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Hopefully the last Dyno session to get this car sorted and back on the road again better than ever! We talk with Chris from Precision Sport about what they've been up to with the car and how we're preparing for it's trip to the Nurburgring! http://LZMFG.com
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We're in a mustang right now going into . to bmw i know it doesn't make sense . it makes perfect sense actually take the . most boring a reliable car to go tune . the most unreliable fun part i'm just . kidding shelby you're not boring seeing . as a car is going to be pushing like in . the high 20s for a boost well let's just . say big boost himself had to come . because the boost is very big hopefully . bigger than it ever has been before and. hopefully consistent we don't want just . big boost we want smooth boost because . before we had a radek this right big . boost by the side through all once we . get there we'll go over kind of what we . found the problems with the bmw were . [music]. chris long time no see . hey all right i know there's like a . million different things with a car that . are new when i kind of go like a brief . rundown on everything that you guys have . done over the past month . yeah so you know we started taking a . look as we were noticing some weird . issues with bass and so we started . taking a look at some of the components . we actually went to a new tl eval or . sorry wastegate and we did grated . stainless back lines to the wastegate . and to the boost pressure on the turbo . and then hand fittings everywhere i feel . like we should probably mention that the . wastegate was leaking and that's like . why we had all the issues yeah yeah yeah. so that seems to be the culprit is the . wastegate was faulty and it was leaking . straight out of the cylinder so it was . just causing a boosting and it was . really hard to modulate boost with like . that so can you like give a little bit . of explanation how you figured out that . the wastegate was bad because that . thought was pretty interesting . yeah what i did was i was able to take . the wastegate off and then i used a . vacuum line with like an attachment for . like a compressor fitting and i applied. pressure to it and right around 20 . pounds with the wastegate springs it's . supposed to open and if you maintain . with 20 pounds that should stay open but . what we noticed was that it was actually . closing on itself meaning that there was . like an air leak so we actually put in a . bucket of water and repressurized it saw . that was leaking from like the o-ring . for the plunger and just you know . diagnose from there that it was just a . faulty wastegate if you guys don't . remember the car was having issues where . i had like very erratic boost and it . would like make boost and then goes sure . there's no fun and it was like a tuning . nightmare yeah yeah hard to tune hard to . drive i looked in the computer we've had . 38 pulls on this dyno oh my god isn't it . crazy we've spent so much money on this . dyno time other than that solid tranny . mounts i think said they're delrin yeah . they're delrin training mouse they're . just as hard as you can get before you . go to steel so it makes the car have a . lot more training oice so you can kind . of hear the synchros which i think is . cool for me i just like i don't know if . you guys remember when i was driving it . on the track you could see the shifter . shaking back and forth a little bit . which was kind of an indication that it . could use a little bit of enough . especially because we do have like half . of the motor was unlike more like a . solid mount like a car exactly exactly . what the motive kit like comes with a. different engine mount yeah sounds like . solid mount on one side and then a good . you know rubber mount on the other so . now we got delrin one of the big things . we did - was the oil cooler that we put . in the front bumper so it'll keep our . temps down when we're on the track and . dog in the hell out of the car. yeah the only really issue with this car . and the track was that the oil temps are . getting kind of hot it's just like a . known thing even though this car does . have the local or some 335 zone you come . with or boots yeah the 2007 the 2007 . models don't come with the oil coolers . so you have to like upgrade or retrofit . and i see that actually at 2007 we had . one come in the fan on this guy's car. wasn't working and it was running like . above 250 like normal operating that was . just kind of ridiculous so i told him . like you know you need to upgrade if you . have a 2007 model guys upgrade - oh yeah . i think correct me if i'm wrong i think . the 2007 sport packages came with an oil . cooler possible i think i think or like . the oh eights didn't come with an oval . or let's just i know the sport package . add something to the royal cooler for . some of the cars yeah other than that . what else what else is everything else i . know that i'll show them the trim in a . second yeah the trim school all new . under tray since they all like ripped . off 160 i bring oh and then we did some . atv oxygen sensors provide by motive so . they've got like an extra ground on them . and i think they're just better built . for like running ethanol yeah cuz mine . like they if you use the factory ones . with this car they just keep going bad . when you have the single turbo i think . is from all the extra heat yeah yeah so . at least the atv ones as jake told us . you know they're supposed to work better . with the kit . supposedly the car jake when he was . looking at the lodge for the car from . motive was saying it schools about 700 . rpm sooner now which is huge yeah like . if that's true then this car would be . insanely more fun around town yeah as i . was saying about switching to a smaller . turbo big term was good yeah i know but . i like unzipping around big turbo big . power yeah but coming out of those . corners at sebring those coming up . there's also a shop right down the . street called carbon wraps and while the. car was at psi they stopped by and they . wrapped my trim in gloss black and did a . really nice job . do you remember it was kind of like that . brushed aluminum and i wanted to change . it to black so now we've got black trim . look at that . carbon wraps there's really really good . work they're super well known around . this area . oh berta what do you think in the bmw on . the dyno is the boost big enough for you . yeah. let's get in there i think it's that . like a little bit over 20 psi yeah i . think we're gonna go up to maybe around . like 28 no that's pretty big boost for a . stock motor . [applause]. you hated i think we should just go . train 240 pounds yeah he says the boost . isn't big enough let's let's go let's go . until we start having a lot of timing . corrections and then we'll just dial . back from there yeah i think it'd . probably save a lot of time to do it . that way yeah just add add more boost. until it starts making weird noises and . then knock knock who's there how do you . know the limit until you find it right . i'm saying . [music]. jake from motives tunney remotely this . is the best news i've ever seen it's . time to play that's what martin said . with my 240 years i everything's looking . good now it's time to party so it's . gonna be fun. [music]. so if you look at the graph you can. still see it's doing weird fluctuation . stuff this time jake promotive is almost . convinced that there's still some sort. of boost leak so he's going to create . some sort of boost leak tester and . pressure test a system like 45 psi and . hopefully get it figured out so if we . will be back ripping this thing in no. time. [music]. alright guys so i guess that's just how . some things go sometimes and at least it . seems like the waste gates cooperating . now and it's just a boost liek the . fingers crossed. it'll get figured out soon i know this . was just kind of like a short kind of . random little update on the car but . we're on a cruise right now probably i'm . assuming based on when i upload this. video so i hope you guys enjoyed the . short little video and if you are bored . go watch some of our old videos we made . videos when we were on a cruise so you . could watch those videos if you want to . watch cruise videos oh yeah i dropped my . camera earlier today so it's not really . working that well anymore so hopefully . all of today's footage works and came . out nice but my guys bye guys and i will. see you in two days . [music]. when you say. thanks . me that. [music]. .
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