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[music]. the other week i was in a car on my way . to a destination well obviously a car is . never a destination it's a tool to go to . a destination . anyway we hit a red and we're behind. this suv and on the rear window i see a . sticker that says mother of a stanford . alumni and i was like what what is that . what what does that mean okay i knew . what it meant. obviously the drivers son or daughter . graduated from stanford university it's . just that i usually see the actual . graduate students bragging about it on . their own vehicles for some reason this . one bothered me just a little bit too . much you know why because that parent . did not put it on for their friends and. family and i speculate this because if. they had that much level of pride their . mutual's wouldn't need a sticker to be. informed of that matter they would have . been called on the phone or have been . sent a text or been updated in person at . a party hey frankie big bag guess what . my son is a post secondary graduate no . they put it on for the world to see and . i was in that world i didn't like it . cynical dom just came out and . immediately hated this parent whom he . knows nothing about besides the fact . that they are very proud of their . offspring they might have been . first-generation immigrants who had to. start from the bottom and their family . faced through many hardships of. discrimination and whatnot i don't know . this is just a presumptuous and . rhetorical rent but yeah this was a . parent shoving their kids achievement in . to anyone who was unfortunately behind . them in traffic and i found it hard to . believe this anyone in the world would . care do they expect someone to just be . walking by and be like ma'am ma'am . congratulations on being a parent to . your son you should be very proud very . proud oh my god thank you the stranger . in the supermarket parking lot i spent . $20 on this sticker it's about damn time . someone noticed i mean congratulations . to your kid of course for his or her or . their hard work and being in debt but i . didn't care. should have saved that $20 unless they . changed the world by finding the cure . for cancer or they invented a . teleportation device at which they . should have probably had a sticker that . read mother of cancer destroyer or . mother of the reason your long-distance . relationship is now easy but the way i . saw it i read it as if it was how they . introduced themselves when they first . meet people hello i'm dominic dominic. pleasure to meet you mother of a . stanford alumni truck they might as well . have stuck on a dick pic on their car i . mean of course it's more obscene and i . guess it wouldn't make the sense if they . were a mother but it's like they're . going yet boy look at dad mm-hmm . okay congrats on your huge dong but no . one asked i'm not discouraging parents . from being proud of their kids i mean . isn't that the reason why half of us . went to school for things we're not . fully passionate about but ya know be . proud but calm down about it you know . they graduated they made it cool throw a . celebration show them personally that . you were proud of them you don't have to . go around clarifying to everyone that. hey this this kid right here this . university graduate this master's degree . owner yeah i made him he came out of me . partial credit i'm sure they wanted to . make you proud but they probably didn't . intend for you to shove it down. everyone's throat and if they did then . okay i guess they're douchey pride runs . in the family to me personally my . opinion kind of makes it seem like . that's all your kid is to you again a . presumptuous read i just feel like . parents need to chill a little bit with . the career pressures on their kid if you. push them to pursue a past that was for . their own good then push for that cause . don't push for your own pride save $20 . [music]. hey guys this video has been brought to . you by crunchyroll if there's anything . to be proud of it's the ability to watch . high-quality anime at your disposal we . head over to crunchyroll. com slash. dominic's link below you can binge on . some of your favorite anime with a free . premium membership for 14 days . definitely a lot of time to catch up and . be up-to-date to shows like attack on . titan and my hero academia . it still provides you with ad free 1080p . and professionally subbed episodes as . soon as an hour release after japan. crunchyroll is also available as a . convenient app on nearly every device . once again that's crunchyroll. com slash . comics link in the description enjoy . [music]. .
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