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I'm leaving tonight to take natsu in japan and i receve it this morning !. and i have received that this morning. that's everything i need to take care of him. so we start the video by this, this is very good !. the package is enormous, i've never received one this big. that was a lie. that only contains stuff for animals. that also contains a lot of empty space. there is nothing left. excellent joke. i don't know if that plan is good. i think that sucks. and now i'm realising that i'm gonna have a dog soon. first thing, a microfiber towel. for what . when you take your dog in a bag, it's better for him to be well set in. [meow]. which cat makes noises . so we take two of them. when one is in the washing machine, the other is free. perfect. oh, that's candy to reward your dog when he is doing something great. what is that already . oh ! that's cute, that's a small first aid kit. so, this that's food. the leash. the first leash of my life. i took a leash where there isn't. wait, i seem to be a dog youtuber. i took a basic leash you see, 1. 50 meters (3'28") it can do. to walk with him basically. and with this leash, what do i have . a little hardness. that's smaller than. i think that i have messed with the size. i have really taken the harness for the small poddle. i think that the size for the shiba is that one. i have really messed up. jumbo ! (laugh). jumbo, come here, come here two seconds. voila. a beautiful cat that i can take out with my leash. oh no ! the poor cat doesn't like that. he don't like it at all, he's mad. important ! a big pillow. i took it giant size so that he cats can be with him and kiss one another to be a beautiful, happy and united family. now, he is small but he gonna grow up very fast so here. small rope, it's just a toy. voila and there are kibble for puppy from good brand. careful ! buy high-quality food for your pets because it's the principal origin of health problem. you need to know that !. to conclude that we have everything that we need except the dog. and that's the most important. next step: the japan. back to france in d- . hello everyone ! how are you i'm very good. it's friday morning. i arrived yesterday night in japan. and the first thing i'm gonna do is to see natsu. we have been waiting for this for three weeks. we leave now to join him and we all gonna cry because we all gonna be touched. let's go !. we are getting close from the place where natsu is. my heart is beating fast, i'm touched. are you doing good my boy . how are you . how are you bro . you have grown up !. you're a big guy !. you have grown up !. how are you . you have grown up !. you missed me. are you ok bro three weeks without you. you seem happy. i think you have recognized me. i think you have recognized me. i don't know. you are destroying my pullover. it's ok. so my friends, natsu has grown up so insane. look at that. look at that big guy. he has recognized me, i'm so happy. he played with me like a fanatic. when a dog is getting closer, he wants to eat him because he is jealous. [like him]. i'm wondering how it's gonna be with the cats. he is pulling down my beard. he hates beard. i will shave it, i have understood. he is very happy. he has grown up so much. he should make twice his size since the last time. we gonna get out, we gonna walk out my dog. yesss since i want to do it !. look at that how he is happy. isn't a happy dog that show his belly . no, leave my shoelaces alone. stop to destroy everything. wait to be home to destroy everything !. you gonna buy me new adidas after. i say it now. oh ! he is telling you hello. it's good natsu, you're already a good youtuber. leave my camera. leave my camera. you now owe me new adidas and a new camera. let's get out. let's go. let's walk in my favorite city. be careful, there is a little bump bro. i'm scared that he gets hurt, i'm a doting father. are you okay my little natsu . that's okay, he is listening to me. i have read technic when they don't want to obey in leash, what we have to do etc. i don't remember anything but i have read. there is a poop. everyone is looking at him the poor. pay attention, the first dog's poop that i have ever cleaned in my life. let's go. very pleasant moment. it's only the beginning. the problem is, there aren't trash in tokyo so you have to carry it in your own bag. that was the first walk out with natsu, i hope you enjoyed. there will be more. i think, we'll go to k in the sand. i'm very excited about the next walk out !. i hope this first one was cool for you. i don't know if i will film again today. i want to enjoy with him. if not kiss, see you soon. bye. d- . hello everyone !. it's sunny after two rainy days, natsu couldn't get out. and now, he is over excited because he will be able to go to the dog park (yoyogi park). a run with same size dogs. i hope there will be dogs because it's monday afternoon. i hope some japanese aren't working. he is going to have a ball, to gambol and having fun. that's always a good moment, you see your dog happy. and i'm discovering the sensation that people have to walk out with thei dogs. be happy, because they see their dog happy. i feel the same. but at everytime i could have a heart attack because i run with him like a crazy person. he wants so much to go to the big one. hey natsu, you were a little poop, don't forget that, big guy. i need to get him come back down or he gonna feel smug like his master. he has made a hole bro. he insanely scrubed here. maybe, my dog can find treasures. well, everyone, it's the end of the walk out, it's been one or two hours that we are here. he exerted himself a lot and i have bought a bag. there is a shop in front of the park. it's a backpack and i will be able to walk out him with me through this. that's the first time that put him inside. let's see his reaction. omg, i'm the doting daddy, pay attention !. it's awesome. are we okay or not . think about me in the scooter like that when i go to my office. he is liking that, he is saying to himself, i'm walking out without doing any movement. that's goood. that's how you become fat. be careful. natsu, say see you tomorrow, say it. d- . good evening everyone, i look rough. why do i look rough because yesterday, (french humour don't try to undertsand). we're starting to be a redneck today. yesterday night, it was halloween in tokyo, i celebrated it with a lot of japaneese. i saw men arriving in beautiful cars like tokyo drift. and they were so nice. so nice that i get on their car. the problem, my driver wasn't spoken one word of english, so when i was filming, he didn't know how to react the poor man. i also saw people who had to take the trashes, the dustmen that was dressed up in mario and luigi. the sound comes out from the car. today we are at kamakura, there are a lot of temples here. but also the great buddha 13 meters high (9'84") and 121 tons. incredible. the beach is only 300 meters (328 yd) from here. so we clearly going to go there. but i need to take a coffee before. i came back late yesterday from halloween but it was amazing. one coffee later. that's amazing, by coming here, there is a sign that warns you about tsunami. in case of earthquake, be cautaware ions of tsunamis it can create. even without a tsunami alarm, pay attention to surface of the sea. and notice if odd things happen. it's scary. are you ready to run . you're free. well, i have an useless scare from an useless master. i'm scared that one of these big bird take my dog and fly with him. natsu made friends in the beach. that's great. tomorrow last day in japan before the come back. the goal is that he exhert himself so in the plane he sleeps a lot. i'm anxious but he is very cool and very calm. at least i know that he won't mess with the passengers of the flight. how will he react with the cats of the house. big question mark. i'm dead. d-day. here we are, at home. i won't lie, i didn't film when we arrive in the appartment. because after 12 hours of fly, i was dead. but in the plane, it was perfect, natsu didn't bark once, he was the nicest dog. by arriving at the appartment, the cats have been into hide. i forbid natsu the access to the bedroom so the cats can hide. they don't seem to be afraid. a lot. but the acclimatization will take several days, it's normal. have you seen my beautiful kimono . what are you doing you're gymnast since 3 years . it's weird to have him at home, i don't realise. and i'm paranoid beacuse i think he is bored or sad or he is not in japan anymore. but in reality, he doesn't care but. i don't know. i'm so scared for him, i love him so much. i'm a doting daddy. it's very serious, there should be a phone number for the doting person of animals. you have pee on your paw, i can feel it, it's wet. i confirm, it's pee. he pee on that at home, don't think about anything else. he is well-educated ok. i say to you see you soon in a new video. i love you, natsu loves you. so love you, yourself. that's the worse outro ever. .
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