What’s inside a Mercedes S-Class Seat?

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We CUT OPEN the NICEST Seat in the WORLD!! Watch a more in depth review of this car here: https://youtu.be/Js6cKAFKYwY
Thanks for sending us out and giving us a seat to cut open Mercedes! While they provided these things to cut open, all thoughts and opinions are true and my own.
- [commercial narrator]. technically, this is a car,. though it has more-. - there we go, that's so easy!. look at it. it feels so wrong. (techno music). welcome back to what's inside. this video is starting right here. in utah in a mercedes s class s450. i have had this car for a week. i have been trying it out. and one of the things i've. been blown away with is the seats. the massagers in the. seats, the heated seats. there are so many options with this car. this is a $140,000 car, us dollar car. let me show you a few of the things. that it has, cause i love it. first, these are some of. the controls right here. go to vehicle,. seats, check this out,. driver seat, massage,. hot relaxing back massage. oh my gosh. i can feel it. look what it's doing right now. (heavenly music). that is what the seat is doing. right now, i can feel it!. i can feel the massage. happening right now on my back. when i'm driving, there's. a massage going on. it feels so good. leslie loves this. and this isn't just in this seat. there is massage happening. in every single one. of the four seats in this car. i'm not kidding. it's amazing. aah. feel it right there,. there it's pushing out. there's another one right there. oh, the back is moving. so this is a nice car, right . it's massaging my back. it. has seat warmers in the back. we just called our, we just. texted, we just reached out. to our friends at mercedes and i told them. how nice this car is. they gave us a special. invitation to stuttgart, germany!. the headquarters of. mercedes benz. that's right!. right now we are gonna. go see what's inside. of a mercedes s class seat. and we're gonna go all the way. to germany to do it and we're. gonna bring you guys along. let's do it. (static background noises). stuttgart. alright, and now here i. am back in my s class. no, this is not the same s. class that i was in earlier. we are actually now in stuttgart, germany. (orchestra music crescendo). stuttgart, germany. we. came all the way here. and we are looking at the s. class and the s class seats. check out behind us, look how. many seats we have behind us. lincoln, we had this car, a. car similar to this for a week. what was it that impressed you about it . - the seats are just so comfortable. they're the most comfortable. seats i've ever sat in a car. - [dan] really. (orchestra music). - that's nice. - alright, are you seeing this right now . let me show you what-. (honking). let me wait 'til the honking stops. how do you make it so that this car seat. can almost go 90 degrees up . if you wanna watch tv,. you've got that going on. super comfortable, wireless charging. right here for your phone. you can open this up right here. and there's a cooler inside of there. the s class is the most luxurious. car and super comfortable. every seat inside of this. car has hot stone massage. you're gonna have a hard time. finding a more advanced seat. in the entire world than what's inside. of the s class of the mercedes. before we cut the seat open,. we have our friend johan boose,. boose, buse, buse. - [johan] boose. - before we cut the seat. open, we have our friend,. johan boose, that is head of. seat development and i just. had to ask you a couple of. questions about this car. - yeah, sure. - okay, this seat is. the most advanced seat. that i've ever been in before. tell me a little bit about the seat. and what you like about it . - i like the hot stone. massage, it was invented by us. and it was introduced in the. s class a couple years before. - do you ever worry people. will get so comfortable. that they're just gonna fall asleep . (both laughing). - no. we have the best seat engineers. in the world, in my opinion. (laughs). - what company do you know that has things. that are so luxurious that. it's like, "hey, we want. to send these youtubers out. to cut their stuff open. ". you guys gotta give a. thumbs up to mercedes benz. for helping us do this,. and to johan for saying,. "yeah, this sounds great. ". i'm sitting with the. head of seat development. and he's totally cool. with me taking a razor. and chopping up the s class seat. - yeah, let's do it. - let's do it. it is time. i can't. believe i'm doing this. alright, hot stone massage. is located in the seat. going throughout here,. but i'm gonna try to get. through the initial. fabric so we can get in. there we go!. look at that, that's. so easy that i did it. we got in. look at this. i can already see some sort of coils,. that looks like it's gotta be the heat. alright, we gotta get. this thing out of here. (tool whirring). (polka music). (laughter). - nice, thank you. that is not his first time. taking a seat out of a car. i did not think about that angle. i would have dinged up. the side and everything. here we go, here's what it looks like. without the seat in there. talk about leg room. oh, yeah, that's the leg room. this is like an nba player right here. so we have the seat out. let's take it apart a little bit more. and see what's inside of it. so i'm just cutting the. mercedes exclusive leather,. that's all. just top-of-the-line leather. (material ripping). i think i need to come up. from the top a bit more. this feels so wrong, i