10 Products That Will Help You BREAK OUT of Jail!

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Check out these products that may (or may not) help you break out of jail! Join Tanner and I as we put these strange products to the test, and see which ones might actually be useful in prison. Be sure to comment down below which product was your favorite!
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What's going on guys i am the bearded . king of you tanner is here joining me . and tanner has collected 10 items that . he thinks will help me break out of jail . yes this is true yeah i just spent 10 . days in prison actually just to verify . it. that's great news i wish you stayed guys. also i wanted to let you know before . this video starts there's an important . vlog up there that i want you guys to . watch and i want you guys to take note . of because it is about me not making so . many videos anymore and not being in so . many channels so if that kind of makes . you a little scared or a little worried . just don't freak out go watch that video . i explain things but in this video i . would just make you laugh that's all . this is. okay you are laughing i'm laughing first . product is this to break in the prison. or to break out a better looking version . of me you wish come on dude this guy's . like what sucked look at his dress shoes . dude this guy's not a guy that that goes . to jail i'm saying he's that he's the . kind of guy that other guys are like i . will follow you to the end of time looks . like a guy that fights fires it just . seems to be just all-around genetically . lucky yo so i'm gonna get into the mood . here i'm gonna put this jumpsuit on we. got one for you tanner yes i do cars . there you go jailbreak man this is . giving me some flashbacks to when i was . in prison yeah yeah just so you guys . know i rescued tanner out of a life of . crime before high five studios he was . just like this garbage human being and i. taught him the ways of life from the . streets i saved you . where's my thanks i'll give you a thanks. just one of these items coming up don'ts . why you're the chef i'm gonna give you . the biggest compliment ever it suits you . he's never ever been given that . compliment about anything he's ever worn . except this by the way guys if these . items are good or bad i'm gonna write it . jailed it or bailed it which ones which . i'm not sure so i'm just gonna give . random ratings alright so check this out . next item from bob barker america's . leading detention supplier america's. leading oh hi is there something i can . help you with should i yes just recently . got out of jail i'm just looking for . some personal effects that make me feel . at home well i just felt so bad about . what i did to sky mall like they removed . like so i responded to the chat on the . skymall video oops i forgot to put a . question mark and now they're not gonna . know you read it oh you read it don't . leave you on read oh my gosh i know . jordan jordans the type of guy that when . you text them he never text back but you . know he read it am i right yeah great . and everyone just thought it was a blast . so everyone went to sky mall and did . that and i didn't ask anyone to do that . do not do that kind of stuff it's not . okay for me to be an idiot it's not okay . for you to be an idiot it's one thing . for one person to do it but it's another . thing for like 200 people to do it to . the point where they literally shut down . that feature. sorry skymall i apologize i don't know . the power of my actions or the stupidity . of my followers i'm sorry bob barker so . that you guys know supplies these types . of products to detention centers so . here's the thing we cannot even get this . unless we have our own jail so here's . what we did we set up a jail inside high . five studios and no i'm just kidding we. just find the products on amazon . where's my baton so here is a similar . product best and weather radio for . emergency bike codes are multiple ways. to charge self-powered so basically it's . a radio so that you can hand crank it . people don't need batteries and you can . just listen to some sweet beats in jail . you know to motivate your way out it's . kelly i have the tiger on the cart boom . here's a big question who listens to the . radio anymore are people on the radio so . here you go let's crank this puppy look . we got a solar panel charger oh so there . is a battery in here oh it's on that's . that's so nice it's like a a rainstorm . oh it's static what do you think i . thought it was just some sounds that. came along with it i'm so far away from . the forest . why would you have solar panels in . prison i know you put it on your window . if you're one of those lucky ones to . have a window in your cell wait and do . they let you listen to the radio present . i'm sure they let you watch tv i'm . thinking more solitary confinement . that's more of me i'm serious do what do . you want to do dude what didn't i do is . the better question so what didn't you . do and what did i do is the better . question so here's the antenna let's . find a station this is great imagine . trying to listen to entertainment this . way it's just like purely static this . summer in the background like an . announcer for like horses . oh it's magic. [applause]. this thing can only catch those signals. upside down here's my recommendation for . this particular product alright get . yourself an mp3 player and if you can't . because you're in jail stop doing stupid . crap do the things that are legal and if . you don't know if it's illegal to do or. legal to do it's most likely illegal you . idiot hey this bank these doors open no . one's inside it but it's not really . breaking and entering if i steal . everything right . somebody got a 30 year sentence at the . age of 20 right boom big out tomorrow . look how much the world has changed in . 