10 Products You Wouldn’t Expect to Be Edible!

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Today we unbox some of the strangest things you wouldn't expect to be edible! Go to our subreddit below if you have more you'd like us to review!

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Stop no me i hate me crick xu they're . different flavors what's going on guys . well is it just like that dope showing . great products doper nope and then throw . them out if they're good or bad because . they are ten products you wouldn't . expect to be edible correct sorry i . always want to start off shouting in . these videos because the cameras are so . far away and i love showing how to reach . them you got to reach each viewer . individually i'm reaching you am i. getting my point across . is this a little less weird if i sit. like this no i'm liking i can't want a . similar company to oh comfy i want to . kind of sit just like that so much . comfier then my last set you guys . remember when i was sitting in front of . the camera yeah i was sitting in the . chair that aaron sitting in that i'm . making aaron said enough aaron come here . see that chair it's garbage it's the . worst we only have people we don't like . sit in those chairs yeah especially . aaron devil don't like you aaron is the . editor in case you're new here you can . hook it up it'll get back get back quick . they're defective safety baby only . newspaper edition five baby only only . babies can look there this is edible . newspaper it's like supposed to be . chewable most to be chewable so it's not . edible per se well it is edible i mean . okay google define edible animal to be . even often used to contrast with . unpalatable or poisonous examples okay . so it's kind of like anything that goes . in your mouth and chewed that's not . poisonous yeah it's not poisonous and so . i guess this is designed to maybe be. like a chew toy or something when luna . was a little baby she loved tags we . honor this toy that was just all tags. you loved it when you cut her toys all x . tags that exist yes this is like a . pillow which is a tank toilet anyway i . think that's kind of this approach here . add to cart . oh you can see this is just claw so it . is cloth its cloth it's not actually . like you can't digest it i'll say i'm . gonna i can probably arguable the one . thing you did to get rid of stay . and what do you need to keep getting rid . of it oh see that's why they like listen . to this it's like two pieces of cloth . and then there's like a little crinkle . toy in it so it suppose to be like . sally's love that yeah okay here's . what's weird though . lona at first hated it like she'd get . triggered by it anytime there was like . that she'd be like and then she they . grew up a little and then she just was . like wow click like a few grins can are . you should i try eating it yeah go for . it i'll go this tastes good you have any . sour spray oh that's terrible tasting. really i can't remember which side this . on this side is good since we're so . close. that's way that i didn't say i said this . side right here be careful it was so wet . yeah i put in my success full of garbage . that was gay that bad yeah oh yeah oh . yeah takes a bite out of a frosty i just . did nope poorna kiss edible chemistry . kit it's the chemistry experiment you . can eat and drink eat 16 tasty . experiments as you make cabbages do your. bidding fizzy drinks okay wait slow down . what the heck does that mean i think it . means you make your own experiments via . chemistry cabbages do your bidding. you're right that doesn't make it some . cabbages so they can do the experiment . for me it's just two cabbages to the . glove i'm bidding cabbage all right i'm . gonna write the first of all make . cabbages do your bidding all right no . are you gonna do some experiments i'm . gonna do some experience on toxic and. safe when used as directed what does . that mean if it's not used as directed . if toxic yeah i think that's just how . chemistry works through he makes two . things together that aren't for instant . workable with oxygen and alien what are . we talking about - oh if you only have . 100 yeah it's deadly yes that's correct . if you have three of think it's also . deadly so we're gonna make jam and jelly . things so what we have to do here two . small scoops of magic color crystals . boom . i'm so good at chemistry you guys know i . actually passed it to college classic . chemistry if you can't tell so in case . you guys are wondering at home pretty . much we just use the purple one and we . put it in there i'll get these . about a big metal boom so yeah perfect . instructions if you're following at home . we did a little bam boom alright i want . to add some more of this good you got . there what do i double in water yeah so . just put a little bit what you're gonna . do what's gonna do you drop that's gonna . make it jelly but look just so you guys . see this is absolutely fluid see it's . like kinda got some consistent yeah i . like it yeah use a tool you just said . use a tool dude and it's jello oh it's. getting really