Widebodying My FD RX7 😁- Operation Mommamiya Bunny

Operation Mommamiya Bunny is in full effect! In this episode we mount the side skirt a few times and the cut the rear fender and waterproof it!
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What's up everybody good morning early . start today because i am super excited . to get started on this body kit so we . got to get some tools and supplies real . quick just gear up before we get in the . shop and then just get to it i'm super. stoked today is part one of the wide . body install stay tuned last time we did . a wide body kit we use some rubber well . nuts and that hardware was really good . and on the plus side of that is it adds . for some variability if you want to move . your kit around but i messed up and . didn't have time to order those so we're . gonna go with rib nuts on this project . and then the issue is seeing if i can . get enough you guys know i'm well-versed . at buying things on a budget and i even . buy tools on a budget and i will say . that i do a lot of it as a test to see . how long things are gonna last these . things are magic for making doing. wide-body kits and doing body panel cuts. and stuff like that they work . fantastically they don't last long so . handled out however you want return it . in 90 days or buy a replacement plan or . whatever know that those don't last a . long time the other thing that we got is . a rib nut kit and i'm not even really . sure why i bought this this was twenty . dollars it was more than more than it . should cost it only has about five or . six of each rib nut that i need and the . gun i already have two of those laying . around on the shop so i'm planning on . returning that actually i called another . hardware store and they have rib nuts . that on just on their own so i'm gonna . go down there and see what they have for . selection hopefully just by rib nuts . that way cuz i can't really do the whole . kit by using the rib nuts in there and. they also have a really good bolt . selection that'll get the rest of our . hardware for our kit i'm stoked if we . can get this one last trip done then we . can be in the shop early in the morning . get started by the way i realize i say . the words i'm stoked too much and i'm . gonna try and limit that i'm gonna try . and i'm gonna try and bring that down . over the next few days . [music]. quick ish i got a hundred pieces of . everything because it was cheaper to buy . a hundred than like forty so hundred of . everything good to go back to the shop i . got a hustle though because it's car . auction time i'm trying to buy another . car today yeah there we go deep into the . ninth . there we go ninety-four just let it go . ten gauge my limit that's it i'm done . here ten point two is my limit i mean . i'm done in the ten point four is my . limit. ten point five okay that's it i don't . want this car at tennessee i don't know . why i just did i don't know why i just . decided i wanted the car i need this car . i want this car okay that's it . it's your car pennsylvania man well i . did not win the auction car i was . bidding for should go for around between . i'd say six to nine thousand dollars and. it went for eleven thousand dollars and . i had a hundred thousand miles on it i'm . paying eleven thousand dollars for a . hundred thousand mile car plus fees plus . shipping plus this plus that all right . let's get back to work i am so excited . to get started on this this kit is . pretty good quality and it's fitting . together really nicely so far from . everything that i've tested so i'm . really stoked to get on the car and it's . gonna be a hell of a transformation this . one however is gonna be a problem child . there's too much waviness in here it. needs so much work i'm not really . looking forward to that at all but let's . get the kit on the car today or at least . as much as we can so i'm gonna go ahead . and start with the side skirt because it . has a very clearly defined starting . point which is right here because you . can see that the fender has this little . hook just like that fender has that . little hook and that goes in and it . matches up with that body line there so . the side skirt starts right there and . how i'm gonna be able to tell if it's . tilted and slanted and and and aligned . properly is it just very easily matches. up with that door line right there at . the bottom door line so that's pretty . simple right just line everything up so . it matches the lines and bolt it on . that's what i'll do for the side skirt . then that'll help me set the line and . the mounting position for the rear over . fender. [music]. it's very unfortunate but i screwed up . on the very first piece i can't say i'm . super surprised but what i did was i met . with this frontline right at where the . body of the body of the car kind of cuts . off so it creates a add you creates a . limp and i thought that was probably . where the side skirt started and even if . i would have left a reference pictures i . don't think i would have totally caught . what i was doing probably shouldn't put . all