$1 Chocolate Vs. $300 CHOCOLATE!!!

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Category: Comedy
Caption: Was popping guys it's your boy everyone should know what your tv lol eztv another day another banger i am joined with the boys she know once again what's popping it's good guy i met so you guys have been wanting me to do this for a long time yall between at me job and even this all up in my youtube comments talking about your two chocolate do chocolate too cheap chocolate vs expensive chocolate we want to see some chocolate and me being the sweet tooth best that i am i'm like yes that's exactly what we're doing guys were going to cheap chocolate vs expensive chocolate we're gonna go to really cheap spot and then we're going to go to menu spot and then we're gonna go to really expensive spot let's get it and i want to be teased or so bad why not we haven't eaten anything guys by the way she talked about you nobody got hot chocolate stay away we got some chocolates to taste test dates you know hold up i wanted to show your new macbook pro look at gino's brand new macbook oh my god dang good it's a 15-inch oh good where is the dongle just the dongle the duggar blue so you have one of these and always ended that way you can put your ass to my boy managed to get the everything dongle this just gotta hdmi usb obviously canada sucks dick at focusing but i ya got everything dongle to be no man playing some playstation man watch god no man you got washed all god gotta get down and all man you can't see me i'm fault you know you have to get some color do all da man let me tell you guys something ever since i got my ps4 and arizona man i'm playing actually non-stop row it's just an addiction i need to start which channel or like go back on my game channel or something i my joints which because i've been playing like fucking six hours a day on that damn thing and people already know i had nothing but else in mortal kombat x more yeah i handed david about like 50 elves i think i hand you about 25 so the shooting else over says world hey you never know when we might do a little competition which you guys even soon man soon i like blast my gamer tag or something or i don't know i'm at life don't know i've got my gamertag got raped yeah i select like a few fans and then adam in play invite ok i might do that what you guys whoever is down to get down to mortal kombat x announced and cast his hands or last of us and i'm saying some teamwork or time fall or call duty or anything man let me know in the comments below what you have a ps4 yeah you got advocates for i mean have an xbox one never really played i've been playing ps4 not stop for the past like three weeks it's insane right love that she gives you know what everyone blast their gamertags in the comments below right now let's see you at each other manteno big you know i'm saying mixing your friends go up in the comments and it should be like oh my god nobody bucky a team not big its pain anyway back on topic man let's go to our first chocolate spot get all right guys first cavity star what better place to go and come to damn gas station man let me walk up in there let's see what they got going on fire man here we are let's see what i'm gonna get let's see let's see all men think i found a man we got the classic hershey's and hershey's cookies and cream let's get this get this yeah they're my course filthy bro i you know i got to hershey's bars ma'am i got the classic one and i got the computer screen one man's dollar each so this is a dollar chocolate bar right here man i'll need it but wait know what my car's filthy is fucking also got really got a car wash so you'll be funny let's go to the car wash and review it i quality which way again you know where she got the regular her she was i hold up let me get the oh my god look at that oh my god this looks scary because the cookies and cream 321 love class i'll switch up here proud oh my god my feet hurt cheers mate plastic my right to that hurts right now what like sons to talk about it cavity gang goodnight goodnight all fucking screen damn sick timing let's get the hell out of here so yeah guys hershey's man classic classic can't go wrong man i heard they even put a little ride pooping it you know and the chocolate factory slow right shit gets inside it but i don't mind a little ratchet in my chocolate and i'm saying it's all good not for long you heard about non-playable i'm not playing not i've been hearing stories about this for the longest time of your local factories or you know because of rats in the factories and i'm saying a sneak and the little droppings and shit mixing with chocolate it's all gucci dropping this little mixtape into the chocolates protein anyways guys let us go on to our second spot man let's see what we got for the second spot i got some nice plan to know already where we're going i got some nice playing man like you know what before we go i'm starting a strike right now and you made this front of the video i want you guys to hashtag can be gang ecology at one