Alabama’s Special Election, Prince Harry Quits Smoking – Monologue

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Seth Meyers' monologue from Monday, December 11.
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Alabama's Special Election, Prince Harry Quits Smoking - Monologue- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
-let's get to the news. the alabama special election. for senate is tomorrow,. and it's currently. too gross to call. [ laughter ]. that's right, the alabama. special election for senate. is tomorrow between doug jones. of the democratic party,. and roy moore, who is not. allowed at parties. [ laughter ]. one more. that's right,. the election is tomorrow,. and roy moore is already setting. up for his victory celebration. [ audience groans, applause ]. bridge too far . overstayed my welcome . okay, i hear you loud and clear. [ applause ]. four women today accused. celebrity chef mario batali. of sexual misconduct,. and when he found out,. batali was so depressed,. he could barely dress himself. for the past five years. [ laughter ]. [ applause ]. according to. the "new york times,". president trump sometimes. watches msnbc's "morning joe". because it fires him up. for the day. it's the same reason. he watches dora. [ imitates trump ] "why doesn't. she give me more time to answer . i knew where the key was. it was just so fast. ". [ laughter ]. the "new york times" also said. there is a rule. in the white house that no one. is allowed to touch. the tv remote. except president trump. and the technical support staff,. and i know that sounds insane,. but, remember,. that's literally the only rule. [ laughter ]. a former facebook executive. recently said that he feels. tremendous guilt about helping. to create the company. while the creator of tinder. said, "i feel nothing. ". [ laughter ]. according to a gallup poll,. 80% of russians approve. of vladimir putin's leadership,. while the other 20% are missing. [ laughter ]. [ cheers and applause ]. i'm sure they're fine. they'll turn up. [ applause ]. golden globe nominations were. announced this morning,. and hbo led. with 12 nominations. not to be outdone, netflix led. the field in allegations. [ audience groans ]. imagine having to host it. [ laughter ]. [ chuckles ]. a man in england had to be. rescued by firefighters. after cementing his head inside. a microwave for a youtube video. i don't know. did he have to be rescued . [ laughter ]. and finally, according to. reports, prince harry has chosen. to quit smoking. for his fiancée, meghan markle. "more for me," said the queen. [ laughter ]. .
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