love it. right here in the center we're gonna cut. a little bit further, there. will be the stone massage. these are different. than most heated seats. within two to three seconds. it's hot enough for you. but we need to figure. out where the stones are. (upbeat pop music). another layer of foam right here. that's really soft. (upbeat pop music). we have found the actual stone massage,. which, it's not actually stones. they did not put rocks in your car. so, basically when you. feel the massage going,. it's these air pockets that. are going in between it all. (upbeat pop music). when it turns a corner, this,. it sounds funny, but the car hugs you. this side of the seat. will come out and hug you. and i've wondered, how does that work . we have two air pockets. and that's what opens up. and expands when you turn in the car. (plastic cracking). this is your air bag. that's gonna protect you. if a car crashes into the side of you. this one has an orange. sticker on it, it is inert. once we're done, they're. gonna take this seat,. put it back in the car. this one has the full on. airbag in the side of it,. that's not inert like the one i cut open. this is a test car. they use this to take. it around the test track. and to test different. things with the s class. (plastic snapping). the back is off. here's your fan, right here. you have two fans that. are right in the back. (upbeat pop music). back to work. here's the front side of the fan. this is the air cooling. that goes through it. we already saw the back side. look how many air pockets there are!. these are the massaging stones. i thought they were gonna. be some sort of rocks. or something hard that pushes you. they all run off of air and this. is the air control unit, right here. in the back of the s. class they have a pump. that's big enough to push air. to every one of the seats. the air goes into each. one of these compartments. and blows in to make these contract. and expand as they need to. now on the back, another control unit. this one's for the lumbar support,. the shoulder support,. and the side support. we haven't used the battle ax. i did not bring this half. way across the world,. and dealing with security, to not use it. i think the bottom part of the seat. is a good place to start. let's do it!. (laughs) look how it's. just stuck right in there. all those parents that are always like. "be careful, don't have. a pen in your pocket. when you're in the seat. ". can you imagine if you. got a brand new s class. and then your kid comes in. and just starts hitting away at it . kids, do not do what we do in our videos. we have a trademark. "we cut things open so you don't have to. ". don't hurt your parents' seat. yeah, battle ax is pretty cool. but it's not that effective. it's like butter. oh my goodness. what are these german. knives they're amazing. american knife versus german knife. this is way more effective. this is all for looks. it's like in texas, what do they call it . big hat, the guys that wear big hats . underneath it you see one,. two, three, four fans. these fans will all blow. and the air can circulate. all throughout this bottom part of it. i always thought that. maybe it's air condition,. they somehow have this air. but what its doing is it's drawing the air. from the lowest point of the. car, underneath the seat. that's actually the coldest air in the car. and it's circulating it in your seat. it feels like it's. really, really cold air,. but really that air. circulation and point it. from the bottom is what. makes it feel cool. let's go down a little bit. more now that we've seen. this mesh and we can actually. see what the fans look like. (material ripping). alright, we are in. this is like really, really. soft memory foam at the bottom. and then, you've got your fans in here. look at that, i'm just. pulling these guys out. (blowing). (laughs) i'm like a little kid. now we just have four giant holes. looking down into the seat. (material ripping). there's the brains of the air right there. i wonder if we can get a hand. pump so if i squeeze on it,. see that right there, that. is, it's as hard as a rock. that is interesting. you can feel it in the. car, that's what it is. it's this airbag. you can do it seat. there we go, right there. this is your lumbar support. you've got three pockets. right there, giant pockets. and then inside of here. you have your pockets. for your shoulder support. i'm gonna cut into the. headrest here and show you. it has layers of really,. really soft cotton. something that i didn't. know that people do this. but apparently an option in your car,. and in some countries, not very many,. it's the law to have a fire. extinguisher in your car. so mercedes stores that in. front of the drivers seat. pull that up, and then you open it up. and you've got a fire extinguisher. did you know there's. that much in your seat . this has been the seat in. the s class since 2013. a lot of you are probably wondering,. where's mr. lincoln right now . why is he not here watching this part . it's called jet lag. lincoln's. got a little bit of that. but he also has something. called the most luxurious,. comfortable seat that you ever can imagine. in the backseat of a car. there he is. yeah, i need to get a mercedes someday. i would love to get one. of these in our office. giant mercedes logo. it's. just a good looking logo. - boose. boose. - boose. - buse. - boose. - buse. - boose. - boose. - boose. just say boose. - johan boose. i love it. .
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