What’s Wrong with Parking In Two Spaces?

Yianni asks the question 'to 2 space park or not to 2 space park?'
Wherever in the world you live you may have noticed some cars parked across 2 spaces. No, they're not blind and not necessarily idiots or jerks, there is a genuine reason for this. Yianni goes out in his Range Rover Urban to see if people realise why and if they agree or disagree with it.
It's like a social experiment meets public debate on how to park.
Let us know what you think by voting in the cards and leave a comment with what you think the solution is.
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Hi guys jeremy minimize and happy new . year 2017 is the first day back at work . mostly check here of here million . followers on instagram . thank you so much everyone that follows . me everywhere that supports me i really . appreciate it. buzzing fantastic way to start the new. year right today we're shooting a video. party like ppl park into spaces being . part of the same with pays to park . everywhere this is what this video is . about and also i changed the playoff my . ranger urban from the clever plate 276 . wisely put it back to the original 76 . your birth yc my initials i have enjoyed . this video . [music]. ok . so what is this video about got my . parking lot of you out there will be. like why is he pointing like her to unt . why do people part like that today we're . going to find out exactly why so what's . wrong with my part him as you can see . i've taken two spaces now people that . have even because calling flash cars . people don't really care about their . cars even expensive cars will understand. why apart like this . some people put other people actually . understand why i'm gonna ask a few ppl . tescos car park get their opinions them . in the car parking test goes got thank . our bankers from poland czar she's . obviously seen how my car's parked . what do you think about my pocket and i. think you do you get it on because . you're a part of space technology very . very bz okay and to say 542 space . problem for next people . ok we do you know why i pot like this i . don't know why . ok so this is quite a big car yeah 25 . part in a single space and my worry is . that people open the door and they hit . my car. yeah yeah so this is why are part of . this do you think this is right but . would you think i should still shouldn't . like this and hope that people don't hit. my car with the door. now i don't know because because what . you say rule is a because me the same . problem i kinda small and have your . problem somebody bank on my past how . would you feel if you come back and you . got that in your car . contacting going to know because angola . and pepper and i say my character from a . joke and they don't get no no it's 5050 . yes . yeah okay i'm gonna ask a few . more people now is take just a god but . thank you so much everybody take you and . i think you need to thank you. alright so i've got robert here and . again he's just seen how fox my cloth . would you think about it a lot of people . would complain about it taking another . place i think we help people out there . then very white so clean . about good reason . you do it because the government get . damaged ok with people open the door in . the car yeah i know . that goes throughout me about my car . thank you but ok appreciate it thank you . and goodnight you take 20 minutes so i . just thought that lady she did want to . be on camera and she said to me i think . they should be bigger parking spaces for . bigger cars she likes you already over . those you can see and she said she . experienced before the people keep . banging o'clock so i should like that . bigger parking spaces for bigger cars . [music]. so another thing people do with flash . cars are parked in the same base i . personally don't agree with that at all . i get the parking into base because you . want to protect your car but parking in . disabled base mama . what's the problem now . obviously i'm gonna get my car i'm . careful because my comment on the damage . it without closes squeeze out and make . sure about the other people so just push . the door go straighten out the door . my little thing not good so change car . come to any food retail park by general . called exactly exactly did i'm asking . these questions everybody which means . that my pocket or obviously the car runs . nicely and it's looking good so you . don't want people door swinging and . light the pilot where you come back to . find someone taking apart for this long . metal so the more i think it's i think . it's the best to be the safety of the . past you think is right low parking . spaces right yeah 4-2 think it's safe to . say that the park like this and damage . your car different under pressure in the . post . it's amazing how different the nc you . agree that you interested . that makes me appreciate it cause i've . got call now karmin actually straight . off the bat which me about my parking . hopeful why took to spice it up and no . reason why you think i've taken two . spaces mr. nice car . we don't want anyone to get to new york . guess ok to agree or disagree i disagree . but i'll show your region physical it's . okay so what should we do not see this . is a public everyone has you've got a . nice car so i get on with it and what . your mouth and get on with your . diospyros other people to deal with it . but not me that that thing's called what . about someone else. general abdullah would you about my . party sick . no not the car the parking parking . parking right not no idea but right now . we did about right . why what's wrong wit you should fucking . to be out of the popular just to get . some other two parking spaces big car . doesn't matter right now . so what if someone opens when they hit . my car don't know about it you made to . park in the base that's why they just . want their base back that's why they put . the baby you don't think the base into . smaller because. yeah the bassist more because by you can . find some somewhere else which is going. to be more spaces . yeah like a disabled by you know you're . not allowed to park in the same way and . mr. december ok exactly but my argument . yeah and this will be hard to them on . the question it is a big car yes how . would you feel you came back to your . card someone open the door and damaged . it but they're not cause gone now but . now your clothes got that you have to . pay to repair it . don't know we're going to do i really . have to participate i cant supposed to . good i'm glad place your opinion i don't . think you'll appreciate it . [music]. but another general could market might . hate in right now you question would you . think about my parking i would part is . that something you would why because . people lacking sources done to my . minutes so that the same take up to . because wherever you park parking . supermarket . i'll go right to one end is going to . come back soon as this partnership . interlibrary i grew very nice one here . exactly right on the mark thank you so . much thank appreciate it . that's unlocked