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Now the great day has arrived . [music]. i want to pick up here this is beautiful . are you against me . yes okay sure i won't have you framed up . absolutely got a great point thank you . oh let's see under the most genuine and . scary place is we want to see areas that . like you shouldn't show us this is the . isolation ward what to get to the . isolation room which is where people . would get isolated in your sick that . they died there now i have to warn you . we are not the only ones in there so . please watch your step . [music]. okay my friends out here well he's your . spirit that's pretty too . they are going this is like next-level . the isolation our neighbor we kept . contagiously ill passengers even wait . right here you can see some of the . original can i go in there of course . that's what's been nurses grow but your . face was lit already that's bullying . right wait . cranking up spanking what was that . and just freak them out they just got . scared okay let's see here we carry over . two million passengers across the . atlantic 56 that they know of did not . make it the way across and if you come . back here get a list of passengers and . crew. right on this side of that hallway was . the ice ice cream and beer storage so . right here above us was also the more . not just mental that hasn't probably . ever will. deep down the car . the most haunting thing i've ever seen. in my life . [music]. and you may have felt the temperature . drop as the bottom escalator we are now . standing under water . no that's so crazy i think that so much . and the reason the walls might be . coldest you are now walking through door . number third dude wait this is the door . right here what's up with this door this . crushed two men they got none that we . know of so a guy got crushed to death . right here oh the openings right now is . larger than it used to be . hold it open yeah. the veteran has turned stride to the. water and gracefully along. so we have a paranormal investigator. that does investigations through here he. had a tape recorder sitting right here . on the edge was talking to his guests . about five or six people and he played . the recording back later and they heard . a voice in the background that none of . them recognized in the middle of the . conversation there was a deep gravelly . voice that just said get out right here . right where you're standing okay . everybody be quiet . are you here. if you wants to leave say something . well listen to that i want to get back . to the room we need to charge the camera . what brings it into the character well . we have the b decrement we have the. suites in this week you get more reports . of activity on b deck than any other . level onboard the ship for our hotel . arrests that's the one that we have . thank you for that okay we're back in . the room we're gonna go get some food . but the reason i started fucking having . a panic attack and none of you guys . noticed except for andrew was when you . laid on that top bunk and you were . underneath it the whole top bunk started . bending and then there was a crack in . the center of it which i don't know if . we did i hope we didn't do because i . don't want to get sued you know that . would have broke that literally would . have killed you i honestly laid on the . bed because it's a bunk for somebody to . sleep on i know but it's a billion years . now yeah i'm not telling mom that you . killed me can you imagine that wait you . saw that right i'm not crazy it . literally was going to snap and break. yeah it was bending so much down stay . down there for like five more seconds . broken and probably it would have a . final destination yeah what a punch . heard right through your body and broke . you in half . [laughter]. [music]. famous 1920s dance when i do this oh do . they come crazy. looking for moms i want to break the . glass. dude andrew that's us look okay so we . just got back from a very scary dinner . at debbie's it was terrible what are you . doing okay can we talk about what we . talked about earlier what this is well . so i asked late at the front desk but . she said that yeah that's another you if . you open it up and they're all watching . or something maybe jacking off . but if everyone's jacking off in there . oh gee no this is scary . i'm nervous oh my god wait you what if . someone's staring right at you and you . what did the orb i just got it seriously . look right here . we already killed you do too . [music]. why did you do that . fuck isn't that why is that room nice . nicer fridge i just farted . what does that my father . no yeah i know what the hell is that . what the hell is that what's going on . that really orbs in here they're like . weed with us . [music]. but wait the peak around it wait i need . a little bit up my donna okay a pink or . means that it's a spirit that you might . be related whoa . they're always by me what if it's my. grandma she'll optically marry you he . was having josephine and my gram is . always around me what if she's fucking . here i'm not even like this name for the . video. what if she's here mom mom tell her . something hey grandma i'm still on . youtube let's get a couple hours of . sleep and set an alarm for 3:00 a. m. before we go to bed i want to listen to . that voice memo i record it in the . boiler room. do i did you say something wait it's not . a joke . wait hold on she said say something and . then thank you something hold on wait . shut up okay well no it said something . what everybody that wasn't me . what'd he gonna do can do it again i'm . gonna throw up all i can't even talk . that quiet wait . no joke that's it we'll just be . realistic it we're a shame in the moment . if she would have said it as a joke . something something you would have been . like stop right do we have video of that . to that moment we watched a video back . start what. was that yeah was that it no cuz it . clearly said something no no quince yeah . was that it cuz if that wasn't it that's . fucking scary wait what'd he mean cuz it . wasn't there's no noise after she said . something yeah it wasn't there you know . there was nothing . you know what. this is nothing when three o'clock rolls . around they said that recording like . audio recording has been dude that's . gonna get well that's quite a bed are we . all going to sleep in the same it set . our alarm for 3:00 a. m. okay see you . guys then well i didn't sleep . karen this is too scary . are you drinking no i drank a little i'm . not drunk. it's not focusing on you at all did you . hear that big bang yes i heard . everything. everything was scary i've gotten worms . on here that rattled a little bit . there's been dripping there with shadows . i hate this oh sorry . warren teen yoshi run and jump up to the . brandman scared like a demon . [music]. [music]. literally exactly how i wake him up and . he just ignores me come on time to go . something . [music]. oh ghost will get you now before you . know it all that i've worked here for . three years here so there's a whip some . weird things go on around us the whole. shit not my favorite like here is their . ghost cat you seen a ghost . there's a ghost cat here a little white . kitty were white with black spots that's . something you don't read about on the . internet first it was first time i saw . it was in the pool threat but the next . night i told that like i saw a cat down . here flat normal and he kind of laughed . and said yes and no and had me describe . it to him when i said white with black . spots well that's what's been reported . here for a that's cool but we've kind of . noticed a few unlocked doors there are . some unlocked doors around here and . that's what you want to be careful of . because you might be open up a door you . didn't want you didn't really need to . open feel to be careful about opening . doors i've got your feed 340 around the . corner. that's what italy wears okay that's . right over here used to be like an open . that out be 30 40 if you pull that up on . that or that you know what that is it's . a there's a man supposed to kill his . wife and kids in that cell what else . been linked but walt is right . he'll road or merely sam i thought i . smelled living every spell or think you . know they say there's smells from like. the past and stuff who knows yeah take . us in there. yeah. much worse than that create . is it called me hanging here for a sec . yeah thanks man all into this recording . now listen if anyone speaks don't . whisper early confusing stealing i mean . so if you speed do don't whisper talking . the same voice i'm talking okay okay i'm . the best record yeah i want to lay in . here everybody should go because i think . if my mic up here set that up just right . here. okay okay we're gonna do a passion fruit . good ask a few questions on because this . is recording yeah yeah i'm sure i'm . positive. oh my god you look like a corpse okay . all right . ask a few questions you want . [music]. garret . guys. wait that's can you be quiet just cuz . all i hear is footsteps and stuff. [music]. do you want us to stay . yeah. so that was weird. [music]. but it felt like . which may be said . was her to come back . it's not like that it's cough it was . like. 56 we're here i think we're about to . smell is dealt with the past re no no i . don't know that sounds past . [music]. [music]. yeah. [music]. i don't this area did you use to stay in . this room what was your name does it . make you mad that we're in this room . tell us some ghosty seriously give us a . camera thrilled . okay violence actually dead browns my . channel. [laughter]. oh what is that what is that noise . [applause]. gotha wait little casablancas so this . was when i was laying in that yeah i . guess we need to kind of figure out at . what point cuz you might have just said . something that were they now . [applause]. this is right
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