30 years and they have to walk out and . just be like what's an iphone you know . what i'm saying yeah it's like time. travel that's double handcuffs double . cuffs $199 wide i thought they were just . tie wraps why wouldn't you just use . metal ones because it's all about that . gucci style this is more stylish than . metal for the for the criminals when . they're like getting arrested like hey . could you use the nylon ones please my . friends are watching. oh let's see if we can find it on amazon . oh we did and we found it for 13 bucks . but are they nylon ideal backup to steel . handcuffs can be carried in back pocket . briefcase glove compartment gives an . office of the ability to control a . suspect after one cup is placed on the . suspects risk wrist suspect say that . five times fast suspects wrist suspects . for a suspect or suspects risk suspects . risk you know suspect's wrist yeah you . fell apart their major cutter how many . restraints per package three oh so you . get three why the other ones so. expensive a carton oh okay so in the . previous one there's a ton of them oh . 100 per case there you go that's why . that's $100 but it's oh it's a dollar a . cup that's not bad that's actually . cheaper than the amazon one compact . double cuff restraints what is this . thing let's go stick of butter it's . gonna help you get out of the cups oh . there's there's the metal cutters okay . here's the double cuffs. okay tanner time to cuff you lily do i . have some too oh you got some ready so . this is what's up this is what it looks . like you see this i assume you just pull . hey boy yeah what's up oh man it's 2018 . yeah i'll be white . [applause]. that's kind of difficult you gotta have . the grips not great you really have the . strength of a cop that is 100% true . don't have the strength of a cop even . the ones that he doughnuts all the time . i feel like a psycho the cutting of it . i'm not gonna keep you in these cuffs . the entire time who's gonna grab the. products for me there's a little thing . here but like i guess we'll just push it . into it i don't trust matt often okay so . you're gonna let can cut yeah yeah you . got to do this okay okay and then i just . push actually caught four alive no like . i'm straight-up like actually a little . concerned dude how on earth is this . supposed to cut this are you kidding me . there's no way you have to be like thor . oh and you didn't cut the bracelet . everybody oh yeah i didn't so check this . out i have to put this thing through . like this and then i have to like . essentially force it through try to cut . that just literally clamp your hands on . that i'm saying dude to give it my all . dog died i guarantee you we have like. police officers and like people in that . service and or wise that have husbands . that are police officers or husbands . that have wise that are police officers . and they're just crying right before we. move on to the next couple products i . just wanted to remind you that we have a . reddit so what that means is click that . link down in the description below if . you find crazy products submit them to . the reddit and we'll open that up in a . future video i'm super excited to start . using those products but these videos . haven't hit you yet so there's no . products on the reddit but there will be . once you go over there does that make . sense dude i never understand anything . more clear this is not this is oh this . is peerless handcuff okay so this isn't . about breaking into prison this is just . about things that have been used by . prison is there anything in here that . will help me break out of prison i mean . theoretically if you're told any of this . stuff it would probably help you break . out of prison true like if i was to have . these custom act like i was wearing them . and then walk around and please . oh he's gummed up there's no problem wow . i'm gone you who d me alright so this is . a waist chain with a handcuff connected . at each hip are we under percent sure . this we didn't go into the dark side of . oh my gosh. that is heavy there are the keys just . making sure before i put it on you that . there are keys okay there's no way that . this is like a legit one there's no way . this is a no come on . that'd be so easy to pick that key all . right tanner so how does this work i go . around your front you go around whatever . side you want my bod
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