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Come on come on come on oh not again you . stay right here okay . [music]. hey this is my lamp who are you my name . is junissa all right janee so what . happened to the genie well first of all . genie is my husband he's in college in . trouble okay. i own this place what do you want i'm . here for the wishes oh . oh my god of course what are you wishing . sir what's your first wish okay well . first off um there's this beautiful girl . named jasmine and i'm so in love with . her and you know what i think she likes . me to say no more you guys are perfect . anyway she's very luxurious elf i wish . to be a prince those don't exist anymore . you know that's like disney channel you . know the prince would look mad enough . sorry well then i wish to be rich . where's the money hey rich we need two . double cheeseburgers pronto . who's rich very funny richard get back . to work i meant rich as in wealthy not a . guy named rich okay listen richard it's . aladdin listen richard you should have . told me i don't want to be a guy named . rich i want to be wealthy i mean you . said rich i didn't know was written . richard you know that's the first thing . i came into my mind you just said you . wanted money you had to be more specific . this stuff can be tricky you want me to . be specific is that what you want me to . do specific i got you i'm right here for. you look i got the magic okay i'll be as . specific as possible . i want jasmine tonic that must be her . [music]. who are you he added your jasmine plant . it's not what i meant. [music]. listen to me i'm gonna make this very . specific okay oh i wish help i can't . help you until you make a wish i wish . the phone was a good guy. i wish too far was nice . jaffar oh man i i'm i'm so sorry about . that are you okay yeah i'm good dude you . look amazing really yeah dude - i've . been having a really bad week yeah i . made him good-looking inside and out so . that's cool man thanks man friends dude . yeah absolutely did you look great by . the way . what's your workout routine i just climb . a lot and steal a lot of stuff and just . you got a number eight . jasmine allen it's actually aladdin i . follow i'm subscribed you walk down . whatever my love i've been searching all . over for you . i wrote you a song i can show you the. world shining shimmering splendid hey . okay. [music]. .
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