jelly i mean are you . allowed to eat it yeah what do you want. have no shirt on this shirt look at that . that slug slug ii boy i'm not to put . this in my mouth do it do it . cheers cheers that's by far the nastiest . thing it is like tap water gel up yeah . it's like you just get tap water oh but . it's a little squishy absolutely . disgusting can we do the foaming one add . two scoops of baking soda to the magic . color solution what happened in the. color now add a scoop of citric acid to . it six and a half hours later oh who . that dude it's like turning blue do that . yeah that was actually cool all right . oh busy boy needs a little bit yeah . needs more oh it's turning pink yo . that's so cool look at that cool that . coloring mixture that's so cool all . right you want to take first drink yeah . [music]. oh it smells island what the harrier . what does that taste like toilet water i . don't know yeah where's the jelly . yeah but how cool is that color though . how about that aesthetic do i even need . to pitch this to you guys man i'll give . you my raining it's dope thank you do . you think no i also agree it's dope we . should if we shouldn't we should agree . that we do golf pops after every dose if . the product gets three dope there's all . fun from now on i've been so close to . death in one day in edibles and printer . edible ink cartridges oh like birthday . cakes when they print like mickey mouse . on cookie oh is that how those things . are made that's through the printers . yeah did you put tanner's face on a . cookie that's been trying to eat my face . for a while i'm accountable those offers . edible inks for canon our formulated . eggs are specially formulated fda apply . a map dot your the colors say i'm out . dude what are you doing man don't read. that review champ but we'll eat . cartridges for popular canon pg no no no . don't read the l 1271 pg turn them out . turn imaginable i can't use the regular . eggs yeah i think you can't like i died . but i think you can't long as you don't . die anything's possible by wow . you're just trying to make me go and get . straight leads to a little bit all right . do we have a printer for these puppies . now we're just gonna pop these babies . open you snuck out of them yeah no stop . no i can't do that why not we mean why . not because maybe it's only edible at a . certain amount you heard of the term . dilution delusion delusion . no that's confusion but you're going by . the way how do i know that you got the . right ones . there's no hollies that says edible way . come on it's gotta stay edible somewhere . right here magenta edible kolya canon . don't see it on anything besides that . way i see a cake right there is it tasty . almost it is like nothing i don't think . mine's edible i'm telling you i like . that smile what is he doing over here . look at his finger already i know myself . you're gonna write in oh yeah look at . this mess no okay no i really i eaten . ink before but what was actually in its . proper form you print it on something . and then you put it on your cake you put . it on a cookie i'm like fondant fondant . chokolate karabiners edible gifts for . men. wait what's edible gift for men so this . is like a man it's a man food this is a . food for men nobody's on your burgers i . feel like i'm not like maybe a typical. man right now you know i'm crossing my . legs i'm making fun of this man food but . like in my defense as a man i'm like . into steak anyways do you see any like . potential issues here like you have this . out you break off a piece to your kid . then your kid sees your keys and breaks . the teeth on it oh it's a real they're . good what if there's a wheelchair. what if there's a real carabiner and. they're just like yeah just for us why . would you eat a carabiner like why would . you even want that edible our purpose is . a really sturdy eating eating like metal . is maybe like a manly thing it's like . braces maybe this person is a a hiker . you know they're having a little party . so as gifts they have like little . chocolate carrot but if it's easy enough . to eat that it shouldn't be strong . enough to hold see my problem they're . carabiners are meant to hold things no . it's this isn't gonna hold anything this . is just a carabiner so what's the point . i crazy because like a a carabiner isn't . like a cool enough thing to make edible . she's got that on flight making marks so . yeah so let's say you have like this . thing that looks like a piece of metal . this looks like a piece of metal and . then you're just okay thank you guys . okay so you just like you know no nice . bit by bit but look at this that looks . like araby can you test the . functionality of that for me prove to me . it's worthy people forget your keys all . right here we go you see this it works . now it looks super real because you have . keys on it you think we can pull someone . here alright bring someone in who's out . there get it yeah wow what a perfect . time come on in america vin seat take a . seat. michael seat michael get lost for a . sec
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