WHAT HAPPENED To my 2019 ZR1?!?!

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[music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. we got a wash we have to wash the dirty . max because she is covered in salt from . driving around all day during the . snowstorm yesterday. [music]. she's looking pretty good under there . pretty good i don't see any rust i was . checking people often ask me about truck . rust maintenance and that you just got . to get under there and wash all the time . especially in the winter if you live in . the north you got the salt issue and it . doesn't matter if you have a ford a . dodge toyota chevy doesn't matter every . truck rusts even new trucks i mean you . see trucks that are like . forget about 14 years old you see . basically new trucks that are a rusted . mess as people don't take care of them . and don't get me wrong i mean i find no . joy at all and laying underneath my . truck getting soaking wet when it's . freezing outside . i don't enjoy that you got to do it . welcome to the blog hope you guys are. having a great day it is a gorgeous day . out so there it goes you know overnight . you go from like 10 inches of snow . 30 degrees to 50 degrees and sunny . because it is sunny we are going to take . the rato on its first ever drive after . phase 1 of the corrado project has been . completed which was a new suspension . setup and new wheels and tires . technically these aren't really new . wheels they are the stock wheels that. came with the car a long time ago back . in 1993 by the way this car is older . than me finally something that doesn't . make me feel old unlike when people talk . about fortnight and pub g and everything . else at least the tires are new so the . battery unfortunately is dead again but . you can see also now in the daylight . here give you a good look of this is . where she's gonna sit so a little bit . higher than before still a very low car . but you know now it's definitely . drivable. whereas on these it was literally i mean . this was collapsed in the front so it . was sitting on the tire but now it . should ride pretty good and i think it . still looks great too as i mentioned . before it had the bbsrc wheels on it i . took those off these are very cool i . like them but i wanted to put the stalks . back on and i didn't feel like replacing . those tires - but the stock wheels are . just a spare set these are just on the . car until the tarmacs come in then the . tarmacs will go on which by the way the . tarmacs are 17 inches as opposed to . these little 15 really going to fill out . that wheel well and i'm going with a . slightly taller tire to match so yeah i . think the look once the . the real wheels gone it's gonna be . perfect where was i yes the battery is . dead we have to jump it then we'll go . for a drive before we jump the rod oh . two things on the mind i want to talk . about number one is the sam crack i. think is how you pronounce the channel . domino's car situation very interesting . thing and i love the fact that something . the car community doesn't get much big . drama that like draws everybody together . like our channels were never on drama . alert or scarce or scarce his name . they're never on that so when something . like big happens in the video has like a . million views in two days it's pretty . cool personally i think number one . domino's is definitely in the wrong from . a pr standpoint i mean i if someone if i . was on the marketing team for domino's . and somebody said hey mike we want to . drop sales by like five percent . overnight any ideas . i'd be like let's bully a small youtuber. into giving his dxp chevy sonic back i . cannot even for the life of me fathom . why they would ever do this i mean . forget about whether they are right or . wrong from a legal trademark standpoint. they are definitely wrong . in the court of public opinion onto the . trademark thing you know does he have . that right to keep the car and . everything i think it would be totally . different obviously if he put the logos . on himself but they sold the car with . the logos on it i'm sure they sold it to . an auction company who then sold it to . this individual so their beef might be. with the auction company but it . definitely isn't with this guy i mean . he's just he bought the car he legally . owns the car he has the right to do . whatever he wants with it as it is and . owns the rights to everything on it in . my opinion i am not a trademark judge so . i don't know but when you buy any other . car like my mclaren or the volkswagen. here it has logos on it the company . might not like what you do with the car . but hey that's tough i'm kind of . see where it gets messy because it still . looks like a domino's car and he is not . affiliated with them so i can see why . they'd be upset but i really think you . know they should have taken the logos . off and the auction company should have . taken the logos off if that was their . wish but now i mean he owns and you see . people with trucks that are like old . delivery trucks and that kind of thing . and yeah they're usually much older but . you see that all the time i say more . power to them i hope it keeps making . videos with it i hope it keeps getting . killer views with it basically i mean . domino's because they are retarded . for you i mean they got a good guy too . they they don't know how lucky they are . imagine if i had the car i'd be out . doing illegal and potentially immoral . things with this guy just kind of . restored it and is driving it around . like doing fun innocent things like they . don't realize how lucky they are now the . other thing i want to talk about is . youtube's new policy on guns which i . have not read the policy i have not read . a statement so i don't know exactly what . all the regulations are but people are . freaking out saying that guns are banned. on youtube i don't think they are banned . i think that channels that showcase guns . and demonstrate how to use them and . shoot them properly and give reviews on . them i'm sure they will still be allowed . to exist and be monetized and who knows . maybe putting this in right here i could . be demonetized on this video certainly . hope not because that would be insane . and i hope that youtube is not taking . that stance i'm all for gun safety as . i've said you know