point i had like 13 cavities bro if i told you this no boy had 13 cavities row had to go get it all like i'm sure i have a couple right now because i had braces when i was a kid so cavities for me are inevitable and i'm saying no matter how many times i brush my teeth and floss and shit cavities are coming past a cavity gang tweet at me cavity gang leave all of my instagram comments cavity gang and i might just hit you back with fault no magic i man we just rolled up at this medium chocolate spot right here looking pretty fancy in there can't be pretty fancy-shmancy so let's walk up in there see what they got for us man you know you're ready to catch some more cavities well yeah man fucking up my teeth today i'll make a prediction right now i probably have about two cavities right now got it up the dentist after this video i'm probably gonna have like about five of them bitches oh what is this man we got variety here we got the pharaoh it's like kind of crunchy apparently we got the banana squarely demons brother got varieties here we got the whole turkey thing you should we get one of these for thanksgiving sake yeah alright let's get one of these turkeys ok raspberry damn they got varieties bro chili i've never seen this many varieties of chocolate cappuccino lion triple lunch what is going on take a little dildos alright guys back from that old premium as chocolate spotters what we got man comforts of all we got the giant as turkey second up i got five stocks for you man and five coppers for me i alright sort of total from this place man 2450 largely thanks to his turkey that was ten bucks i want to get to him that i'm like man is turkey oh my lord you know i'm saying happy thanksgiving guys so believe this turkey for last first of all let me open up these wrapped up like a gift man that's 90 premium we got five feet as they give us five each you know we're not trying to catch that many cavities were only trying to catch a couple so it's mine because this is the chili right answers ok so this is mine and the this is the team that chocolate's special here we go we got a pumpkin there we got a dark-chocolate we got this a hazelnut we got the milk chocolate and we got some other mystery flavor so let's try your mouth first up we got this white truffle chocolate thing let me see how this is good is this supposed to be the mango 1 so 0 through those having them mango and chocolate i've never tasted such a concoction into come to go you don't taste like mango juicy like chocolate it's just some juicy chocolate interesting what kind of late for halloween vibes but we got some pumpkins why take the whole thing and it's not a bad home you wanna know i wanna haha pumpkin doesn't think that well with chocolate is pretty much like pumpkin flavored chocolate is the palate and i got this arrow here pharaoh alright prince akeem we're gonna chat happy mm there's one of my point out is like god do i have a pharaoh i do out of pharaoh it is like nestle click the crunch bars nestle crunch bars chocolate crunch where's the pharaoh guys think is good let me see optimal diabetes levels right there on the chocolate i'm just gonna end up on this chocolate this is a chili chocolate i've never had something like this supposed to be spicy chocolate what the like why would you even want to add spicy chocolate chili chocolate i know you don't like spice but i don't take the whole thing outside by the hoods is at eastwood yeah who wants these things what is the cass whole it's like spicy asshole it wasn't even like no chocolate was like dark like gooey chocolate and then chili like when i get the killing mangoes i get the mexican chilli manual can use those are bomb get a space for you he had a fair one have to be the best out of them all hey you know what brandon measure we got the turkey called hold this oh my gods too much sugar already got the drive to the next place as an hour 30 game every thurs giving goods say hi to mom for me damn it's like soft look at this they had the turkey more than that cool fucking beak-like your fucking head off bitch it's hollow hollow then fill it damn feelin none no grave you're not glow got about half of picking in that bitch no stopping nothing because it actually grows yeah at first it tastes like regular chocolate and then it you know when he makes wine with chocolate room yes that's it you want a little bike walk more dehydrated as hell aren't you know take a bite out of turkey's ass or something god damn what are you doing hard to do this man once in the head split on my cars what are you doing what are you doing or bryce filled it all up in my seen shit what are you doing bro how is it or ten dollars and fifty cents the opportunities the aftertaste right with god the fuck is that aftertaste we're gonna pick is gross oh yeah guys so that is our view this spot we got some good and some bad mostly bad but then they had like a thousand letter variety so i don't know man it's probably a bunch of good shit in there knows abou

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