magnificent wait . just keeping track jonas oh yeah the. flare is just unbelievable and the crowd. go wild for air conditioning got my. parking sensor here i don't get that. with it can i maverick leave it at . tracking perfect. cut off and this isn't mitsubishi . obviously this is got rally pedigree is. channeling its inner evo little pummel . quite ferocious whatever that was i mean. that's no a bit bernie at the moment but . is smoke coming from the arm rear of the. motor vehicle temperature all seems fine . i think now it's time to do something a. little bit more challenging because the . space star it's just too easy for the . space star so there was only one thing. for it my 200 pounds family hatchback . would tackle this intimidating surely. car killing ravine why this is now going. to be the space stars biggest challenge . biggest obstacle i think land rovers. were probably struggle yes it's good. it's good this is good this is very good. yeah obstacle one complete there's a big . rock in the way no i'm just hitting a . rock here to ease the space stars. passage we lay down some smaller rocks . that would act as natural ramps yeah. come on space stuff . yeah please give me the seat belt this. is bad right so my next trick i'm going. to have to go no seat belts but. definitely with a helmet yeah okay this . is don't want now right so now on at the. table top got a few jumps in i'm hoping. that no cannons are going to come flying . past the other direction wow we got to . do that again nope i don't know what . that was . how big is it sounded good oh dear i . think the khmer help at all wow would . you look at that amazingly the space. doll was still hanging on to life at . which point i decided the best thing to . do would be to keep going with some more . jumps and maybe some water this space. saw even attracted a crowd because they . also couldn't believe that the car was . still running i reckon this might be the . last hurrah for this car here we go. it doesn't die the thing we finally. killed the mitsubishi that could what a. fight it could up i'm amazed so with a. bit too vicious based on now bed i think. he's going to hand over to something a. little bit more capable i think it was a . little bit over-ambitious with this . place off it's completely ruined and if. i try to draw at home i'm going to get . arrested i'm going to get taken to . prison and they're bad stuff happens in. prison so it's fun for me to have a go . in the maverick three remember three . cylinders turbocharged 156 horsepower. we've got 20 inches of suspension travel. it weighs about six hundred and fifty. kilos and i have a feeling that it's . going to be pretty fast. 20 inches of suspension travel or. incredible if you both wheels on is. uneven lifting but they must be basil. successful beautiful you just slide it . into the corner oh he's so capable. twenty-three thousand pounds for one of. these my god i can tell where the. money's gone because the suspension that. dump with this theory oh it feels so . good these tables tuck jump from . incredible fun i'm having the time of my. life and you didn't already know that so . you flick it in oh i so beautifully set . up it's just literally eating enough i . follow me oh good way obviously yeah i. forget how do you see wonderful based on . this is . i love it so if you remember at the. beginning of the video i said that you . don't really need to buy one of those. and it you can just buy a 200-pound shit. box and have fun with it and off-road it. i think i've kind of disproven that i. kind of lied to you guys because if you . want to have serious fun like the most. fun you've ever had in your lives you. really really need to go for one of . these because it is absolutely. incredible and if you look at my poor . car poor mitsubishi it fought valiantly. but we've got a flat tire the radiators. buggers every cell mean it just looks. like it's been through the wars which it . has so i think the only thing to say is . i think i'll probably go for a little . bit of a hoon in that because it's so . much fun. [applause]. baba. i hope you guys enjoyed the video as . much as i enjoyed making it we are doing . another giveaway if you really want some . more cheap crap we've taken off the. mirror we're going to sign it and we'll . send it to you all you need to do . because you're nice is subscribe leave a . comment and like the video tell me what. you liked about it i like the fact that . this car is now dead you might like the. fact that i nearly died we'll pick the . winner completely at random and let you. guys know in next week's video if you. wanted to in cars learn they have to. work your ass off before you tune your. cars you want something you go out and . you work for it and the harder you work. the more you can do it so that that's my . general advice and then just build . whatever you think is cool and don't. listen anyone you know if you build your. ideas to just do it. .
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