our mother is ok salvino . with me you know what you about my . apartment looks good . ready to take to base why that would . scratch those get your groove you . disagree always agree with it . you agree with it yet is 100-percent . today no still with me son he just told . me sons of fat yet so we just said that . cars are getting bigger parking basic . getting smaller . it's not that simple is it a lot chris . and cindy and after a simple question . yeah between my party . shocking shocking why got you in the . middle base . ok johnson walked by like it's like . probably so no it should go to korea . would you don't agree hungry don't grade . that mean . ok so its new parts in a baby you come . back to constantly open the door and . families your car how you feel terrible . forget it so if you part of this and no . one did that and i feel bad i won't do . it don't do it seemed consider yeah but . they someone opens the door and you're . quite your clothes now scratch you got . paid to get that fixed it justifies one . against the other. not that ok that's fine i want to meet . up with opinion they're very much . appreciate it so thank you thank you . so i've got lynn lid what you think . about my pocket. it's not very good ones from a bit then . i she's not very good to understand why . i party like that . yeah she said and you've got no life . it's so you're sucking everyone doing . their usual duty looking after their . animals but it's really horrible that . horrible as well yeah it's cool you need . you need to get to stump at your . interesting then . and stan car by thank you . so rather than me i'm in the car park . this is michelle michelle games if you . have a look i hear that is what she . looks like under all these jackie . jackson trying to scale but i'm lazy now . gonna get my phone it's very easy below . the russian question would you about my . pocket . no comment okay i'll give you know v . we're doing about my politics rap is . just really a couple of parking is just . probably okay what's wrong with low it . straight but you wait in the box . ok we just found water pot like that . yeah i do what i get it because i don't . feel you want anybody touching it . doesn't want anybody to open their doors . especially if not then besides or . special size of his car to do group are . commodities i do . ok i do i'm gonna be honest i do i'm . very cagey about it because people are . careless true to reese i've got barry . with me area would you about my pocket . practice model over white and then pop . up early . yeah okay so you talk about anything hey . there its you drive a mercedes there . yeah okay the reason apartment this is . people open the door they can hit my car . i know that's true so do you agree was . doing or do you think i should just risk . it if someone is my father hit my car . i mean you should part . more like next to printer cars makes a . pretty cause yes so don't come or i'll . give the heart makes a deciding are . going to care right. see that's actually interesting you're . the first person to say that that's an . interesting opinion okay for some ugly . closer for you got no actually i mean . like you know a nice called don't after . the car then okay then people are not so . i should look for a car that's quite . clean and looks like it's been looked . after and hopefully that point here and . you have all kinda impaired . yeah steve an especially bad ok and now . thank you very much thank you . look look let's get out the car but this . lady you can see actually cares. look she get out the car but let's go . ask you a question it totally go but it . was your name kathy kathy haryana but . it's like look at my parking space yes . you can hot . you didn't get counted 22 exactly when . everyone's like you captain yeah that . gets out the car as you saw she's . holding the door to make sure student at . the comic store so do groovy disagree . that's a difficult one could you are . taking up two spaces and it's clearly . busy fri understand why you've done it . ok so it's a 50-50 from . great yeah i was in fact that everything . going fast account is kathy max i'm . headed back to the unit the reason why . i'll actually show this video if you . look here you can actually see adams . card party two days that the gulf i am . free and a few people tweet me saying i . want your stuff parts like the idea they . get i understand why he does that and . get understand why people complain so . it's a real 50-50 thing but we go back . adams opinion as well as see what he . says . so just come back to the unit obviously . with adam and got no idea what i've just . been filming but or even want to ask him . now so i'm just going to have filmed . remember someone sent me a picture on my . twitter with the way you parked your car . yeah remember how did you park in the . middle of two spaces. ok why involved we could be w that the . reason you put into spaces now just . don't know let's do this . but why did you fucking two spaces don't . know parking next to me okay . for what reason like stone the bank . models don't expect your doors . ok sammy and the car park was empty so . beautiful as one before it was fight to . do that near ok i'm just going out at . people's opinions are part my client to . base and said what they think about my . parking. yeah yeah which means that you know some . people actually agreed. yeah what for this car yes just in . general though would take two spaces now . the reason i did it . we had a cop i was close by and applause . by tesco pose bar top was empty . yeah the proximity is just white speck . two spaces yeah yeah the cops packed man . and . so you're easily get that i want you . piper say see ya when i would never do . it in a normal car part because someone . like post something or someone just . walked up to him like this keep his car . yeah but now i need it was empty ok i . wouldn't usually they're ok i thought . the reason you didn't want people open . the door yeah is that will guys another . reason but yeah i would i want to do at . the car park was full . that's added so the reason i actually . shot this video . the main reason you look at my car here . that's my rear door on the passenger . side and has to show you the driver's . side as well i left my party prep vip . parking and yeah but then we're both . sides of my car until that part my . client very small spot and some was open . to either side so i'm now we're going to . write what is suing bomb now contacted . them and we'll see what they gonna do . about it now go replace the rapidly . store and replaces the rapping outside . of the door . due to the fact that someone's opened . the door of my car either side people . phone care that's the issue that's in . this video i hope you enjoyed it make . sure you comment down below let me know. what you think is it right is it wrong . you sit on the fence and we've got loads . more videos coming up this year some . real real monsters make sure you're . subscribed and i hope you enjoyed this . video and we'll see you soon . .
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