2017 VS 1987 makeover

I'm doing a girlfriend gives me a makeover video because I love following trends! Miel did a wondrous job so check out her videos: http://youtube.com/mielmonster
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Oh look i know this makeover trend has . been dead for like three months and i'm . really jumping in here at late but i . want to know what me l would make me . look like if she could make me over its . look like anything hi . what do you make me look like your . wildest dreams when you dream of me . showing a knight in shining armor what . am i looking like i think you look . really good now i think maybe i was . gonna change the way you dressed it . would just be try something a little. less safe it's a super risky sanity . right you google just like men's fashion . and every single guy looked like me i . think that just maybe like different . types of shoes maybe change your vision . hair let's move your head hair to style . it differently i've really only ever . seen you style it two ways i have such . nice curls to any looser fitting jean. that was a pretty tight my man these are . much looser than my previous jeans my . last pair jeans were too tired and i . fell in brooklyn that's true i can . verify that yeah like a qvc ad for a . limited time. [music]. excited to see what you're gonna do it . means you have no idea nope i do want to . note i am not a stylist i'm just sitting . here eating a cookie - let me see it . yeah calculate skinny santa okay that's . a no looks exactly what you are anywhere . wow i kind of like this not tightly wow . oh wow . okay what's button that happens okay i . like those paints i think i'm actually . really into the look that you picked out. for me i really wish i could show it how . cuz i'm so excited about it are you . looking and ear pierced wait really . oh facial hair or hair let's do another . do brows and then i want to pluck a few . these rogue beard hairs that are too . high yeah that's like a major grandpa . status right there the royal treatment . you have a really nice brows now i'm . gonna do some of these facial hairs that . are like like what are you doing up here . buddy go home okay i think since the . outfit i ended up choosing is like . accidentally 80s i'm thinking maybe i'm . gonna try a mustache. i mean we'll see wow good use of shaving. areas i can't see that when we do this. this is so weird we shaped by someone . else he never had a super holding that . shaver like it's a pencil oh yeah i feel . like getting deep in there i'm a fuckin . idiot savant i didn't bend it a new . beard. anyone ever doing this on so hard so . much easier on someone else shaved . honestly looking at an adam's apple up. close is coming that was like aliens i . don't think anyone's gonna lick the . mustache okay it just makes you look . like freddie mercury or like john oates . from all notes that's you. [music]. like i look i mean no oh trying to kiss . see you on the other side i think i . might have done something bad with the . clothes he kind of looked like steve. harrington from stranger things which i . was like yeah that's cute but with the . hair he looks like the porn version is . dee farrington from strangers didn't set . out to make an 80s porn star but here we . are are you ready okay oh my god . [music]. you said you wanted to make over listen . what i will say is that you do look like . a porn star . yes the hair is a mustache i don't hate . this look i'll be honest it's kind of . cute but i do think we should try it . without the mustache let's shave yeah . okay . [music]. mustache was disgusting so we're doing a . second for beholder oh who is he . [music]. wait what this is proved you always know . these are really tight right here so i . can't really do any better i love how i . said i was gonna get you in the looser . jeans and i actually found tighter jeans. for you you know this is pretty strange . but i have seen stranger things . so yes make it look sexy yes . [music]. let's take this look from night today . ooh who is he . i would wring this outfit a 7. 5 i think . it's cute honestly considering you . already have such a good fashion sense . to begin with i give myself a 10 out of . 10 . overall i'd say you look great before . you look great after they should . accomplish we did it . lepus script yeah yeah this bullshit . this flawless formally thank you what's . her youtuber sign out thank you so much . for watching be sure to smash that . subscribe button hit the bell to be . notified every time i post and press . like so that i can get fever in the. algorithm because frankly i'm looking . poor and i want more money even if it . wasn't by second all of that please do . all of those things i need all of it . [music]. come here ho hate to see you leave below . to see you walk away . [music]. .
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