$10,000 DOG VS. $1 DOG

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So i just got back from compusa with two . new purchases a $1 dog and a $10,000 dog . and i'm making this video so that i can . show you guys the difference so that you . know what you're getting so let's start . with the $10,000 - feels expensive now . you gotta be careful when you open it oh . it's a good model flawless voice . recognition alexa give me a kiss there . you go hey siri give me a kiss now it's . time to unbox the $1 dog and see what . that looks like feels cheap oh my god oh . wow oh wow you can definitely tell oh . this is pathetic. it's cheaply made cheaply built and you . can tell that there is nothing behind . the eyes it's just blank it's empty you . buy a $1 dog you're not gonna get her . soul okay you just got a husk look even . when i blow on it no no change . okay siri give me a kiss see alexa give . me a kiss. okay google kiss me yeah she has no idea . where she is right now this this is a . joke hey siri high five . very good incredible recognition hey. siri high five high five . hey siri can i rub your belly that's . incredible. siri give me a kiss hey siri i'm gonna . rub your belly . yeah not absolutely nothing i tried . rebooting i've tried software updates. nothing it's just this is the . limitations of a $1 dog oh will it fetch . that is the question . [music]. will it fetch oh no that's no siri siri . bring it back siri siri bring it back . sometimes the two units will try to sync. up but it's just not going to happen you . will get zero compatibility the price . range is just far too great so i've . tried just even the most basic simplest . commands and you can buy a dog for $1 . but this is what a dollar gets you not . much all right i'm going to try to . return the . get my money back hey siri put your head . down forgot airholes hey guys thanks so . much for watching today's episode is . brought to you by peta . .
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