of the bullets in maybe just the . front in the back but i think when you . do that sometimes you end up with too . much bowing in the middle so anyways did . a really good job of mounting the side . skirt on here except for it does not . allow the second piece to go on because . it basically covers up the door he needs . to slide back just i don't know about . that much half an inch a little over a . quarter of an inch and then that will . get everything in the right spot so it's . a really it's a really weird spot and i . don't know how to remove those root nuts . in a clean way it's not going to be easy . but i got to do it so what's gonna . happen now is i'm actually going to use . this still as a guide for this piece i'm . gonna go ahead and use like three three . bolts on this and just temporarily mount . it and kind of like mount it where i . think it needs to go as far as this way . and then i'll pull this off take all the. rib nuts out slide it down a little bit . and reinstall it so it's a bummer but . sometimes you just gotta learn i'm glad . i did this on my car not somebody else's . [music]. all right that took a long time i . basically had to go all the way back to . square one and then do more work and. then restart but we're back now so i had . to move the whole side skirt over about. a centimeter and a half and then it met . up really nicely with the rear over . fender and and i got a lot of the bolts . in the over fender not all of them but. you can really see exactly how wide and . it's anally aggressive this is but i . will say the kit on this thing is the . fitment is great it's such such good . fitment the panels are just laying right . down the line along the body nice and . flat and flush and everything so down . here this piece is gonna want to stick . out a little bit and what we'll do is . we'll come into the back right here and . use a speed nut and and bolt the two . pieces together like that and that'll be . real nice and slick so these are the . three bolts that i have left to do one . two three here but overall yeah it looks . it looks really good took a little bit . it looks really really good it's very . very aggressive i can't wait to see it. with wheels in there filling out that . space i think it's gonna look really . great and then that combo obviously that . makes that pop - i'm really happy i'm . really really happy so far all right . next up i'm gonna go ahead and drill out . those three holes out down there by the . gas cap then i'm gonna draw my cut line . around there and then pull the whole . piece off and prepare to cut the rear . fender. [music]. okay that was really frustrating but i . finally got the panel off and was able . to make my cut line now this cut line . doesn't look that aggressive because . this suspension is already slammed and . the wheel is already tucked so far up in . underneath there so it makes it look . like we're not really removing enough . but in reality when we go to drive we're . actually going to be raising this car up . a little bit you can see how close the . body kit is to the bottom of the tire we . don't want to be driving like that so . actually this car will be raised up and . to do that mark just stop by and drop me . off the set of teen i think that's a . pronounced it it's like ti en coilovers . for this car so that was really awesome . and that's what we'll be running on this . car so this is my cut line it's actually . above and i'm what i'll show you later . is the the inner skin it's actually . above the inner skin so this is . essentially we're cutting off as much . body as you need to do maximum lowering . without removing the inner wheel well so . that's it i'm gonna go ahead and try and . use my body saw handy body saw to go . through but because this one's a little . bit different the outer skin as far away . from the inner skin we may have to go . ahead and use the cutoff wheel but i'll . try with the body saw first . [music]. okay we cut the rear fender and you can . see the difference between the outer . skin and the inner skin you can kind of . see what i was talking about about the . inner skin tops out right there and . there's not much more room to go so . there's two options here i could just . zip that piece off kind of flush with . where the body is right here and build a . patch piece that goes through here or i . could do some relief cuts in this and . try and meet it up with the outer skin. and see if i can weld it in there and i . figured i can go ahead and do the relief . cuts and if that doesn't work i can . always continue and do the patch piece . and that'll be no work lost so i'm gonna . go ahead and well no material lost a . little bit of work so i'm gonna go ahead . and try the relief cuts first see how it . looks see how it goes and then if that. doesn't work we'll build a patch piece . [music]. it looks like this is gonna work so i'm . gonna go ahead and grab the flap wheel . and go ahead and clean up all these . edges right here and the two surfaces of . metal make them nice and clean
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