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Today I out together a raw compilation of the vlog. Im still pretty sick so i did the best i could with todays episode. Lets get ready for tomorrow!
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Tomorrow is the first day that this cars . gonna be back on the track in about four . months four of the track days out let's . walk through the car and make sure that . everything is ready to go and prep the . trailer prep the tools cut the tires. pretty much prepping everything so the . first thing i do in the morning is wake . up and go we don't have the luxury of . being close to a track the closest track . is about three hours away so it's really . important to make sure everything is . ready tomorrow and accounted for so all . we have to do is wake up and go and yes . this is what raining looks like in san . diego there's a couple checkpoints i . want to go around the car make sure . everything is good one of the things i . really want to do because i had ptsd . about this when the car used to have the . twin turbo setup i want to make sure our . fans are working properly it's right now . i've been having the car idle for about. ten minutes the temperatures currently . at 171 so we're creeping towards that . stage one fan turn on so any moment we . should hear that man turned on . it just turned on our temp is at 172 . right here so we should see that fan . bring those temps down and then that man . should turn off 171 it just turned off . so that's a good sign we know that our . stage one fans aren't working our second . fan doesn't turn on around 210 205 so . there's no way i'm going to get into . those temps without driving the car but . that is a good first step . [music]. [music]. i always have to go back to where the . car was sitting this check for any . fluids on the ground i'm noticing we . have a little bit of water on the floor . right here this is right where the water . lines are running through on our hard . lines on the right-hand side of the car . i have noticed that one of the couplers . is leaking just a little bit and as much . they have cranked it down it's still . persisting the leak just a little bit . that's okay i'm aware of the problem . it's something i'm gonna be able to . solve right now tomorrow when we're at . the track i'm gonna be aware of it and . i'm gonna be making sure to check my . swirl pot my overflow to make sure that . we're not too low in water if all else . fails i should notice the cool temps . spiking up and down if you're low on . water so it shouldn't be that big of a . deal a wild jumbo in the flesh . what's up baby damn yeah give me that . love give me that love no kevin no man . no this cover keeps coming off this is . where the fuel pump normally sits on the. left-hand side through the dz the same . thing is utilized on the right-hand side . but that's where you access the in tank . fuel system but we replace that with our . hardline lid which you can kind of see . over there we made like a sandwich plate . out of it this side these clips are . fucked so that this plate keeps coming . on and off that hole is in access is . straight to the ground because we don't . have to feel tank in there anymore it's . something i'm gonna want to seal up. because tomorrow if that thing flies off . i'm just gonna be shooting rocks and . smoke all inside the cabin which is not . what i'm trying to do these plastic tabs . that you have to turn are usually a . bitch and a half to do i somehow managed . to get them today but i have a word that . tomorrow that's gonna fly off and it's . just gonna send so much shit inside this . car so unfortunately i only have four . tires extra to bring tomorrow so we're . gonna have two on the back of the car . and we're gonna bring for extra spares . that's not a lot of times especially for . the pow that we're gonna be making the . higher horsepower your car is the faster . you're gonna burn through tires meaning . that the faster your tires are spinning . them the more times your tires are. spinning a minute as you're taking. corners as you're like drifting as . you're sliding it's gonna burn rubber . off quicker i don't know how fast these . six tires are gonna last me i'm hoping . to get maybe 25 laps tomorrow i am going . to be using the federal rs rs at a lower . psi which i've never used before this is . a pretty grippy tire and should last us. a little bit longer than the delante . the 595 that we've been using in the . past something that i really needed to . do on the trailer was cut off those . guiding rails that are currently on . there i always catch my front bumper and . side skirts on them so today i'm gonna . try and cut them off and give us some . more space we don't catch our shit on it . [music]. what does that mean did you fuck off its . rigidity no no we discovered it on . mickey i think it was you or evan . this wasn't plated like it you should . just be middle and it used to just be a . rail and a rails that's why there's. these this metal in this metal they're . two different they added the center . piece so that's why there's these rails. here what i'm gonna do is i'm going to . cut it from here and here cuz i always . catch my shit right here it only had the . runners up the sides so this was oh for . the tires tonight oh and they added . these panels afterwards so you can see . they're just tacked it also these do . fuck all right they did nothing these . were just to keep you from driving where . there was no panels it was it was a hole . yes . well the frame there frame structure is . there yeah i think there was a hole . right if you drove off you could you . boat a car there would it fall through . no i mean look at how it's still . supported look at this oddly satisfying. game or just . oh my god. nice that's oddly satisfying we are not . going to take the camera to go get . chick-fil-a kevin that's more important . to me do you guys want to watch kevin . and myself go to chick-fil-a follow us . on instagram you know plug down hey put . that in a tj yeah he's a big just got . this side piece off looks pretty ugly an . album to go back with the little . floppiest can smooth everything out that . was really loud and took a long time . that was very annoying now it's time to . replicate this on that side . now that i have both rails cut off and . go back in with this flappy and try and . grind out all these rough edges make it . a little bit smoother and make it look . just a little bit cleaner i don't know . why but using that oh some of my . favorite things to do because it's a way . you can really like shape and architect . things really easy super easy tool to . use but at first it's pretty . intimidating that's not perfect that is . much better i really can't wait today . that i actually ended up painting this . trailer it definitely needs it alright . both these sides turned out quite nicely . i actually went back and reese moved . that one after doing that when i kind of . got ocd about it but both those are good . i'm glad i got that done today i'm gonna . get ready to start packing the tool bags . and all the miscellaneous parts so i'm . gonna bring extra for tomorrow one thing . that kind of sucks is a lot of the tools . that we used to have are missing ever . since i had throttle and hung quarters . working out of this warehouse i've kind . of shared this base with everybody a lot . of tools have gone missing and people . don't put their tools back and people . don't put it back in the right spots or . they're simply just forget that they . took it out in the first place . and a lot of our tools are missing half . of these platters are all gone we're . missing an 11 wrench we're missing two . of our ratcheting wrenches we're missing . our quarter in and especially sockets . like we're just missing a bunch of . random ones which fucking sucks but i'm . gonna do the best i can to pack what i'd . normally would bring luckily i keep a. spare like craftsman handyman set at . home away from the shop so no one else . can lose my shit and i'm gonna bring . that extra for tomorrow but i want to . bring a good amount of tools to the . track something that i do which i think . is a really good idea is i keep an extra . bag off to the side that i pretty much . just pack tools with this is normally. the value that i bring and it has basic . stuff from tools that are bring but also . like little shirt that you forget like . rags extra gloves thermostat well i'm . not even running a thermostat anymore so . that's kind of useless but just little . simple things that you wouldn't . typically remember to bring in the . morning when you're packing in a bag . that really goes a long way the next. step here to do is get this 350 on to . the trailer and i was thinking about it . you know it's a lot of work moving the . bmw and the trailer outside park it and . then. three-fifty outside and then parked that . onto the trailer way too much effort so . what we're gonna do is we're gonna put. these guys here underneath this car and . give her a twist and keaveney is here to . help thanks kev this is one of the . dumbest ideas we've ever had the amount. of energy and time we're putting into . turning this around and moving half the. shop is probably more time that it would . take just to pull it out it worked the . tire is mounted it got all the tools and . supplies load in the back of the car now . he's trying to load this car up on the . trailer and that's a good prep day in . the books voice alright we are loaded up . and ready to go so i just come here in . the morning hop in the car and drive . every wants to fuck me . how if the ex-wife is staying here how . did he get here you got here in the next . five how are you gonna get home in my . car. who did he bring with them blue who . sheds a lot tj dude i'm just gonna i'll . hold it in my lap it will be fine he's a . lap dog and kevin's over here oh i gotta . be at kevin with the red leather new . dear brother right i have leather in. this thing and it's blues playground . yeah you know what it's covered fucking . blue hair nothing a little lint roller . can't handle how are you breathe count . so take you home i already checked it's . kevin he's the one that's cooking you . not me. no no this is the one we came up on him . now ah no your turn against kevin dude . under hey you know what yeah i hope you . know that he can unhitch this and go . home i can't what he does okay i can you . can technically yes you can but i . already loaded the car and had . everything set i'll do it . jack out unhitch and drive home he . doesn't want to the jack out i the . gasoline in the 350 and so alright i'm . taking a mom it's fine fuck you kevin no . fuck tj he's gonna go jane he's gonna go . fuck both of you i'm not i didn't do . anything this is your heaven me we wait . rookies together you don't date do you . see what he's doing right now look it's . his mom i also did some things on the . rx-7 didn't film any of it but the . struts are out and something that i . wanted to do before we move any farther . is paint this whole entire fender wall . black so we'll have to tape off the car . and spray paint all this black so just . it'll make everything look a little bit. cleaner a little bit nicer buttoning up . your palette all over at it cool i have . a big brake kit coming so you said you. wanna you said you were gonna fucking . hold them one big happy family us three . baby who says you can't what blue is . really good in the car we do a lot of . driving i take him a lot of places so . he's pretty good with cars . he's never complained or never whines he . doesn't pee so you're welcome fuck off . and welcome for me training him to be . such a stellar canine he's a shit boy . he's just kicking it baby he's a shit . poster being sick sucks i've been home . for a couple hours i've been snuff has . been sitting areas i don't feel good and . the last day on earth it was vlog right . now but i didn't upload the day before . this i really wanted to get this vlog . out to you guys today i know it was a . little bit shorter but prepping is . really important and it takes like a. full day to do it i hope you guys . enjoyed it hope you guys enjoyed the . mini ride in today's vlog tomorrow's. gonna be so much fun tomorrow is a day . i've been waiting for for a long time i . know this and i know you guys fresh . stoked for it i will see you guys . tomorrow bright and early actually in . about 6 hours from now and you got so . much for watching peace out and keep . moving forward. [music]. .
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