i'm making sure . people know that guns are not a joke . it's a very serious thing i think it . should be a little bit harder to acquire . a weapon especially one like this but . it's still our right which a lot of . people point to and say hey this is . alright in america and of course youtube . is from america created in america but . rights don't really matter because it's . a company i think they can legally ban . whatever they want there are a ton of . great gun channels out there demo ranch . for example i've been watching you for . years awesome content and it would be a . shame if even though he makes all kinds . of different content it would just be a . shame if you know channels like that saw . a huge hit now let's jump the veto. [music]. she lives saving honda's saving. volkswagens the mighty der mac saves . them all. you have no idea how nice it is to drive . that car even for five feet and not hear . it rubbing on itself yeah i don't really . have a plate but interesting . quirk about this car maybe i'll have . doug review it and i feel like that'd be . a good video he can show all the quirks . and features but you can't put both . windows up at the same time that doesn't . work you can only do one at a time . only one find that interesting here we . go oh my god it feels so good - honestly . it feels so good to drive now it drives . like a dream oh my god i can't believe . how nice this is. even the alignments not bad for just . like eyeball not even really eyeballing . it not even paying attention to . alignment car drives so freakin good a . little bit loose there but like it feels . great i can't like so many people said . in forums everything all racial and . coilovers they ride like now maybe . it is because i have a nice big sidewall . tire on the car but it rides really . really smooth i mean i live in pa so . next to like somalia these might be the . worst roads in the world and it's riding . great the only tragic thing about this. car is the auto like this would be so . nice with a five-speed it will have one . soon but the auto is not great but it is . what it is and look at that oh my god . our wang is working boys our wang is up . over the wang up boys weighing up for . them haters. i got active arrow on a 25 year . old volkswagen why don't you go . yourself troy tell you what else you can . feel right away when you drive it the . car is so light i mean i think the specs . say like 2800 pounds ish which is like . insanely light you're talking lighter . than my mclaren and this is like a you. know this was built to be an everyday . driver regular car but it does . have any of the heavy doesn't have a lot . of sound deadening or air bags any of . that stuff it's just kind of like . bare-bones in here but i love the really . great car to drive feels i mean i just i . can't believe a simple $400 set of . coilovers made this much of a difference . and here we go around the corner oh hell . yeah look at that oh hell yeah no . problem well she's got grip four days . think the speedo is a little bit low i'm . definitely going faster well now it . feels like i'm definitely doing 40 but . the low-speed stuff is seems a little . off i really don't know what's working. on the car and what's not here we go . around the corner whoa oh my god i'm . having as much fun in this as i do in . any of my other cars oh . listen to that vr6 i think we're also . gonna have to straight pipe it to really . hear it. [music]. gotta relax this is earth radio and now . [music]. human music i like. [music]. the reason why the corrado is so loved . while by the people who know what it is . a lot of people don't know what it is . but the reason why in a top gear and . motor trend car drive the reason why so . many tv shows magazines publications . everything the reason why they say it's . gonna be a classic car is because it . still does not feel and i can see what . the what they mean it doesn't really . feel what you drive it it doesn't feel . old it's clearly got good build quad it . handles like a little fun little sports . car i really think it's just a genuinely . good car it's pretty rare that the big . downfall of the charata was the price it . was way too expensive i think this car . brand new was something like 18,000 . almost 19,000 dollars and that's a lot . of money even today like that would be . for a gti like a new gti is like what . 30s now but 19 grand back in the early . 90s that was a ton of money if you do . ever drive one you will like it there's . no way you won't like it and this is . coming from the guy who number one i'm . all about a v8 or up and i'm all about . rear drive so this is like not it . doesn't check any of my boxes but i . still love an amazing car still a . wonderful car to own in 2018 just too . expensive for its era and i think i'm . gonna text doug about doing a review on . this car and see if he wants to do it . because it's almost 100% stock i know . that's kind of his area he does stock . vehicles so if i put the stock wheel . back on i mean it's pretty much there . and that's about it for you we are . closed up here for the day on the ss. seven-one-seven channel here in the . garage hope you guys enjoyed at the . little corrado video and i do have an. update for you on the zr1 delivery it . was potentially gonna be at some point . last night of course the snow storm . screwed that up. based on the trucks route it should be . here either tomorrow night or . potentially sunday morning it really . sucks because my car is a crazy load vin . number and it was one of the first i'll . say i'm not gonna give it away but i'll . say it was one of the first five to . leave the factory the first five . produced and it was gonna be i was gonna . have the first customer delivered car. and now it looks like i'll be like . fourth or fifth there's already two out . there i know of i think maybe three so . not a big deal it doesn't matter if i'm . first exactly still definitely be the . first on youtube so there's that but i'm . just really excited and i'm . tired of waiting like i just i want my . car so bad follow me on instagram . keep updated throughout the day and the . weekend here if you did enjoy give it a . big thumbs up if you are stopping in for . the first time please subscribe take . care have a great day . .

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