A Crushing Valentine’s Day

A Crushing Valentine's Day. When all hope is lost for ever finding the love of your life as your Valentine, it's nice to know that you can curl up in a blanket and wallow and stuff your face with chocolate.
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Cast: Tori Pence, Stephen Meek, Mallory Everton, Aaron Fielding and Whitney Call
Director: Jeremy Warner
Producer: Luiz Malaman
Line Producer: Tess Kelly
Writer: Tori Pence
Editor: Trent Woolford
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A Crushing Valentine's Day
[music]. towards you go die somewhere else please . i hate chocolate sale at walgreens eve . gave me a valentine's day . okay scary is that what you've been in . your blanket all day this is my cocoon . of love everyone in the cocoon loves me . that's why it's so small look i will . listen to your whining if you let me . slaughter you at fifa it's not you know . it's never me hope it has forsaken me . slams i was just thinking about you . today and thinking about chocolate and . then the two just kind of came together . so here i am . thank you such a good friend now she was . so young this is more like two years . younger than you going to senior prom . alone ages you stephen stephen . no stephen i don't wanna . you know what's decent if i want to . popular as you are in high school the . lunch ladies would never have mistaken. me for one of their own stephen um i . just wanted to thank you so much for . helping me out with chemistry and so i . brought you these. and no those are those are for stephen i . know tory well i earned those not . nothing to be so useless ria tractive . don't take this out on me just cuz . you're going to be forever alone . no i'm not at the tender age of 42 i . will adopt two beautiful ethiopian . children easy opium ep it's pronounced . cats i don't even know who that was . you are a lof magician teach me your. ways okay rule number one don't be you . know this time it's not i swear to you . you know what steve our foolish boys . with foolish women do oh haran you are . house it hey . how are you i'm great . i like your hair showered . tori's sure heron you know i've always . felt like me . stephen fifa hi i we made them move . video and thank you you watched it was. is good we could you share it maybe i'd. like liking comments are also shared . scribe subscribe to thank you for that . we did it have a great oh . .
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